14Pokémon Dash

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Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s greatest accomplishments: it’s fun and has lots of replay value. You can play it at parties and even by yourself so you can get good enough to crush all of your friends. Pokémon Dash is none of those things. It's the first

Pokémon racing game and the first Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS, and it's repetitive and boring. In theory, a Pokémon racing game sounds fun, because I would love to ride a Ponyta around or race on a Charizard. But in this game you can only be Pikachu! The graphics, while 3D, are pretty terrible and blocky. Plus, the way you run is by continuously rubbing the touch screen, which is a great way to scratch it or just break it outright. There’s only so much a screen protector can help in this case. 

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