15The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Released in the innocent days of the Atari 2600 by Wizard Game Company, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an aberration in video games at the time. You play as Leatherface and dodge cow skulls, wheelchairs, and tumbleweeds while you try and catch up with your constantly screaming victims. Speaking of

constantly screaming victims, the sound is awful. There is no soundtrack: the only sound effects you get are a high pitched bleat that plays intermittently as the “screaming”, and the puttering of Leatherface’s chainsaw. I know that a lot of these qualities can be chalked up to being a product of the times; after all, the Atari 2600 only has so much processing power to work with. Because this game was developed and released in the infantile stage of video games, its “violent” content barred the game from being sold at most retailers. Due to the embargo, physical copies of the game are extremely hard to come by. Currently, full sets of the game sell for as much as $500.

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