15 The Sims Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

When you really give it some thought, The Sims series of games are based on a profoundly messed up concept. Obviously, these games are "life simulators" and allow the player to create a virtual version of themselves and live a life. You can be a doctor, an astronaut, whatever you want. You can build and customize a house and raise a family. In short, you can do all the stuff one generally does in real life, but from the comfort of your couch. Of course, it is also much easier, much quicker and if you catastrophically screw up your character's life, you can just start a new one.

What is the messed up concept, you might ask? Well, if you're binge playing a life in The Sims, you're literally guiding an imaginary friend through the activities that would make up your own life. Then again, similar arguments could be made for almost any game out there (why play Madden when you could make a few dozen phone calls and set up a game of football?). Regardless of this menial issue, the games can be wildly addictive.

As entertaining as this series of games can be, there are also absolutely ridiculous game elements that make us wonder what kind of drugs the developers were taking while working. Between the way the game works and the behavior of the Sims as they interact with each other and their world, there are plenty of meme-worthy aspects to this series. Here are fifteen The Sims memes that are too funny for words.

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15 Everyone Can Play God

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The goals of the games, if you play the way in which they are intended, are fairly positive. You're generally supposed to get a job and go to work, make your house beautiful, find a spouse and have some kids to raise, while maintaining an active social life. But that stuff gets boring, and anyone who has played these games knows that after a while, all you really want to do is mess around with your Sims and see how awful you can make their lives. On Reddit there are numerous threads in which players detail the worst things they have done to their characters, and whether it be trapping them in rooms without doors, haunting them with ghosts, it can be fun to be as monstrous as possible when the people aren't real.

14 A Job? Is That Really Necessary?

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One of the biggest headaches in any Sims game can be going to work. Whether each Sim has a good one or not, it's time they spend away from the home and much like real life, jobs can be miserable and depressing. But for those people who just don't feel like working, there is a great "welfare" system in each of the games. There are different money cheats for different games, but for the most part, they work completely the same. "Kaching" is in a couple of the games, "Rosebud" is a cheat in the first game, and of course "Motherlode" is the cheat that gives the most, 50,000 Simoleons in The Sims 2 through The Sims 4.

13 We've All Thought This

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The language in the series is one of the first things many people will notice. In many cases, it does sound like it might be a foreign language or possibly derived from a foreign language, but this is not the case. English was not chosen as the main tongue of the series because the developers felt it would lead to absurdly repetitive dialogue. Creator Will Wright's early idea was to base the words on the Native American Navajo language, but this never came to be, with the developers just using gibberish and nonsense. There are some English words that are used throughout gameplay in the various games, but for the most part, Simlish is spoken and while it may sound like a foreign language, it is just babbling nonsense. In real life, if you hear someone speaking a language you don't understand, it may be impolite to ask "excuse me, is that Simlish?"

12 The Animations Can Be Pretty Funny

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There are tons of examples of screenshots online of poor animation and animation gone wrong in various video games. Prior to its release, Mass Effect: Andromeda was receiving criticism for some poor facial features, and there were some hilarious instances of terrible animation shortly after the release of Assassin's Creed: UnityThe Sims has been no different, and if you look closely, regardless of the game, sometimes the program has a glitch like the one pictured above. We aren't doctors, but we know that hands aren't supposed to move that way. It would be admirable if he had destroyed his hands and was still trying to get people to join him in the hot tub. Some people just need the party to go on.

11 They Are Very Dependent On The Player...

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Fire is a major threat in the series and may be more of a problem in the game than it is in real life. Most people have fire extinguishers in their homes these days (right?), and in the case of small fires, most have at least some aptitude to deal with them. While the dynamic of how Sims react to fire has changed over the years, it hasn't changed that much, and in some cases, these lovable morons will still just stand around a roaring blaze complaining and throwing their arms in the air until help arrives...or until they die. Obviously, we can't complain too much about a game that gives us total control, but it would be nice if "throw water at it" or "find and use fire extinguisher" were normal responses for Sims rather than needing us to give them the "go-ahead."

10 High Fives Cure All

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Sometimes in The Sims games, babies and toddlers will just catch fire, and there is really nothing one can do about it. It can happen, and unlike real life, the consequences are usually not too dire. For most of the games, babies do not die from being on fire, but a character's significant other will not be too happy. Who can blame them? You don't make a person together and then let it catch fire! But the great thing about these games is that —while time cures all wounds— the time frame of all events is sped up enough that even if a baby catches fire, a few high-fives usually do the trick of bringing you back into their good books. Wouldn't it be great if real life relationships were as easy to navigate as a few high fives and bad jokes?

9 Socially Awkward

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While the Sims may look somewhat like humans and in many ways, they act like humans, but when you get right down to it, they are just...off. This should go without saying, but if you're out for dinner with someone, whether it is a date or not, you generally should be sitting together. Even if you have a disagreement while ordering, or get into a fight, sitting at a different table does nothing for a relationship whether that relationship is platonic or otherwise. But in the world of The Sims, two people on a date may or may not sit together; the goal of the evening is to eat and whether they enjoy each other's company is irrelevant. It's weird, but this is just Sims logic at work. It's a different culture, and we just need to learn to accept it.

8 Damn It, Xzibit!

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Xzibit memes will never stop being funny...well, we certainly hope they don't stop being funny. In this shot, as you can see, there is a Sim, playing a game that looks an awful lot like a game from this series on her computer. This is a level of ridiculousness that is almost over the top. Think about it, while you're either sitting in front of the TV or computer screen, you've actually controlled an avatar and instructed them to sit down at a screen and play a game much like the one you are playing. So quite literally, like Xzibit putting a spoiler on top of a spoiler on top of a spoiler on Pimp My Ride (it never happened but was a hilarious meme), you're literally playing The Sims while you play The Sims.

7 Woohoo!

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It's a life simulator series, and what is probably the best part of life? The horizontal mambo, bumping uglies, the four-legged foxtrot. The euphemisms for the activity are endless, and in The Sims, it's called WooHoo, but we don't recommend ever saying that in real life, before, after or of course, during the deed.

While the game's version of this event is nowhere near as awesome as the real thing, it is far, far easier (literally high five until the object of your digital desire says "yes") and it is risk-free. No potential for burning, or any of the dreaded infections and of course, if you have a baby in the game, it's you Sim's responsibility, and there is no real penalty for neglect.

6 Just Step Around It, Stupid!

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This is just the way the game is built, but it could not be more frustrating. In real life, humans are incredibly adaptable. If there is something in our way and we need to pass it, we'll either move the object, step over it, step around it or otherwise find some other way to accomplish our goal. The ability to problem solve is one of the reasons we've lasted so long. Sims, on the other hand, are catastrophically useless, and as this meme implies, if something is in their way, they're probably just going to get angry and yell at it rather than attacking the problem head-on. Whether it is a book, a plate of food or something else, if it is in their way, the player has to get them to deal with it. "Scumbag Sim" should just figure it out rather than having to be carefully instructed through every step in life.

5 It Can Be Hard To Stop

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These games, like any other series, can be incredibly addictive. Depending on how many Sims (adults, elderly, kids, toddlers) are in your house at any time, and how many activities you want each to do, the game can be time-consuming and ridiculously difficult. While there are games that can be played for a finite amount of time, this franchise has no such games. An hour is not enough time to get much done...but six hours is.

In this case, Boromir is right, and if you want to try to play a Sims game for just an hour, you'll be disappointed. It is a testament to how well EA has done making these games that six or eight hours can fly by when you're doing something as simple as trying to build a house.

4 Terrifying Thought?

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If you periodically ingest certain substances that expand or change the workings of your mind, you may have had this thought before. If you don't take drugs, you still may have had this thought before. It seems fairly paranoid, and there is not (at this point anyway) any way to determine the validity of a statement like this one, but for our purposes, it is interesting but also terrifying to imagine, hence the look on Conspiracy Keanu's face. What if we are living in a video game, playing this series of video games and using avatars to play games within games within games. This is like The Matrix and Inception put together, and thinking about it too much might change your worldview. If that happens, it may be time to stop thinking so much about the metaphysical possibilities of video games and take a walk outside and talk to some real humans.

3 Relationships Move Quickly

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Given that it's a video game and isn't supposed to exactly mimic real life, relationships move hilariously quickly in The Sims. You can meet someone in the morning, flirt, high five, and woohoo for a while, and by the evening (or even later that morning) you can be engaged to be married. It's ridiculous, but as we're starting to show, many aspects of the series are downright ludicrous. In the exact same way, you can become best friends with someone in a matter of an hour or two, or earn an enemy hilariously quickly. In the real world, these are all possibilities, but instantaneous love, friendship, and even becoming enemies with someone takes some time, but The Sims has nothing to do with real life. The real world is overrated anyway.

2 Never Forget The Ladder!

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While this is much less of a problem for Sims in The Sims 3 and 4, as they can actually climb out of pools in the absence of a ladder. The first two games did not have this option, and if there was no ladder for a Sim to use to exit the pool, they would likely drown in there. As we mentioned earlier, playing God and killing off Sims as one wishes is a dark and popular reason for playing the game, and luring many Sims into a pool and then deleting the ladder is a sick and disturbing (also hilarious because they are just video game characters) idea. In the recent games, there are still ways to get Sims to drown (such as the use of walls within a pool), but the absence of a ladder is no longer a death sentence, much to the dismay of the countless players who enjoyed killing their characters in this manner.

1 Can't We Just Eat Breakfast?

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This has to be one of the funniest Sims memes out there, and that's why it makes the final spot on the list. This was a screenshot taken for promotional purposes prior to the release of The Sims 4. The look on the male character's face and the captions are priceless, as he sits at the breakfast table, just trying to enjoy his pancakes while the woman sits next to him and rants on in Simlish.

While it is the male being complained to in this image, it would work the other way around, or even if there was a kid or older Sim at the table. Everyone can empathize with this poor guy, sometimes, we just want to enjoy a cup of coffee and eat some pancakes without anyone yelling at us. If it's breakfast time, we're likely headed off to work afterward, and the day may well not get any better from there.

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