15That Pikachu Is Basically A Rabbit

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Many believe that the name Pikachu is taken from an animal called pika, which is a rabbit-like rodent found in Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America. However, despite their striking resemblance, including its small body and big ears, Pikachu is actually based on a mouse. In fact, Pikachu is being closely associated

to Mickey Mouse, and is pretty much Japan's version of the popular mouse. People in Japan often use Pikachu mascots to entertain a crowd, for kids but also adults, in the streets, malls, or even at amusement parks.

The name “Pikachu” is derived from two Japanese words, namely “pika pika” which means electricity and “chu” which is the sound that a mouse makes. Combine the two together and you get the most popular yellow electric-type Pokémon.

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