15 Things In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild That Are Annoying AF

Let's go over a number of in-game features that are a real pain in the boko-butt!

According to Gamespot, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is "The most impressive game Nintendo has ever created."

With 120 shrines, 900 korok seeds, and 15 towers spread over a vast kingdom, the game sets players up for many hours of exciting gameplay. Unlike Zelda games of the past, Link must now scavenge what he can to fight the mighty forces of Calamity Ganon. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a perfect blend of nostalgia and new found surprises for all ages to enjoy. Everything from Gerudo Valley to The Lost Woods is just dying to be explored.

That doesn't excuse the game from having its faults. Like all video games, there are always annoying little problems to attend to. Tedious enemies that offer little excitement. Puzzles that seem impossible to solve. Areas that are difficult to navigate.

Breath of the Wild is still early into its release. This is an age where developers have the ability to tweak things as they go. Updates and modifications to the game are added regularly. Some bring a positive change to the game, and some are just a hindrance. No more infinite arrow spamming from your friendly neighborhood bokoblins. With a complete alternate plot, hard mode, and a cave of trials not far away, many new adventures await players right around the corner. Before the new content is dropped this summer, let's go over a number of in-game features that are a real pain in the boko-butt!

15  The Yiga Clan

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Soon after the game begins these guys show up, disguised as innocent travelers, to ruin Link's day. The Yiga Clan are a band of Shieka tribe members loyal to the mighty Ganon. Lead by Master Kohga, a joke among Zelda enemies, the Yiga are bent on revenge against the Hylian hero. Although their main objective is getting back at Link for the defeat of their almighty leader, Kohga really defeated himself with his own attack, thereby sending himself into an abyss for good. Pretty embarrassing.

They truly bring nothing but trouble for any player looking to complete side quests along their journey. The player has no real way of knowing if a passing villager is a Yiga assassin in disguise until he or she talks to them. If the villager turns out to be a member of the Yiga, expect an obnoxious fight for Kohga's honor!

14 Octoroks

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Octoroks have been around since the first game of The Legend of Zelda franchise for the NES. If one of these pops up, pull out that shield because, appropriately for its name, it will begin to spit rocks, and their aim has seriously improved over the years. Unlike Ocarina of TimeBreath of the Wild octoroks are very difficult to deal with.

In the past, it was a simple process. Pull out the Hylian shield and deflect the projectile back at it. The strategy is more complicated than that now. Link is quick, but even in a full sprint octoroks can hit their mark. The only real weakness to these new and improved squids have is their health. They don't have much of it. One solid hit from an arrow should put them right back in the ground (or water) they popped out of.

13 Star Fragments

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Star Fragments caught the attention of gamers with their bright yellow beacon that shines brightly in the sky. Collecting these gives the player the ability to upgrade certain armor sets. On the contrary, they are a real pain to track down as they can fall anywhere in the distance. One of the nice features in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Hyrule compendium. This is an album of pictures taken throughout the game of every item, monster, weapon, and treasure. Well, almost every item.

Sadly for players, star fragments don't have a spot in the album. This is only made more unfortunate by the fact that the sheika slate's sensor can be upgraded to have an item tracking function, granted a picture has to be taken of the item for the compendium. So in turn, Link can make his way across the vastness of Hyrule in search of a fragment just to arrive and have the star's locator beacon disappear. Better hope it didn't fall off a cliff!

12 Blupees

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Blupees are small, blue rabbit-like creatures that give off rupees when struck with a weapon, hence the name. They can't die, but will run once they are hit. Blupees are a new addition to the Zelda universe having not made an appearance in the series until the release of Breath of the Wild.

Players can find them in the forest at night. If Link is lucky enough to spot one and manages to hit it, they'll try to flee, but also leave a handful of rupees behind. It's extremely difficult to land a second hit on a blupee. The payoff for what seems like such a rare find is so small it makes the task of hunting one down hardly seem worth the trouble.

11 Malice

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Malice. Calamity Ganon is made of it. Hyrule Castle is surrounded by it. It is the ultimate threat to the kingdom. The giant globs of evil are also extremely annoying to hike around. They can't be walked through without taking major damage, and, of course, they always block our hero's way. Players can also expect to find it inside of the four divine beasts. It's always present at the sites of major boss battles.

Dealing with malice wouldn't be such a pain if it weren't for the minion-controlling eyeballs that always make an appearance. Destroy the eyeballs, destroy the malice. Unfortunately, the eyes aren't always easy to spot. When it's time to make the trek to Hyrule Castle, be prepared. The Gatehouses are guarded by Lynels, and the Lynels are guarded by malice. Lots of it. As if Lynels weren't already the most difficult enemies in the game, they only become more difficult when coupled with biting skulls produced by the surrounding malice. Yikes.

10 Stal-Enemies

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There are a variety of "stal" enemies players encounter in Breath of The Wild. Stalkoblins, Stalnox, and Stalmoblins are all skeleton-like, undead versions of enemies normally encountered throughout the game. They typically have very little equipment to offer. That being said, they will go to such links as offering up their own arms and legs! Nobody wants an inventory full of arms and legs. Their power is low, plus it's just plain creepy.

They don't die when their bodies are struck. Players must hit them in the head to take them down. (Stalnox and their eyeballs are an exception). It's guaranteed Link will run into these guys as soon as the sun sets over the horizon. It's to the player's benefit to save their inventory weapons for more worthwhile enemies. Beat these stal-monsters down with their own body parts!

9 Koroks

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Koroks are cute little forest creatures stationed all around the kingdom of Hyrule. Their looks may be adorable, but they're a nuisance to come across. The number of koroks total up to 900. That's a lot of korok seeds! The only real purpose the seeds serve is to upgrade the player's max inventory. With that being said, the player's weapon slots are filled to completion long before 900 seeds are collected. That begs the question. Why so many koroks?

One can only assume the sheer number of korok puzzles is to give the gamer the opportunity to max out their inventory no matter where they decide to venture, but what happens when Link finds all 900 of them? The time it would take to complete such a task is massive. Surely there is a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is no treasure at the end of this rainbow, just one giant-sized korok crap! In the game, it states that it's "a gift of friendship given to you by Hetsu. It smells pretty bad."

8 Rain

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It doesn't matter if Link is trying to scale a cliff face, light a camp fire, or carry an ancient torch, rain is not a good thing. Anyone that has been lucky enough to get their hands on a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would agree that rain and climbing don't mix.

Picture it. The Shrine is right atop that nearby mountain peak. The top is barely within reach. It starts to rain. Within seconds Link finds himself quickly sliding down that mountain that took five minutes to scale. Time to wait for the clouds to clear and try again. Frustrating right? Carrying to torch to the ancient Hateno Lab wouldn't be such a daunting task if the rain didn't begin to fall in between each lantern. No campfires in the rain!

7 Skywatcher Guardians

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These guardians can be found flying all around Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain. If they spot Link with their red sensor beam, an onslaught of laser attacks is soon to follow. The only thing that could make it harder to sneak by the skywatchers is having to sneak an extremely large, clumsy goron by them. (Yes, it has to be done to get Link inside Vah Rudania.)

When it's time to finally take on Calamity Ganon, be prepared to take out, or sneak past a ton of these things. It works best if you have already defeated Medoh, and received Revali's gale. Fly up using the gale, then follow up with Link's signature slow-motion arrow shot to its eye, or take out the skywatcher's propeller. If all else fails, running and hiding is always a solid backup strategy. Just make sure to have plenty of stamina!

6 Sailing

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Sailing in Breath of the Wild is a slow and tedious process. A Korok leaf is needed to propel the raft by blowing wind at the sail. Korok leaves are only useful for this, so it's mostly just a waste of inventory. Attack an enemy with a leaf? It doesn't go well. There are shrines and islands a pretty good ways out into the ocean, which makes for a long trip with such a slow sailing method.

It is possible however to tie octorok balloons to a raft, hereby transforming it into a flying ship of sorts. It doesn't much matter if the raft is in the air or sea; the process will still be slow. If it comes down to choosing between paraglider and raft for travel? Choose the paraglider. It saves time.

5 Amiibo

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Amiibo are a fantastic fusion of action figures and gaming. They give gamers the ability to collect fun, tangible versions of their favorite game characters, but recently issues have surfaced making these fun figurines a little less enjoyable.  Scalpers will buy multiple copies of popular amiibo, thereby raising their value, and keeping fans from collecting their favorites.

In Breath of the Wild, players can scan in their amiibo and begin collecting nostalgic costume pieces from Links of the past. If they found themselves receiving duplicate items, they could simply load from their last save point and try again. That little trick was quickly found, and shut down by Nintendo's best. Now the game autosaves as soon as a player's amiibo is scanned.

4 Lightning

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Where there's rain, there's lightning. The physics in this game are truly remarkable. If Link decides to run around with the Master Sword (or any other metal weapon for that matter) in a lightning storm, he's in for a shock. That goes for shields and bows as well.

This means that the player must attempt to carry a wooden, or possibly a guardian weapon on their person at all times. That can cause trouble in important battles considering the strength of wooden weapons is extremely low, and guardian weapons aren't always easy to come by. Players instinctively want to collect weapons with the highest strength, but inventory space is limited. Having an opportunity to grab five broadswords is a great feeling. Sad to leave one behind for a tree branch.

3 Eventide Island

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Eventide island is one of the most challenging shrine quests in Breath of the Wild. Link sets foot on the island and is immediately stripped of all armor, weapons, and items. The goal is to start from scratch on this challenge and scavenge what you can to safely secure the three shrine balls.

Players don't have the ability to save during this tedious, drawn-out shrine quest. If Link is killed one of the many monsters waiting to get their hands on him, then it's back to the beginning to do the challenge all over again. The island is full of mostly wooden weapons, and there are plenty of boko-campfires around. This can lead to a quick, scorching death. If Link is able to make it past the octoroks, bokoblin, and bad weather? That just leaves one thing. A Hinox.

2 Wizzrobes

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When one of these shows up, get ready. The weather is about to change. Wizzrobes have been around since the beginning of The Legend of Zelda series, and they are a real nuisance. They come in a variety of types ranging from fire to lightning. Using a combination of projectile spells and weather-modifying spells, wizzrobes attack Link from afar. They like to remain safely out of melee range. If the player manages to strike one with an arrow, the trickster will simply vanish, and teleport to a new location to continue its barrage of magic.

They have a tendency to dance around the locations of towers throughout the kingdom, making scaling them tedious. These guys are a great way to quickly deplete a player's arrow stash, and are a great motivation to take a detour and save the fight for less annoying opponents.

1 Apparatus Shrines

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Apparatus shrines are a category of shrines in Breath of the Wild in which a player must use the Nintendo Switch or Wii U gamepad as an apparatus to control a platform (typically a maze). This can be a long and aggravating process. The controls are very sensitive, and the obstacles are not easy to navigate. A twitch of the wrist can send the shrine ball flying off the edge into the abyss.

Typically the player will have to tilt the device at a hard angle to build up speed, and then flick the ball into its designated spot. This is incredibly difficult to do correctly and quickly becomes extremely frustrating for players. For the Nintendo Switch, this process can be extra daunting. Players have the option to use the console, grip, or separated joy con controllers. It's a process figuring out which control setting works best for each individual gamer.

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