15 The Yiga Clan

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Soon after the game begins these guys show up, disguised as innocent travelers, to ruin Link's day. The Yiga Clan are a band of Shieka tribe members loyal to the mighty Ganon. Lead by Master Kohga, a joke among Zelda enemies, the Yiga are bent on revenge against the Hylian

hero. Although their main objective is getting back at Link for the defeat of their almighty leader, Kohga really defeated himself with his own attack, thereby sending himself into an abyss for good. Pretty embarrassing.

They truly bring nothing but trouble for any player looking to complete side quests along their journey. The player has no real way of knowing if a passing villager is a Yiga assassin in disguise until he or she talks to them. If the villager turns out to be a member of the Yiga, expect an obnoxious fight for Kohga's honor!

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