15Take Inspiration From Dark Souls


Can you imagine a Metroid game developed by FromSoftware? Just the idea of it makes me giddy. In Dark Souls, you explore a dangerous and lonely land, and build your arsenal and skill set as you go along. Sounds a bit like Metroid, doesn’t it? Dark Souls does modern dungeon

crawling right and the Metroid series could certainly take a few cues. Not to mention an updated third person view on Samus would look great.

A Dark Souls inspired Metroid could have you discovering gun attachments and suits above and below the surface of a hostile planet, with lore explained through the environment. Shooting could work like Other M or like spellcasting in the Souls games, and melee moves could also be incorporated. The game could have the challenge of Dark Souls, though this is not integral. No matter the details, a Souls inspired Metroid would be incredible.

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