15 Things We Already Know About Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Star Wars fans are some of the most die-hard in the world. The multitude of different media the franchise reaches across is a testament to how dedicated and loyal these fans are. Unsurprisingly, they’re also the hardest to please. It’s not just the films either, comics, books, and games are all held under a microscope by the Star Wars faithful. It’s no surprise that the franchise has managed to last as long as it has given the level of support it receives from its fan base. As we push forward, expectations grow even higher – especially with the multitude of new Star Wars games we’re getting.

DICE’s Battlefront reboot was –without mincing any words– a disappointment to most fans, especially those who enjoyed the originals so much. The second Battlefront (from 2005), in particular, is still seen as one of the best Star Wars game’s out there. So you can imagine why there were such high expectations. But it seemed as though DICE had turned the series into a formulaic shooter, not unlike anything else on the market. Sure it was fun, but it gold old quick. Now with the sequel on the way, the hype train is slowly building up steam – but whether or not it’ll live up to expectations and make up for its predecessor is another story. Here are 15 things we already know about Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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15 You’ll Be Playing As The Galactic Empire

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While most games have the players assume the role of the hero, Battlefront 2’s campaign will follow the Galactic Empire. The full campaign puts players in control of an elite unit of troops known as Inferno Squad, belonging to the Imperial Special Forces. Players will assume the role of Commander Iden Versio in the 30-year time gap that bridges Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. What’s interesting to note here is Iden already seems to be in her mid-20s to early 30s when shown in the trailer, so her role within the Empire is likely to change as she ages. How that affects gameplay and what that means for how the campaign will play out is at this point a mystery.

14 A Brand New Planet

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Among all the additions EA has added to Battlefront 2 is a new planet for players to enjoy. One of the greatest aspects of the original Battlefront games was the exposure to iconic planets found within the Star Wars universe. You can expect to experience some old classics along with some newer settings in this upcoming installment, but more on that later. For now, we’re going to discuss an entirely new planet never before seen in the Star Wars cannon; Vardos. Vardos is an Imperial utopia for citizens like the game’s main character Iden Versio. While we don’t know that much about the planet, we can assume that it plays a considerable role in the story, and will most likely be one of the many battlegrounds accessible throughout the campaign.

13 Multiplayer Throughout The 3 Main Trilogies

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While the additions of a new campaign, planet, and characters are all very exciting, Battlefront 2’s success will rely heavily on how well the multiplayer is received by fans. DICE’s first crack at Battlefront received some mixed reviews from series veterans and definitely left something to be desired. However, now that they’ve had some time to learn from their mistakes, this entry looks like it’ll be one of the strongest Star Wars games to come out in a while. One huge bit of fan service on DICE’s end is the inclusion of the three main trilogy eras in multiplayer. This is obviously great news for long time Star Wars fans but not necessarily so for anyone who really enjoyed the spin-offs – as locations from those entries won’t be included.

12 The Writers

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Most AAA games don’t focus too much on their writers throughout the promotional process, but Battlefront 2 has some interesting names penning its story. Two to be precise. Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams is taking up the challenge along with former IGN Editor Mitch Dyer. Of the two, Williams is definitely the most experienced, and his acclaimed work for Spec Ops should have fans optimistic. The wild card here is Dyer. Fans might be familiar with Dyer’s work while with IGN back in the day, but as a writer he’s a complete mystery. The transition from reporter/critic to a creator is interesting enough to draw some attention. But director Mark Thompson said that the two were chosen for the job due to their “encyclopedic knowledge” regarding everything Star Wars. So expect an interesting story from these two.

11 40 Player Multiplayer

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We’ve already touched base on some of the features multiplayer has to offer, but there’s so much more to go through. While the news of a new campaign mode and an untold story seems promising enough to get fans hyped, series veterans will be paying attention to what’s new and improved about the multiplayer. After all, it’s a staple in any Battlefront game and DICE knows that the game’s reception hinges on how well the fans enjoy playing multiplayer. Here’s where we get some “meh” news. Those who were hoping for massive battles might be in for some disappointment – depending on your definition of massive. The game will have 40 player multiplayer sessions which isn’t bad and should still constitute some epic battles. But anyone looking for something similar in scale to Battlefield multiplayer will just have to settle for now.

10 Confirmed Multiplayer Maps

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While we’re still a ways away from the release date, and much more should be revealed and confirmed within the coming months, one thing we’re sure about is some of the multiplayer maps that will be featured upon Battlefront 2’s launch. The maps are Tatooine, Hoth, and Yavin IV. All are iconic planets from the original trilogy and staples for any hardcore fan. While these are the only ones that are confirmed so far, we’re bound to get more information on maps as we creep closer to November. However, there’s also some speculation given what was featured in the trailer as well as some concept art that Kamino, Starkiller Base, Endor, Takodana, Sullust, and the previously mentioned Imperial haven of Vardos will all be featured as well.

9 Resource Base System

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EA has added a new feature to Battlefront 2 but has yet to expand on any specifics yet. Though they’re pretty tight-lipped right now, expect them to loosen up in the near future. The Resource Base System will be replacing how heroes and vehicles were spawned in the previous game. Instead of randomly spawning pickups, this new system will apparently make getting these powerups easier for players and improve the system that was in place for the last game. But at this point, it’s pretty much impossible to know exactly what this entails until either EA or DICE comment on it. One good bit of news is that prequel hero specific vehicles like Obi Wan’s Starfighter and Jango Fett’s Slave I will be featured.

8 Customizable Heroes / Ships

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One thing that DICE has brought into the playing field for Battlefront 2 is customization. The main message being sent through the announcement seems to be “you asked for it, and you got it” on the developer's end. One thing fans really wanted to see from this entry was the ability to customize anything and everything, and it looks like DICE is doing their part to make that happen. Hero characters will be fully customizable as will ships and vehicles. Players will be able to add new abilities, gadgets, and modifications to their vehicles. These will be accessible through the aforementioned resource base system, and we’ll likely get more insight into just how much we can customize as soon as more details are released in the coming months.

7 You Can Ride A Tauntaun

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While it might not be a major feature in the game, one really cool bit of fan service DICE is throwing our way is the ability to ride Tauntauns. Yup, the iconic creatures from Empire Strikes Back will be made available to players exclusively while on the planet Hoth. Right off the bat, no, you can’t use them for warmth out there. You can’t cut open your poor little Tauntaun and camp inside while enemy players run amok either. No, these guys are for basic transportation only. The point here is to use them to get around the battlefield faster, as well as ram into enemy soldiers. We’re not sure if that means you kill them or stun them, but that’s by far the coolest thing coming out of this announcement.

6 Premium DLC

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DLC is a pretty touchy subject among gamers, as it’s proven to be something developers can hold over their heads as a way to make extra cash. Some DLC, however, is more justifiable than others. There are aesthetic DLC packages that don’t really add anything to the game and are therefore completely optional for players, and DLC that contains more vital things like extra missions and weapons. When it comes to the former, most people don’t since cosmetic options are a matter of preference. There's nothing forcing players to buy it. But try and get someone to pay an extra $20 for a few extra missions when they just dropped anywhere between $70 and $90 on the same game, and they’ll be justifiably pissed. EA’s pretty well known for bleeding players dry with this kind of stuff, and as of now, the only DLC we know about is what’s included in the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition of the game.

5 New Hero Characters

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Just like the multiplayer maps, the playable heroes available in Battlefront 2 will range across all trilogy eras. While we don’t know the full list yet, you can expect series favourites and staple characters to return. Guys like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader should still be playable, but the game will add in new characters like Rey, Kylo Ren, Yoda and even Darth Maul. One new thing DICE is doing with hero characters is the addition of career paths. This system allows players to unlock new powers and abilities for specific heroes, creating an individual experience for each one and allowing players to form their own playing style. A detailed explanation of character upgrades, along with the full list of heroes should be revealed shortly.

4 No Mixing Ground And Space Combat

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One of the most heavily requested additions to Battlefront 2 has been the seamless transition between land and space battles. While above ground space battles make their return, this does little for those who were really looking forward to the feature. It is worth pointing out that no one from EA or DICE has come out and outright said this isn’t going to be a feature. However, since we know that ships are treated more like upgrades, and that you need to spawn a ship instead of getting in one, it seems safe to assume that mixing ground and space combat won’t be a thing in Battlefront 2.

3 No Season Pass?

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Just like DLC, season passes can draw the ire of many gamers. Again, EA is pretty well known for milking both. Most AAA games nowadays have these and tend to milk them and the consumer when they do, so you can see why most fans would rather avoid a season pass if possible. That’s why so many fans were excited when creative director Bernd Dierner said, "We don't have a season pass” in clear English. Not much else to say, right? Well, EA quickly backtracked on this with the usual corporate spiel. Now we’re not exactly sure if we will or won’t have a season pass for this game. It’s a solid maybe going forward.

2 Customizable Class System

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One of the most requested improvements regarding the last Battlefront game was some sort of customizable class system, and DICE looks like they’ve delivered. Four new trooper classes have been added for players to choose from. Each class will be customizable; with their own unique customizations along with a progression system to further tailor each class to an individual player’s playing style. There are also a number of cosmetic options ranging from Imperial Officer to Stormtrooper, Rebel Fighter, and Federation Droid. Each class will have its advantages and disadvantages like range, movement, firepower, etc... It might not seem like much but DICE is really pulling their weight to keep the game fun for as long as possible this time, and customization is always a good idea in that regard.

1 Space Battles are Back

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Now the final entry and undoubtedly the most requested feature fans were looking for; space battles. Yup, something that was such an important and entertaining part of the original Battlefront games was initially overlooked when 2015’s Battlefront dropped. DICE fixed it with some DLC, but now it seems as though we’re going to get it right off the bat and it’s going to be an imperative aspect of the gameplay once again. Dogfights in space are undoubtedly going to return, but fans will have to wait and see how similar they will be to the original Battlefront II’s space battles. In the first game, players had to choose between several different starfighters and infiltrate enemy ships. Cross your fingers but don’t hold your breath.

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