15 Things Wrong With Grand Theft Auto V We All Choose To Ignore

Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece of a game. It comes with more than plenty of action, more than enough character development, and a living open world that can blow you away. The game was crafted with so much attention to detail that it really feels like you are wreaking havoc in the actual California.

However, no one is perfect. As much as we hate to admit it, this applies to Rockstar as well. When you are dealing with millions of dollars in development budget, deadlines that are already set in stone, and investors breathing down your neck, you are bound to make mistakes or miss something.

However, if I ask you what exactly Rockstar missed in GTA V, most of you will probably shrug in confusion and provide no answer at all. Not because the game is perfect, but because it is so good that we chose to ignore some of its flaws, in order not to ruin the experience.

Worry not, though, as I am here to completely ruin GTA V for you. How, you might ask? With 15 things wrong with GTA V we all choose to ignore, that’s how. So, let us explore some of the tiny mistakes and glaring omissions in one of the best open-world games in recent history.

Be warned, though, as you may never see Grand Theft Auto V the same way once you are done reading this. If you still want to enjoy the game as it is, feel free to click away. But we both know your curiosity will get the better of you, won’t it?

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15 Doctors Can't Tell A Living Person From A Dead One

Via YouTube (Truls Aagedal)

At one point in the main story, Michael is tasked with breaking into a morgue. While it all sounds fine and dandy so far, the way he actually enters it is questionable at best. Dave actually knocks him out, so Michael can pass for dead. And, believe it or not, it works. But it doesn’t end there. Michael actually wakes up just at the beginning of his own autopsy, when pathologists open up the zipper of his body bag.

I will not question how he managed to breathe while he was inside a plastic bag. I will not even ask why Dave this was a good idea. However, what kind of paramedics got Michael to the morgue? And what kind of pathologists realize that their autopsy subject is not actually dead, only when he stands up and walks away?

Bad ones, that’s what, even by GTA standards. Sure, GTA is not a completely realistic game, but this is going a little too far.

14 Traffic Police Do Literally Nothing

Via redbull.com

Police are a big part of the gameplay in a Grand Theft Auto game. With every title, officers become faster, smarter, and worse at aiming properly. However, no matter how many AI changes are introduced to the game, there is one constant - traffic police don't exist.

Yes, I know this is done on purpose and if we had to stop at every red light in Los Santos, the game would be extremely dull. Other games have done it before and it worked, Mafia being a prime example, but with a world the size of GTA V, such a mechanic would have been an overkill.

Still, this doesn’t mean that we should be able to drive like complete lunatics with no repercussions whatsoever. At least, let us get a one-star wanted level if we take down a street lamp or crash into another vehicle at high speeds. Also, Rockstar, stop punishing us for barely scratching a police cruiser, please. That’s a little annoying.

13 Rockstar Hates It… When It Comes From You

Via gta5-mods.com

The singleplayer campaign is full of bad, bad words. In fact, it is full of bad, bad everything. I dare you to play GTA V for longer than ten minutes without encountering something offensive, including profanity. But that’s perfectly normal, it’s actually the point of the game.

And despite the title’s PEGI 18 rating, despite its obvious target audience being mature, despite the whole title being completely offensive to everyone, using a bad word in multiplayer is a definite no-no.

I am not saying that people should be allowed to say whatever they please online. We know how this will end, after all. However, Rockstar, please don’t censor occasional F-bombs, especially when your NPCs in that same online environment swear far more than the average gamer.

Then again, I am sure that there will be players who will get offended by others swearing but don’t mind when the NPCs do it. The Internet is just weird that way.

12 Cars And Physics Don’t Mix

Via ign.com

Physics, like everything in our universe, is relative. This rings especially true when we talk about GTA V vehicles. And, no, I do not mean that every tiny bump in the road will send you flying off in a random direction.

I actually mean that once you do head for said random direction, you can control your car in mid-air. You can turn in just about any direction because physics is for nerds, not ultra-cool GTA V characters. In fact, Trevor would probably just shoot physics whenever it got in the way.

Yes, I know this feature is intentional and has been in the series for many years now. Yet, it still kind of bugs me.

Call me a madman if you wish, but I get especially annoyed at this feature during stunt jumps. They should be about the perfect buildup to the stunt, not about correcting a bad takeoff in mid-air.

11 Car Paint Dries Way Too Fast

Via gta5tv.com

How many of you had to repaint their car in real life? It’s an expensive and long process for both you and the paint shop. It gets even harder on your wallet and schedule if there are dents, rust, or anything else that could get in the way. Usually, it takes about two days for the car to be repainted, with two more until it dries.

And we are talking only about drying here. The paint will take an extra two weeks to cure completely, and it will only do so in warm weather. What I am trying to say is that respraying a car is not as easy as driving into Los Santos Customs, choosing a new color and driving out a few hours later.

Yes, I do know that if respraying your car meant waiting for two in-game days would be a hassle. I know that no one would do it, either, and would just steal another car instead. But this applies to singleplayer. Imagine how carefully people would drive in GTA Online if they had to wait two days for their car to be fixed after each small accident.

10 San Andreas Gun Laws Are Too Liberal

Via gta.wikia.com

Guns are a major part of the Grand Theft Auto series. They are a core mechanic that the games just wouldn’t work without. This is great and all, but their implementation is also slightly unrealistic. And I am not talking about the fact that the player can pull a sniper rifle out of their pocket.

Remember how we talked about traffic police being useless? Well, the rest of the cops also don’t do a great job, it seems. Otherwise, they would have been all over a guy who randomly walks around with a loaded RPG.

If it didn’t have a rocket already in the barrel, one could always say that he is just transporting it and doesn’t have a big enough bag. But when it is obviously ready to fire, surely a police officer should notice that, right?

9 Convenient ... Or Stupid?

Via YouTube (newbyZTV)

Remember the Bury the Hatchet mission? If you decided to start it with Trevor, you have probably seen the cutscene where he digs up Michael’s bogus grave. Did you notice anything weird in that cutscene? No? Well, let me break it to you, then.

How did Trevor find the tools to actually start digging? Well, they were just there. He didn’t bring them with him, he didn’t look around, they were just leaning against a rock just next to Michael’s grave.

Sure, this is an easy way to advance the plot without taking too much of the player’s time. However, it also makes no sense whatsoever. No gravedigger will leave his tools like that. Replacing your pick and shovel every morning, because someone stole them is expensive and gravediggers don’t make a lot of money.

But, leaving all of this aside, it is also a very serious health hazard. Someone might trip over them in the dark, or the zombies that will inevitably raid our world could use them as makeshift melee weapons.

8 Weston Is A Telepath, I Guess

Via gta-vplayer.deviantart.com

There are several possible outcomes when it comes to GTA V’s story. You can betray your partners in more ways than any of us cared because we are no snitches. Or, you could get Trevor to tie Weston up, shove him in the trunk of a car, and drive that corrupt monster off a cliff.

We have not checked the actual statistics, but we are pretty sure that most people chose to off the FIB agent. If you didn’t, then you don’t deserve friends like Michael and Trevor. Actually, no one deserves or wants a friend like Trevor.

Anyway, my point is that, while driving with Weston in his trunk, Trevor actually has a full, intelligible conversation with him. So far, so good. Weston’s voice was just as muffled as it would be if he was in a real-life trunk, so there is no problem, right?

Wrong. When Trevor opens the trunk at the end of the ride, there is actually a piece of tape over Weston’s mouth, which allows him to use nothing but incomprehensible groans. So, either Trevor has very long arms and can tape someone’s mouth while driving, or Weston is a telepath. We choose to believe the latter.

7 GTA Online Has Almost No Content

Via ign.com

Okay, I am cheating a little bit. Most of us didn’t actually ignore this one. In fact, there was a public outcry when people realized they have nothing to do in GTA Online mere days after they started playing. But this one is such a sin against the gaming world, that I couldn’t help but mention it.

Just a few days into GTA Online, every mission starts feeling the same. Even robbing stores is no longer fun. And with all the Heists done, all the best cars bought, and all the cool apartments owned, what do we have left? Driving around and repeatedly killing people that have yet to realize GTA Online is a failure, that’s what.

Bottom line is that the guys that stalk you around the entire map, just to kill you one more time, are not jerks. They are just bored because they have completed GTA Online already.

6 Cars Can Never Die

Via gta.wikia.com

Remember how I mentioned that in the end of the story, players can choose to betray their partners? Well, one of the possible outcomes is to get Franklin and Michael to kill Trevor. But since this is GTA, they do not just shoot him in the head and be done with it.

Instead, Franklin chases him around the entire city until Michael shows up with his personal Premier, rams into Trevor’s truck and sends both cars into a fuel tanker. The fuel starts leaking and either Michael or Franklin shoots at it, dooming Trevor to a gruesome fiery death.

Problem is, Michael’s Premier blows up just as much as Trevor’s car, but not if you ask the game. Right after the mission’s end, that same car is immediately available to drive. So, either Michael replaced it with another Premier and made the exact same modifications, or Rockstar forgot to remove the car from the game after the mission ends.

5 They Expect Us To Believe Anything

Via gameswhat.com

The GTA V prologue is one of the best introductions to a game I have played in recent years. It has drama, action, and plot twists aplenty. That being said, though, it is not perfect. And, no, I don’t mean that Michael is a drama queen throughout the whole thing.

During the car chase in the prologue, the protagonists use the clichéd escape method of passing in front of a train, so the police cannot follow. And, of course, they sort of get away for a while.

In the end, the cops do catch up, but it takes them a full minute to get past a now-stopped train. Additionally, the federal agent that shot Michael and Brad seems to be the only one on the scene, despite the fact that they are chasing three hardcore crooks who just killed more than enough lawmen to go to jail for life.

Long story short, GTA V features the worst policemen in the history of the force.

4 Supercars Are Completely Uncontrollable

Via gaming.newbcomputerbuild.com

Now, I have not driven a supercar, but I have been a passenger in one. When we hit the freeway, I experienced the smoothest ride ever. Not a sound came from the suspension, not a tiny shake was felt when we went through the many tiny bumps in the road. I thought we were moving at around 150 km/h.

Turns out I was wrong. That perfect, blissful ride was actually happening at speeds well over 200 km/h. And the car felt like it was glued to the road. Why? Because that is what they're made for.

Same cannot be said for the GTA V supercars. The moment you slightly turn the wheel in one direction, you will go flying off towards a lamp post, parked cars, or off the side of a cliff. Why? Because gameplay mechanics do not make sense sometimes. After all, supercars would have been way too overpowered if they were both lightning fast and a breeze to control.

3 In GTA Online, You Have To Buy Your Cars

Take a moment and let that sink in. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you have to actually pay for every vehicle you possess. The title of the game is literally about stealing cars. The whole franchise is mostly about stealing cars. The vehicles the protagonists drive in the singleplayer campaign are all stolen.

Yet, when it comes to GTA Online, if you steal a car, you cannot keep it for long. Next thing you know, the next game in the series will be called Grand Purchase Auto.

Sure, it does make sense from a gameplay point of view. After all, if players could simply steal every car they want to keep, the biggest money sink that keeps the in-game economy flowing would be obsolete. However, I am also sure that there was a way to make it work.

So, try harder next time, Rockstar. If I want to keep that stolen Rapid GT, because it kind of reminds me of my own real-life Alfa Romeo, I should be able to!

2 Volleyball Nets Are The New Trees

Via YouTube (LOUDSpeakah808)

The toughness of GTA trees is legendary. They stand like pillars of the universe, holding everything together and not allowing anyone to mess with them. If you get into a fight with a GTA tree, there is no way you will be walking away in one piece.

Yet, there are new sentinels of the GTA universe now. Silent protectors that can only be found at the beautiful Los Santos beaches. And while the trees do let a few leaves fall off whenever a car crashes into their trunks, the new guardians of space-time will not even budge.

You don’t know what I am talking about? Try ramming a volleyball net on the beach with a tank and see how that goes for you. Go ahead, I dare you! You will soon learn that messing with Grand Theft Auto scenery and props is too hard of a pill to swallow.

1 Debra Should Have Called The Police

Via gta.wikia.com

Debra, may she rest in peace, was a lawyer. She should have known that threatening a man with a pistol might end in tears for her and everyone involved. Even though Trevor was in her apartment, he was not being aggressive until she pulled that gun out.

So, why didn’t she just call the police? She probably knew about at least some of the stuff that went on in her condo while she was gone. It was obvious that this man was unstable and she couldn’t handle him by herself.

The police, on the other hand, could have dealt with Trevor. Assuming, of course, they didn’t pass by any train tracks and actually arrived on time. Or he didn’t hold an RPG in his hands. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe Debra made the right choice. I wouldn’t trust the Los Santos police either if I were her.

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