15Franklin Wasn’t Always Going To Be Playable

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It’s hard to imagine Grand Theft Auto V without any of its three main character, let alone Franklin. Granted, his arc has the least consequence to the overall story, but he plays a big role in framing the beginning and the ending of the

game. A huge chunk of the opening is spent playing as and getting to know him, after all. There was a time, however, where Franklin wasn’t integral to the story.

Rockstar had apparently decided on multiple characters rather early on in development, but only in terms of Michael and Trevor. It makes a great deal of sense as the heart of the story ultimately revolves around the intricacies of their friendship, but having only two main characters would have made portraying their relationship objectively more difficult especially since Michael was already acting as the traditional GTA protagonist. Thus Franklin was born to serve as a mediator and act as a buffer between player perceptions of Michael and Trevor.

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