15Exfiltrate A Vehicle Without Actually Driving

Via: Ubisoft

As you progress through Watch Dogs 2, you’ll slowly unlock new perks to take advantage of. One such perk allows the player to take control of vehicles using their hacking abilities. Using the forward, back, and left/right commands, you can literally drive your target without ever sitting in the front

seat. This ability is best paired with a stealth mission, where your noticed presence means failure.

First off, get into a position where you can see your target. To accomplish this task, either use a camera or scamper up to a vantage point overhead. You may either take direct control of the vehicle – should you be close enough – or send your drone in as a proxy. Either way, you can take control of a high-end vehicle, drive it out of the enemy compound, and take control of it yourself for later use. If you utilize the drone method, be wary of enemy spotters!

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