15Aerith's Death - Final Fantasy VII

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You can't have a list of emotional gaming moments without bringing up Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII - at this point, it's almost a cliché. However, there's a reason why Aerith's death is almost always brought up - for many, it was the first big emotional moment they experienced

in a video game and it hit deep.

Throughout the course of FFVII, players formed an emotional bond with almost all of the main characters you'd find in the game, running the range from a seething hatred of Sephiroth to a slight jealousy of Barrett and his gun arm. And that hatred for Sephiroth had to be borne out of something, with his typical 'I'm going to destroy the world!' motives not being nearly enough for gamers.

Clearly something had to be done for players to care about Sephiroth meeting his end and that seed of hatred sprouted with his heartless murder of Aerith. The fact that he took the life of one of the best healers in the entire franchise only adds a sense of irony to the death.

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