15 Times You Could Be A Total Creep In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was released on 17 September 2013 to rave reviews. Critics lauded the game as a milestone for open-world gaming and a technical achievement that would take years — if not decades — to be matched, let alone surpass. The Grand Theft Auto series has generally focused on satirizing various aspects of the real world, and Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. The title has parodied everything, from Apple (iFruit) to Call of Duty (Righteous Slaughter). Even 50 Shades Of Gray (Chains Of Intimacy) wasn't spared.

Like any other Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto V has attracted its fair share of controversies. From being accused of ripping off various people's likenesses to your typical cries about the way violence is glorified in the game, Grand Theft Auto V has been the subject of rampant media discussion. One major accusation has been its misogynistic portrayal of women, using a number of stereotypes to define their female characters. There's also the various things you can do in-game with your character, which can range from mildly disturbing to downright creepy. This list compiles 15 such creepy things you can do in Grand Theft Auto V.

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15 Following Female Civilians

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There are tons of things to do as either Michael, Franklin, or Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. Completing missions, doing errands, visiting various locations or hanging out with other characters; there are a ton of options at the player's fingertips. However, if for some reason you feel like acting like a stalker, then you can do that as well. Rockstar has programmed something for your questionable behavior as well.

You can stalk any female civilian in the game in order to watch their amusing reactions (this applies to any NPC). These reactions include a nervous look over the shoulder, increasing their walking speed, turning around to confront you or even calling the cops. I guess the lesson to be learned from this is not to stalk random women like a creep.

14 Walking In On Amanda

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It's no secret that Amanda and Michael's relationship is pretty much hanging by a thread at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto V. The couple has had a pretty tumultuous relationship, to say the least, and the lasting effects of these events have soured their marriage almost to the point of no return. Amanda constantly engages in obvious affairs, infuriating Michael in the process as her (and his children) waste away his money.

The lack of passion in their marriage is evident in one of the hidden scenes you can view as — you guessed it — Michael in his own house. Upon opening the bedroom, you can walk in on Amanda using a 'device' to pleasure herself, before groaning in frustration as she chucks the vibrator at him.

Speaking of Amanda...

13 Running Over Amanda

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If you really want some payback for Michael, you can choose to simply run over Amanda if you wish. Although your payback would be somewhat soiled once you realize that this wouldn't satisfy Michael in the slightest — who'll yell "NOOOOO!" in an admittedly hilarious manner. If you're a disturbing person who likes this sort of stuff, then this should be right up your alley.

This doesn't really make a difference in-game either. You can burn, shoot, explode, crush, stab, punch, and bash any of your family members to death... and they'll just send you an angry text and a hospital bill ranging anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. So all you got for your troubles was a disapproving message and a sizeable hole in your bank account.

12 Repeatedly Calling Other Contacts

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Unless you're aspiring to be Niko Bellic, it's probably a good idea to not constantly call other contacts for no reason. Of course, if you get some satisfaction from bugging your friends, be happy because Rockstar has acknowledged your cancerous presence.

Many characters have a unique response when you repeatedly call them, most of them say something along the lines of 'leave me alone you annoying creep' before hanging up. And if — for some indiscernible reason — you like mindlessly calling your friends for no reason whatsoever, then you should probably stop it if it gets out of hand, seeing that you're already emulating your real life behavior in a video game.

11 Murdering A 'Worker' To Get Your Money Back

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Now we're trudging through the deepest recesses of Grand Theft Auto with this entry. Killing a prostitute in order to get your money back after she's finished 'servicing' you is perhaps one of the lowest levels a player can slip in Grand Theft Auto. This behavior is made even worse when you consider the fact that prostitutes are dead cheap and quite desperate in Grand Theft Auto V.

The graphic nature of this encounter makes it even more chilling when a player decides to run a working girl over after his/her encounter with them. It might be a video game, but nevertheless, this act is pretty disturbing and is rather petty as well if one does it simply for the cash.

10 Killing Dogs In-Game

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Grand Theft Auto V is inherently a game about committing various crimes, such as killing, robbing, carjacking, mugging, and a host of other illegal activities. However, another unforgivable crime has been added to this extensive list with the inclusion of a new living being in the game — animal cruelty.

If you're particularly messed up in the head, you can willingly choose to kill dogs (and cats in the PS4, Xbox One and PC version) for a laugh. Hell, you can even murder Chop (Franklin's dog) in the game if you need to satiate your bloodlust.

I mean, killing humans and all is fine, but killing a dog or cat is just messed up.

9 Blowing Up A Main Character's House

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If you feel especially psychotic, you can take a protagonist to another main character's house and blast it with rockets (guns will also work, but explosives are recommended for the most instantaneous reaction). If you think your behavior will go unnoticed, however, think again — your partners will be less than pleased by your actions.

You'll get a call on your phone, demanding you to explain your actions. While Franklin and Trevor react pretty normally (especially when you consider the fact that you just bombarded their houses with explosives), Michael probably has the most furious and amusing reaction to your actions.

8 Groping At The Vanilla Unicorn

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Well, it's no surprise that this particular instance would be included in this list. There are four strip clubs in the game, but only one is accessible by the player — the infamous Vanilla Unicorn. Lap dances are their own little mini-game in this title, where one must touch a stripper and flirt with her in order to increase her 'like' bar, all while avoiding the gaze of the guard standing in the doorway.

Well, to simply call this creepy would be a gross understatement. Not only are you touching a woman you've just met, but you're also doing something that's considered to be completely — for lack of a better word — wrong. What makes this worse is that according to the game, the stripper actually likes your untoward gestures and comments, which can lead to a night of debauchery with said stripper. Not cool, Rockstar.

7 Send Your Hunting Pictures To Random Contacts

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At one point in the game, while you're playing as Trevor, you can find a man named Cletus who'll introduce you to hunting. The errand is actually a pretty fun one to accomplish, and after you're done with killing whichever animal you choose you need to send a picture to Cletus so he can attach a value to your kill. Of course, you can also send these pictures to other numbers in your contacts for predictably hilarious responses.

Franklin expresses his confusion, while Michael calls Trevor a redneck. You can also send these pictures to other characters like Cheng Jr., who assumes it to be some kind of a disguised threat. Oh, and don't worry, you can send these pictures to 911 as well, who will understandably be exasperated by your childish actions.

6 Do A Burnout Over A Dead Body

via reddit.com by Da7K

Cars have been vastly improved in Grand Theft Auto V. From muscle to sport, every vehicle has its particular advantages and disadvantages that will appeal to a particular player. And if you wish to modify your car of choice even further, then you can do so at the various modification garages available across Los Santos. From tires to hoods to spoilers to engines, everything can be modified — even the color of your burnout. However, if you don't want to fork over all that money, then you can always just get a natural red burnout color — provided you have a dead body under your tires.

Yes, you can place a body under your tires and start doing a burnout. Your mouth with hit the floor as you stare in horror (or fascination if you're that kind of a person) as blood starts spraying all over the place.

5 An Idle Character Will Start Ogling Women

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It seems that the main characters have a lecherous nature regardless of whether you intervene and make their behavior borderline creepy. It's well documented that all three characters 'appreciate' women in the game, and this can be seen in one of the idle animations, when the camera goes into first-person through the viewpoint of whichever character you're controlling at the moment.

If left unattended for a while, your character will start looking around the environment, zooming in on various interesting visual nuances around him. More often than not, the camera will zoom in on the various attractive females that are roaming around the player — something that is quite interesting, and somewhat creepy as well.

4 Taking A Picture Of Topless Women At Vinewood Hills

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Almost every mainstream aspect of today's world has been parodied in Grand Theft Auto V (even the Playboy Mansion has been added and renamed as the Richman Mansion), and Hollywood is no exception. Vinewood is a rich area populated by mansions and is obviously the Hollywood of Los Santos. Only the flashiest of sports cars can be seen here, and a ton of parties occur here all the time.

If gatecrashing parties is your thing, then Grand Theft Auto V has got a nice surprise in store for you. Sometimes there will randomly be a party occurring in the backyard of some of the mansions, which feature topless women. If — for some reason — you click a picture of these women, they'll call you a creep and their boyfriends will come over to fight you. Although to be honest, you shouldn't be clicking unsolicited pictures of half-naked women to begin with.

3 Stealing Michael's Car

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Poor Michael, he just can't catch a break. His entire family is leeching off of him. His wife is constantly cheating, his daughter is the typical rich spoilt brat, his son's a lazy fat gamer, and his past (that he desperately tried to run away from) has caught up to him in the form of Trevor... And now his car is being stolen by one of his supposed partners.

Of course, you won't be able to get away with this heinous act scot-free. Michael will angrily call the person who's stolen his car, berating him with a constant stream of swears and cusses that will humble even the most shameless of players.

2 Killing While They 'Engage' With A Woman Of The Night

via reddit.com by robbierocketpants

Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the greatest multiplayer experiences a person could have, and also one of the most disturbing. There are a ton of people logged in at any one point during a multiplayer session, which means that there will be some creeps mixed in with the normal lot. There's no telling what these people might do while you're doing a particular activity — even when that includes engaging the services of a prostitute.

There have been instances when a player's been killed in the middle of this particular activity, which raises a bunch of questions that unfortunately have no answers: Why would someone do such a thing? How would the prostitute react to such a horrific sight? And most importantly — can games cause irreversible mental trauma?

1 The Infamous Torture Scene

via youtube.com by Th3Turpenator

This list would be incomplete if this particular entry wasn't present — and for good reason. The forced torture scene you have to enact out in Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most controversial parts of the game, sustaining a severe amount of backlash from awareness groups and the media for forcing the player to enact out such a brutal scene.

In order to get some information regarding a particular target, you'll be in control of Trevor as he waterboards, electrocutes, pulls out a number of teeth, and whacks an innocent man with a wrench in order to get a description of the target. The whole scene is quite gritty and disturbing, and only the coldest and sickest people would enjoy this unnecessarily gruesome scene.

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