15 Video Game Characters Who Fought Their Own Children

The saying goes that we are a product of our parents, as we embody many of their values and certainly a number of their traits. Sometimes we clash with them and sometimes they're our best friends. The relationship with our parent or caretaker can be a fragile one and can be tested to its limits at the best of times. However, with fragility also comes strengths at the worst of times. Sometimes we fight because we disagree, while other times we fight because we love each other and think we know whats best. Sometimes, it's because you're a moody teenager who knows everything about the world and how it works, yet there you are, still learning years later.

It would have been silly for games not to exploit a relationship which is so close to home for much of their audience. While some games do this by appealing to our sensitive sides, this isn't always the case. Many games decided to throw the conflict we have with parents into the fray in a physical fashion. Where the possibilities are endless and the stage can be grand, often meaning life or death, there are no shortage of family feuds in the gaming world, and we don't mean the hit family show hosted by Steve Harvey.

To put it mildly, no amount of family therapy is going to fix some of these battles.

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15 Brendan/May - Norman

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Nintendo's Pokémon franchise is something that has touched most generations since its inception in the 90s. Such was the success of Pokémon, as its popularity is still high today, with a mass of games following the release of the originals. When Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were released, they took on a whole new look, with the added advances made on the GBA handheld. However, the concept of the game remained the same; setting out on an adventure as a youngster to defeat the Gym leaders and battle evil across the world.

Mothers have always been a prominent figure across the Pokémon games. However, when you reach Petalburg Gym, you are faced by none other than your own Father, gym leader Norman. Needless to say he has no worries about destroying you and your only choice for progression is to firmly put him in his place! There's only one Pokémon master around here old man. Us!!

14 Connor - Haytham Kenway

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Assassin's Creed is one of the most brilliant games to come to our screens. The ability to mix futuristic Sci-Fi with historical time periods and settings is something quite unparalleled. Despite the failures of its recent releases, Ubisoft seem to have something big in the works for the series. Bloodlines and family are extremely important within the game itself, with the animus tapping into your character's ancestral DNA, so it would only be a matter of time before a conflict arose between parent and Child.

Haytham Kenway, son of assassin Edward Kenway, had been indoctrinated by the Templars in his youth. Travelling to the Colonial America, Haytham and the Templar Order aimed to put the "New World" under its influence. Connor was born after Haytham had intimate relations with his mother, a native tribeswoman. Eventually the two would lock horns, resulting in Haytham's demise at the hands of his son.

13 Luke Skywalker - Darth Vader

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In 2015, the reboot of the popular Star Wars Battlefront series was welcomed by many. The first person shooter allowed us to take to the battlefield across the Star Wars universe as the Rebels aimed to bring down the Galactic empire. Although it received mixed reviews, the upcoming sequel is gaining a lot of hype for its reported improvements. Regardless of its faults, the pulling power of the Star Wars franchise never fails.

While on the battlefield, two of the most powerful Hero cards you can come across are naturally Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. When both of these characters are in play, nothing is more enjoyable as a Star Wars fan than seeing them both go at it. Sometimes all you can do mid-battle is stand and watch in awe, as these two behemoths battle it out. Although, don't stick around too long or you will definitely end up being forced choked. It's a trap!!!

12 Jimmy De Santa - Michael De Santa

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Micheal and Jimmy De Santa have one of the most defective Father-Son relationships in the gaming world. While they don't physically come to blows (somehow), the tension between them is ever-present. Jimmy embodies everything that could be wrong with a young adult, as he is too lazy to get a job and blames everyone but himself. He plays video games all day, smokes way too much and has incredible amount of contempt for his father. He does terrible things to his dad, like selling his father's Yacht to pay for drugs and calling his Dad to bail him out when it went south, as well as drugging him when he escorts his son to a drug deal at the Burger Shot. It's safe to say that these two do not get along and the endless arguments and bickering are a testament to that. We would expect nothing less from the GTA Universe.

11 Aveline de Grandpré - Madeleine de L'Isle

via: literallydarling.com

Moving back to Assassin's Creed, this next type of relationship is something of a rarity. While most games seem to make these battles father and son related, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation threw a different aspect into the mix. Playing as Aveline de Grandpere, an Assassin of African and French origins, you battle through New Orleans in an attempt to shut down a Templar run, slave trafficking unit within the community. The "Company Man" had become her main focus of attack, as she sought to bring down the Templar powers within New Orleans. As Aveline tracked down and eliminated her enemies, she came face to face with the "Company Man," who was no other than her own Stepmother, Madeleine. Madeleine then attempted to turn Aveline to the Templar side, only for her to go along with the idea as a ploy to eventually take down her own Stepmother.

10 Jin - Kazuya - Heihachi

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When discussing inter generational fights, it would be a huge mistake to forget about the battles throughout the Tekken Series, most notably between Heihachi, his son, Kazuya, and his grandson, Jin. It all starts with Heihachi. He stole his father's company from him, raised his son Kazuya and then threw him off a cliff in an attempt to make him a man. After that, he fought his grandson, Jin for, having inherited the demon gene! Although you might feel sorry for Kazuya at this point, he is no saint. His devil gene unlocks, turning him into a dark force to be reckoned with. He then gets revenge on his father and proceeds to throw him off the same cliff. However, his evil side never fully took over and, in his doubtful moments, he is in turn thrown into a volcano by his father, who survived the cliff. Keeping up? Somehow, again, he manages to return from this and then captures his own son, Jin, in an attempt to steal his demon powers. This has to be one of the most complicated and dysfunctional families in the gaming universe.

9 Serana - Lord Harkon


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers such a vast variety of creatures, monsters and critters throughout its gameplay. Vampires are a prominent figure in the game and the Dawngaurd expansion allowed us to explore a quest line involving them. Lord Harkon was a Nord Vampire who uncovered a prophecy which would allow Vampires to roam the lands during the day, using Auriels bow and the blood of his daughter Serana, who becomes your follower. After learning of his plan, Serana's mother locked her away with one of the Elder Scrolls to stop Harkon from killing her in his quest for Vampire domination. When you find Serana, you both eventually travel to Harkon and confront him. He speaks of his disgust for Serana and your character being together, while offering you a chance to hand her over! If you refuse, you then fight and slay Harkon with the help of his daughter. Not quite daddies little girl then!

8 Our Little Princess

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A list about fights wouldn't be complete without including Mortal Kombat in some way. When Shao Kahn took the throne of Outworld for himself, he ruled fiercely, adding smaller realms to his domain, including the realm of Edenia. When Edenia eventually succumbed to his rule, took the Queen Sindel and her daughter Kitana as his own, raising Kitana to be his personal assassin. Fearful of Kitana turning against him, he attempted to clone her, however, the clone, Mileena, came out with a deformity and a lot of dental bills! Upon this discovery, Kitana accused the cloner, Shang Tsung, of trying to replace her, only for Shao Kahn to reveal his plan to Kitana and turn on her after she learned of her past. This prompted Kitana to fight against Shao Kahn in an effort to regain her home of Edenia and to stop Shao Kahn outright. Many battles between the two took place directly and indirectly. Shao Kahn was a pretty bad stepfather, but anyone who brought the Princess into our lives deserves some kind of credit, right?

7 Angel - Handsome Jack


Throughout the Borderlands series, Angel, the daughter of the main antagonist Handsome Jack, is probably one of the most complicated characters you come across. What's quite peculiar about her is that she is a Siren, a powerful being with mystical powers. During the first instalment of Borderlands, Angel appears to us as through the Echo.Net and guides us to collect all the pieces to a vault key. While her motives seemed good to begin with, it turns out that she wanted her father to get a large supply of Eridium to use on Angel for his own gain. In Borderlands 2, we find out more about this story, Jack has enslaved Angel to give her complete control over the technology, with his ultimate goal being to release the warrior as a weapon. Angel guides you though the story against her father, asking you to eventually destroy the Eridium used to keep her alive in the battle against her father. Her famous last words were: "Dad i have something to tell you....you're an a**hole." Although they did not directly fight, Angel's enslavement and constant battle against her father was as dysfunctional as they come.

6 Damian Wayne - Batman

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NetherRealm have been talking up their new title, Injustice 2, having added apparent RPG aspects to their DC fighting game. As they look to develop and revamp the fighting genre, they have added a new loot system in Injustice 2 and it remains to be seen whether they have successfully navigated into a new era for fighting games.

With Injustice 2 on the horizon, it would be foolish to leave Bruce Wayne's battles against his son Damian off this list. While Damian takes on the persona of Robin, a character that signifies good, his methods and upbringing have often brought him to blows with his father, as he was trained by The League of Assassins. When the Injustice 2 trailer dropped, we got to see first hand Damian as Robin, fighting his father. Sporting a sword and firearms, he takes it to his father and ultimately wins the duel.

5 Dante - Alighiero Alighieri

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While Alighiero was a nasty piece of work while he was living, it was only in his death that he and Dante battled. He was a greedy man who would steal from the poor, abuse his wife and eventually drive her to suicide with his infidelity and unpleasant personality. Upon his death Alighiero was sent to the fourth circle of hell. Greed.

Alighiero's appearance is that of a fat demon, covered in chains with pigs hooves for hands. When he sees Dante, he decides to put his son down as a failure, just like he did in life, but he is eventually defeated at the end of his battle with Dante. Dante decided to absolve his father to free his soul and would later be helped by his father to defeat Lucifer. Guess that makes up for a lifetime of being a deadbeat Dad.

4 Tidus - Jecht

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Final Fantasy X introduced us to Tidus and his father Jecht. Jecht is a mighty warrior and also a Blitzball star in his own right. His personality is over inflated and he comes across as arrogant. "The Great Jecht" does love his son, but conveys it very strangely, often putting him down and bullying him in an effort to toughen him up. When Square Enix brought us Dissidia Final Fantasy, a fighting adaption of their hit series, Tidus and Jecht did battle. The opening cut scene shows Tidus restoring his father to full power in an attempt to battle the man at his finest. After their battle, Jecht tells his son he has grown strong, but doesn't let his arrogance fade. Guess that's as close to humble as Jecht will ever be.

3 Kratos - Zeus

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Although Zeus is seen by many as a regal, powerful, and just figure, he really isn't. Saved at a young age from the Titans, he returned with anger and imprisoned them all. After having relations with a mortal woman, two children were born; Kratos and Demios. It was prophesied by his wife, Hera, that a marked warrior would bring Zeus down. Believing that this was Demios, Zeus imprisoned him. However, Kratos believed his brother had been killed and therefore marked himself in the same fashion as his brother, Demios. Kratos originally sought to align with Zeus, but was betrayed, only to return and exact revenge on his father. This, in turn, led to a multitude of battles between the two, resulting in some epic fight scenes. Maybe if Zeus kept it in his pants, this could all be avoided.

2 Emmett - Lord Business

LEGO's popularity has never skyrocketing and their decision to turn their bricks into games was something of a genius move. Bringing us great humour, often without needing speech, they have adapted some of our favourite franchises into blocky brilliance, as well as cranking out a few gems of their own. When The Lego Movie was released in 2014, it was expected that a game would follow suit, with the main character, Emmet, battling against Lord Business, a character who wished to stop the creativity of LEGO and glue everything down. In the movie, this ran parallel with a young boy named Finn, whose father was upset when he used different pieces of his master LEGO set to create new things. Lord Business was a representation of his father. Transferring this movie into the gaming world meant we were able to play out this masterpiece ourselves and get the enjoyment we have come to expect from the Lego Franchise!

1 Jack Marston - John Marston

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John Marston will go down as one of the best video game characters of all time. The lovable outlaw brought tears to many eyes with his demise at the end of Red Dead Redemption. While John Marston's fights with his son aren't physical, they are very relatable. His young son, Jack, has seen the turmoil that is his father's life. Often having to watch him leave for long periods of time, he lacks the father figure that John should be and there is a level of resentment in him. Jack Marston often misbehaves or questions his father in an act of rebellion. These struggles, however, help to show us just how the events of John's life have affected not only him, but his family. Unfortunately for Jack, his actions almost see him get killed by a bear, only to be saved by his father and put firmly back in his place. Another time, they fought was in the Undead Nightmare DLC, when Jack had been turned into a Zombie and had to be restrained and captured. I mean nothing says love more than Lassoing and hog tying your undead son, right?

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