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Nintendo's Pokémon franchise is something that has touched most generations since its inception in the 90s. Such was the success of Pokémon, as its popularity is still high today, with a mass of games following the release of the originals. When Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were released, they took on a whole

new look, with the added advances made on the GBA handheld. However, the concept of the game remained the same; setting out on an adventure as a youngster to defeat the Gym leaders and battle evil across the world.

Mothers have always been a prominent figure across the Pokémon games. However, when you reach Petalburg Gym, you are faced by none other than your own Father, gym leader Norman. Needless to say he has no worries about destroying you and your only choice for progression is to firmly put him in his place! There's only one Pokémon master around here old man. Us!!

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