15 Video Game Cosplayers Who Are WAY Hotter Than Jessica Nigri

At only 27 years old, Jessica Nigri has to be one of the most popular women on the internet. The American model is best known for her lavish and eye grabbing cosplay that has really helped her reach the kind of pop culture popularity and status she has today. She started cosplaying in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2012 that her popularity began to skyrocket like crazy. Soon, everyone would come to know her or at least recognize her from posts, videos and her cosplay. All that popularity has led people to assume that she’s the most beautiful woman cosplay has to offer. While she’s certainly a looker, you can find plenty of better-looking ladies in the community.

Cosplayers are everywhere, but what separates the pros from your everyday cosplayer is how much attention they pay to making their costume as high quality and authentic as possible. Most of the women on this list are beautiful, yes, but also put a good deal of effort into making their costumes the best they can and going for both authenticity and style when coming up with their cosplay. So let’s take some time to look at 15 video game cosplayers who are WAY hotter than Jessica Nigri.

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15 Byndo Gehk

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Byndo Gehk has been cosplaying since 2013, and apart from that, she also spends her time as a Twitch Partner as well. She streams her costume creation on Twitch and during those streams always takes some time to help those who have questions for her regarding their own cosplay. She’s also pretty active on YouTube. Really, she just seems like she really loves her job. Her cosplay is pretty damn great to boot, so her kind and helpful attitude only helps with her popularity among fans. Her Cindy Aurum cosplay is absolutely jaw dropping and really looks so much like the actual character itself that you can’t help but struggle telling the two apart.

14 Giulietta Zawadzki

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Unlike others on this list, Giulietta Zawadzki actually has a degree in Fine Arts, which she brings over into her cosplaying. Her cosplay is on another level, and you can probably attribute that to her degree, but you have to acknowledge the talent that’s there too. The English beauty also creates original sketches and paintings along with her costumes. She’s a real multi-talented member of the cosplay community. As you can tell, her Bayonetta cosplay is on another level. She puts so much effort into making the costume seem authentic, and has visibly dedicated a good chunk of time to the most minute details. Even without the costume, she’s a complete babe, but the costumes takes it to a whole new level.

13 Kristen Hughey

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The whole purpose of this list is to go off and name a bunch of women who are better looking than the ever popular Jessica Nigri, so why not turn to another one of cosplaying’s biggest names? Kristen Hughey has been active since 2012, and in that time she’s established herself as one of the premier cosplaying talents out there. Her work is well done, detailed and just oozed quality and style. She’s also pretty active on Twitch and YouTube, and she has a good deal of merch out there should anyone want to check it out. If you ever needed to confirm just how good she really is, then check out her Cammy cosplay – it’s probably some of the best you’ll ever see.

12 Katyuska MoonFox

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Our last entry on this list has been cosplaying since about 2007 and is one of the more experienced women on here. Katyuska MoonFox has had a long and fruitful career in the cosplay world and continues to be a force in the community. She has a number of impressive cosplays under her belt and always manages to come out with interesting and detailed new costumes for her fans and other members of the community to enjoy. This 2B cosplay is one of her latest, and it has to be one of the best she’s made so far. She looks great but also mirrors the character so well you have to at least consider that she actually surpasses the original design here.

11 Meagan Marie

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One of the older cosplayers on our list, Meagan Marie has been at this whole cosplay thing for quite a while. The American cosplayer has been active for about nine years now and has built up quite the impressive résumé in that time. Even without all the makeup, Megan is one beautiful woman and really brings out the best in the characters she decides to cosplay as. Lucky for us, one of the characters she portrayed was The Witcher 3’s Ciri, and boy does she just look absolutely fantastic. Not only is the cosplay and outfit design just spot on, but Meagan looks great in her outfit and really pulls off the look beautifully.

10 Danielle Beaulieu

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Like a lot of the women on this list, Danielle Beaulieu doesn’t have a degree in Fine Arts or anything like that, but is a self-taught cosplayer who has done very well for herself in the time she’s been active. Moreover, she has continued to find success in recent years. The Boston native is especially gifted when it comes to special effects makeup. Some of her work would make you think that she belonged in a Hollywood dressing room. Danielle’s talents have earned her some pretty notable promotional work for companies like Turtle Beach and Asus. This Samus Aran cosplay is spot on and looks incredibly realistic, though it doesn’t do much to show off her makeup skills it more than shows us her skill as a seamstress.

9 Yaya Han

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Yaya Han is one of the most experienced and well-known cosplayers out there today. She’s getting close to 40, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her. Yaya looks great, and we don’t know if it’s the cosplay or just the way she takes care of herself, but she seems ageless. Yaya has been involved with cosplaying for a long time and has had years to perfect her craft and ensure that her costumes are some of the best you’ll see. She’s something of a pioneer for cosplaying in the West and has helped with making it the pop culture phenom it is today. This Camilla costume she has on looks fantastic and incredibly detailed. Just what you’d expect from Yaya.

8 Vampy Bit Me

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Vampy Bit Me has had success in the cosplay community on an international scale which just goes to show you just how great she is at what she does. She always puts out a great costume whether she’s working with bulky armor or tight fabrics, Vampy always sustains a certain level of quality when it comes to her work. Like other popular cosplayers, she also has a good deal of merchandise available online for her fans which just shows how popular she’s become. Of all the cosplays she’s done in the past, her Tifa Lockhart cosplay has to be her best looking, most realistic and identical one to date. Just take a look at this image and try and tell the difference between the two.

7 Leeanna Vamp

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A woman of many talents, Leeana Vamp is more than just a cosplayer and has gotten her name out there in recent years. Moonlighting as an actress, model, and host, along with her cosplaying gig, Leeana has proven to be quite the versatile lady. She always gives her best effort. She’s even created some of her own projects like Star Wars Girls and Best Friends Forever. Her energizing personality and talent for cosplay are why she’s so popular today, and we have to say she’s earned it. Among her more famous video game cosplays is her Lara Croft one. Lara is, of course, one of the most well-known heroines in video games, and you get a lot of cosplayers that want to try their hand at looking like her. Leeanna’s look great and really nails the characters tough yet sexy look.

6 Elizabeth Rage

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Not all that much is known about this cosplaying beauty, but you can be sure that whatever you see her in Elizabeth Rage is going to look absolutely fantastic. Starting her career as early as 2009, Elizabeth has cosplayed as a wide range of characters spawning from comic book, anime, and video game characters. She has quite the following online and looks great in anything she wears, but of course, we have our favourites. Some of her best work is her Saber cosplay from Fate/Stay Night. Though some might argue that this is an anime cosplay and not a video game one, the popular anime series is, in fact, an adaptation of Japanese developer Type-Moon's popular visual novel. So it counts as a game cosplay if you look at it that way.

5 Aza Miyuko

via instagram.com

We move on to another beauty and relatively new cosplayer on our list, this time it's Korean cosplayer Aza Miyuko that finds her way into our hearts. Aza has been active in the cosplay community since 2011, and is still gaining steam while continually appeasing her already solid fan base. Her delicate features and dedication to her craft make her perfect for cosplaying and really makes you get into the cosplay itself. Among everything she’s done so far, her D.Va cosplay has to be her best work. You can tell that she took a good deal of time perfecting the suit, making sure that every minuscule detail was included. It looks great and really highlights just how beautiful she is.

4 Lisa Lou Who

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Another relatively new name on the scene is Lisa Lou Who, who according to her Facebook page, has been active since 2012 or so. Lisa has had a pretty good career thus far, and only looks like she’ll be even more successful from here on out. She’s had a number of guest appearances in recent years including the 2014 Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Las Vegas, the 2016 San Francisco Comic Con, and the Tampa bay Comic Con. She also won best in show during the 2012 DragonCon Cosplay contest as Avatar’s Ty Lee. One of her newer cosplays has been Persona 5’s Ann Tamaki. It’s a very good looking and well-detailed cosplay that we hope to see more of.

3 Alodia Gosiengfiao

So now, as our list gets closer to its end we look at one of cosplays biggest names. Like many of the women on this list, Alodia Gosiengfiao has been in the cosplay game a number of years and has established herself as one of the best in the industry. But unlike many on this lis, the Filipino model has encountered a large amount of success not everyone we’ve talked about has or will experience. Alodia’s success has moved past the cosplay community and found its way into multiple facets of the entertainment industry as well. She’s put together a decent film and television career as well as a small singing career. You can tell why she’s regarded as one of cosplaying’s best-looking women.

2 Kay Victoria

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A relatively new face to the cosplaying industry, Kay Victoria is quickly becoming one of the more popular cosplayers out there today. She already has her own online store and seems to have a loyal, steadily growing fan base that really wants to see her succeed. Seeing as this is about cosplayers who are hotter than Jessica Nigri, why not use her most well-known cosplay to show just how much better Kay looks. While Jessica’s Juliet cosplay is one that many will recognize off the bat, we can’t help but feel that Kay did it better. She just seems to fit the overall look better and really captures the viewer with her charm.

1 Kay Bear Cosplay

via instagram.com

One of the youngest cosplayers on this list, Kay Bear is new to the cosplay scene and probably has the brightest future among all the talented ladies we’ve talked about so far. At only 21 years-old, Kay is already making quite a name for herself with her fabulous and eye catching cosplay. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and you can tell that she puts a good deal of effort in making her cosplay as visually appealing as possible. Though she’s still relatively young as far as cosplayers go, her immediate popularity and knack for the craft should keep her atop the game for years to come. Her Rikku cosplay is so good we can’t really decide which we prefer.

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