15 Video Game D-Bags Who Got What They Deserved

All of these video game characters are frustrating and obnoxious, with a few evoking feelings of hate and disgust. They got what were coming to them.

Through tales of heroics and times of strife, we've met a wide array of characters and creatures. There are some out there that would argue against it, but video games have always been a form of art. Even in their humble beginnings, they've acted as interactive entertainment, breathing life into elaborate stories that feature colorful casts.

Some developers put a massive amount of work into lore and character types, creating impressive backstories filled with detail. Most characters are interesting enough, and some are downright loveable (we mean you, Link).

But there are also dark moments in character creation, like when developers give life to unworthy foes and annoying personalities. It would take a while to compile a list of all the outwardly frustrating characters in the wide world of gaming, but there are an infamous few that stick out more than others.

This led us to compile a small list of 15 of the worst video game d-bags. All of these characters are frustrating and obnoxious, with a few evoking feelings of hate and disgust. The good news is that all of the tiresome individuals on this list either met a well-deserved demise or had their comeuppance.

15 Luis Sera (Resident Evil 4)

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There are a lot of people out there that loved Luis Sera for his quips and soothing Spanish accent. That doesn't change that fact that he was a bit of a d-bag, especially when it came to his less-than-subtle flirting with Ashley. His sharp wit and entertaining wordplay weren't enough to mask the fact that Luis felt like he was constantly overcompensating for something.

Luis was originally a researcher for lead antagonist, Osmund Saddler. He finds his way to the bottom of this list because, for the most part, he's rather helpful. After turning on his boss, Luis helps Leon survive and even attempts to retrieve a sample for him. Unfortunately, his betrayal catches up to him and Saddler impales him like a shishkabob.

14 Grelod The Kind (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

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Skyrim is filled to the brim with d-bags. It seems like every town you enter has at least one obnoxious snob or royal pain. I can't tell you how many times we wanted to punt Nazeem for asking us if we "go to the cloud district often." But among the annoying villagers and boisterous leaders lies Grelod the Kind, a character that is truly worth our hatred and harm.

Grelod pretends to be the kindly old caretaker of the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. When potential parents aren't around, this cantankerous hag abuses the children and rules with an iron fist. Thankfully (for all of Skyrim) she serves as a main mark in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. You'll be given a "free pass" to end her wretched existence and the poor abused children will even cheer and laugh when the deed is done.

13 Vladimir Makarov (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

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Let's be honest, most players aren't firing up Call of Duty for its lengthy single-player campaign. Most CoD entries can be "finished" in a few hours, but that doesn't mean there isn't an engaging and interesting underlying story. The Modern Warfare series is a great example of this, featuring a close-knit band of brothers in a constant struggle to counteract a terrorist known as Vladimir Makarov.

Vladimir isn't just a terrorist, he's also a world-class a**hat. This strategist was responsible for the horrible "airport massacre" in Moscow, Russia, and he's been involved in numerous heinous acts over his lengthy "military" career. He's also the one responsible for the death of our beloved "Soap" MacTavish. It takes three "campaigns" to finally reach Vladimir. Players get to watch John Price finally enact his revenge, smoking a cigar as Makarov's lifeless body hangs from a cable.

12 Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog)

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The Sonic The Hedgehog series has been around for quite some time. The original release dropped way back in 1991. Since then, we've seen a cavalcade of Sonic titles, each featuring new locations and storylines. As the series grew, so too did its villain. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, known primarily as Dr. Eggman, started out as a mad scientist bent on controlling the land around him.

His power lust expanded exponentially over the years. Small-town dreams of owning a chunk of land were replaced by thoughts of world domination. Eggman has become obsessed with crafting and growing his "Eggman Empire." He's even gone as far as threatening the universe, and in some instances, space and time itself. Thankfully, our spiky-haired blue hero is always right there to keep Robotnik in check.

11 The Illusive Man (Mass Effect)

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Nothing is worse than a power hungry "dictator" with an ego the size of the Milky Way galaxy. The Illusive Man may not seem like a benevolent Hitler-esque military leader, but all of his intentions paint him out to be just that. This insanely smart strategist leads Cerberus, a sinister group that believes humans to be the sole superior race of the Universe. His ideological attitude is laser focused towards putting humans at the top of the food chain.

The Illusive Man is supremely entertaining, bringing a lot of great interaction to Mass Effect 2, but that doesn't mean he's not a d-bag. There are many instances in which this educated group leader demeans the player's intelligence. His death is bittersweet, casting him as a mad man who was consumed by a quest for ultimate power.

10 Larry (Telltale's The Walking Dead)

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Larry is a prime example of how horrible some people can be when things get out of control. Although he was a retired military commander, Larry doesn't seem to handle the "end of the world" so well. It's definitely harder on him than most, considering he has a daughter to look after and is nursing a serious heart condition. His intentions are good (although usually targeted at himself and his daughter), but his attitude rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Larry is loud, brash, and uncaring at times. A lot of players immediately disliked this prickly old timer thanks to his harsh disposition towards fan-favorite Lee. In true Walking Dead fashion, Larry succumbs to a terrible fate. His heart condition catches up with him, and Kenny smashes his head in before he turns.

9 Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)

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You have to admire Bowser's persistence. The Super Mario Bros. franchise has been around for over thirty years, and King Koopa is still adamant about capturing Princess Peach. Sure, Bowser has changed his tactics and desires a bit from title to title, but for the most part, he still remains vigilant in his creepy kidnapping quest.

That alone, makes Bowser pretty sleazy. After all this time, after all the quests that Mario has saved the Princess, after all of the kicking and screaming, the overgrown reptile still insists on dragging the Mushroom Princess back to his castle. Bowser simply doesn't know the meaning of the word "no," a lesson he's already instilled in his aggravating offspring. Thankfully, Mario and crew are always right there to give Bowser exactly what he deserves.

8 Pokey Minch (Earthbound / Mother 3)

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Think back to your school days. I'm sure you can remember that one obnoxious kid that you dreaded talking to. Pokey Minch (sometimes called Porky) is the embodiment of that kid. Ness has the unfortunate "blessing" of having Pokey as a neighbor, forcing him to interact with the annoying twerp on numerous occasions. To make matters worse, Pokey holds a grudge against Ness because his father supposedly loaned the family "hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Regardless of the reasoning, Pokey takes his disdain for Ness a bit too far. His wildly immature actions and scornful attitude lead him down a path of darkness. He appears as a cult member and fights alongside main antagonist Giygas. Pokey may escape the events of Earthbound, but he meets a rather poetic demise in Mother 3. He finds himself locked in an absolutely safe capsule, doomed to an eternity of solitude.

7 Devin Weston (Grand Theft Auto V)

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Jerks come in all shapes and sizes, but there is something downright dastardly about an individual who uses their power and financial influence to control things. Perhaps its the fact that these people could provide so much monetary assistance to the world, or solve practical problems that harm citizens. It might also be that we're simply jealous of their status. Regardless of the reason, rich d-bags like Devin Weston really get under our skin.

This billionaire turned bad guy has his hand in many sinister stews, owning a large chunk of San Andreas' businesses. He also pumps money into Merryweather Security, which acts as a private military that protects and promotes criminal activity. Put lightly, Devin Weston is scum. Thankfully, players are presented with a choice at the end of the GTA V storyline, and are given the opportunity to send Weston sinking in to a watery grave.

6 Dr. Albert Wily (Mega Man)

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Dr. Wily would make this list based purely on the fact that he's been such an arrogant world wrecker for so many years. Like Bowser, Dr. Wily has seen a huge "lifespan." It's unfortunate that we haven't seen a proper Mega Man title in quite some time, but that doesn't take away from what Dr. Wily did throughout the franchise.

From a detailed lore standpoint, Dr. Wily is a cruel villain. He may look like a typical mad scientist on the outside, but inside of him beats the heart of an uncaring maniac. Scorned by an ungrateful world, Dr. Wily turned towards retribution and revenge, programming a series of humanoid robots to take over the world. There is something rather sadistic about someone who programs partially sentient robots to live and die for a heinous cause. Akin to Bowser, Dr. Wily meets his comeuppance on numerous occasions.

5 Handsome Jack (Borderlands Series)

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Handsome Jack suffers from a deep-rooted sense of narcissism and egomania. The player is taught to immediately hate this annoyingly egotistical "leader" after discovering how he rose to power. In Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack is the undisputed ruler of Pandora, thanks to his amazing ability to take credit for things he hasn't done. Remember all the hard work you went through to open the vault and eliminate The Destroyer in the original Borderlands? Jack took credit for all of it.

Not only is he a glory stealing liar, he's a terrible person to boot. He lives in an H-shaped station and keeps an ever watchful eye over the player as they progress through the world. As if that wasn't already enough to warrant some serious hatred, you find out that Jack is a child enslaver, using his own daughter's Siren powers to achieve his twisted goals.

4 Ganondorf (Legend Of Zelda)

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Ganon is the epitome of a "never say die" attitude. This once prominent Gerudan King has been featured in almost every Legend of Zelda title, often kidnapping Princess Zelda. No matter how much Hyrule changes or how many years pass, Ganondorf (or Ganon in some instances) is always lurking in the shadows. As long as the remaining pieces of the Triforce are out there, Ganondorf will search for them.

He's not the most "elaborate" of villains. Ganondorf suffers from the classic "I want more" syndrome, that plagues a lot of power hungry jerks. Much like Bowser, Ganondorf's unhealthy obsession with a princess and his senseless need to rule a kingdom make him a quintessential d-bag. Thankfully, for each iteration of Ganondorf, there's an iteration of Link, and we all know how that battle ends.

3 Lance Vance (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

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It's hard to forget a name like Lance Vance. It's even harder to forget the iconic Lance Vance Dance. Vice City was a cesspool of drugs and kingpins, and Lance was no exception. Protagonist Tommy Vercetti forms a friendship with the eccentric cocaine smuggler, helping him enact some well-deserved revenge on Ricardo Diaz. For the most part, Lance is a pleasant fellow, but that quickly changes when he begins to feel under-appreciated.

Tommy isn't a complimentary guy. He reserves most of his praise for moments of extreme happiness and isn't afraid to berate someone for doing a poor job. Lance begins to grow frustrated over his hardened attitude and sells Tommy out to Sonny Forelli. Perhaps Tommy could have been a bit nicer, but selling out a friend is a dick move. Tommy had no choice but to shut the dance machine down.

2 Rival (Pokémon Red & Blue)

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When we first heard about Pokémon Red & Blue releasing stateside, we were excited to embark on a journey to "catch 'em all." We quickly popped the cartridge in, picked a name, and set out towards Professor Oak's lab. That's where we met him, and where our mission completely changed. The Professor's grandson (Blue, Gary, or whatever horrible name you decide to stick him with) is obnoxiousness personified. His cocky attitude and ungrateful attitude are too much to bear.

Forget collecting every Pokémon you can, your main objective is to absolutely obliterate this astonishingly annoying rival. He'll do his best to keep you from progressing, he'll purposely pick your starter's weakness, and he constantly puts you down. Defeating Blue and stealing the Pokémon Champion title from him is one of the sweetest moments in gaming history.

1 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

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The Final Fantasy universe is filled to the brim with D-bags. Each game features at least one benevolent jerk that obsesses with taking over the world or does something else supremely annoying. When you first meet Sephiroth he doesn't seem like a traditional villainous loser. He's got substance, style, and an interesting backstory. He seems like a well-rounded foe.

That is, until he goes full a**hat mode and murders an innocent flower salesman for the sake of "frustrating the main character." A lot of players instantly fell in love with Aerith, making it a thousand times more personal when Sephiroth decided to stick a sword through her back. There was nothing more satisfying than striking down this cold-hearted heathen.

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