15Sonic Joins the Fight - Super Smash Bros. Melee

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The Smash Bros. series feature a huge roster of unique characters and has become a marquee title for gatherings over the years. One thing the game doesn’t lack is choice and that’s been something that’s seen steady improvement over its lifespan. A bevy of popular characters are available for players

to pit against each other and while its current iteration has just about most of what fans wanted to see in a Smash Bros. game, one character who was missing from the fray for a while was Sonic. SEGA’s speedster was Mario’s ultimate rival back in the 90s, so why not pit the two together in a good old fighting game. At one point, people thought he’d been made available for Melee as the rumor first started to spread thanks to an April Fool’s joke in EGM Magazine. People were reluctant to let it go but eventually got their wish years later.

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