15 Video Game Ladies Who Revealed WAY Too Much

Video games offer players a wide variety of playable and non-playable characters. These characters may use weapons, such as guns and knives, using real life models for inspiration. Developers may create more realistic armor and clothing for the characters, to give players a more realistic experience. Other developers are willing to go in the opposite direction. Call of Duty: World at War portrayed military soldiers in a realistic light with uniforms and rifles, while Final Fantasy gives us young adults layering belts and using oversized swords.

Males in video games are often given more realistic clothing. Usually, it's the opposite for their female counterparts. In action games, it's reasonable that characters would want to wear more clothing to protect themselves in battle. Female characters are often wearing little while their physical defense stats low. Developers usually remedy this issue by making the females healers or magic users. By forcing female characters to the background for safety, they have an excuse to wear little clothing, since more powerful tank fighters can protect them in the front lines.

Ladies in video games who wear so little can become a big distraction. Coupled with jiggle physics, it might make gamers wonder if they're playing a video game or an interactive adult movie. Though game developers are free to create the characters they feel best to represent their games; sometimes their female characters leave little to the imagination. Check out our list on some ladies in video games who revealed too much.

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15 Samus (Metroid)

via: jstndawson.wordpress.com

When Metroid was first released on Nintendo consoles in the late 1980s, many gamers were unaware that Samus was a woman. Hours were spent as the space bounty hunter, taking down threats to the galaxy. Word soon spread that Samus could shed her armor with the infamous Justin Bailey password. You could then play through the game with Samus in the Varia suit, which was a magenta leotard with matching boots.

A leotard was the second highest amount of clothing Samus would wear in the game. Depending on how fast it took you to finish the game, the less armor Samus would wear in the ending. If you complete the game in an hour, you will receive the best ending, where Samus would only wear a bikini and boots. Nintendo must have known how impractical the outfit was because Samus could not be played in her bikini form.

14 Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)

via: dragonage.bioware.com

Morrigan is one of many magic users you will encounter in the Dragon Age series. In her Dragon Age: Origins debut, she is introduced as a Witch of the Wilds. After getting to know Morrigan, you'll learn that due to her sheltered upbringing, she cares little for humans. She cares little for the social norms that many city dwellers follow, which makes her stand out. Morrigan wears little clothing on her torso, but completely covers everything below her waistline.

Morrigan's clothing is questionable. She wears a black string bikini top with a dark purple cloth on top. Her torso mostly remains uncovered, which is opposite of her lower body. Does she cover her legs because she lives in the wild? BioWare almost covered her body entirely in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where she dons a ball gown instead of her Witch of the Wild Clothing.

13 Mai Shiranui (King Of Fighters)

Though Mai Shiranui is now well-known and often voted the most most attractive female in video games, she almost didn't make it into the Fatal Fury and the King of Fighter series. SNK wanted to develop a popular idol character, so Mai was born. She is a kunoichi, or female ninja, who wears little in battle. SNK gave a reason for her lack of clothing, as Kunoichi would try to seduce their male victims. Mai's main feature is how she will "bounce" to lessen the defenses of an opponent before striking. She also wears a thong and when she kicks, her buttocks is completely exposed. Mai's appeal actually had to be toned down from her original Japanese version. In her original form, her assets are more defined compared to her toned-down North American sprite.

12 Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

via: ar-0.deviantart.com

Jill Valentine was not only part of the U.S. Army's Delta Force but a member of Raccoon City Police Department's S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. In the first Resident Evil game, she wears a tactical uniform and a beret. In the third game, Nemesis, her outfit becomes more outlandish.

Though she has several unlockable outfits, Jill's main outfit bears more skin. She wears a blue tube top and a black mini-skirt. Her outfit makes little sense, other than to be eye candy to the Nemesis threat rampaging through the city. In a zombie apocalypse, wearing more clothing is usually suggested due to the deadly effects of a wound. After the wounds she received in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Jill can not be seen wearing more clothing to combat the bio-organic weapon threat.

11 Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)

via: ffxivpro.com

The characters of Final Fantasy VII wear clothing that is fitting for their job class. Cloud Strife wears the uniform of a soldier. Yuffie Kisaragi is a young, agile ninja wearing shorts. Tifa Lockheart is a brawler who fights with a powerful barrage of punches and kicks. However, her outfit doesn't match her job class. Though she can't help her womanly figure, she wears little clothing that aids her in battle, besides from her gloves and boots.

Every time Tifa strikes a punch, her tank top does little to hold back her chest. When she kicks at her foes, she is giving them an upskirt view each time. Her clothing choice is impractical and holds her back. Tifa is a fighter, but her clothing exposes her body each time she makes a move.

10 Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)

via: dead-or-alive.fr

Rachel is a Fiend Hunter trying to find her twin sister. Both women suffer from an affliction meant to make us feel closer to the characters, but it becomes obvious to players early on that she exists as eye candy rather than a competent comrade.

In Ninja Gaiden, she befriends Ryu and tries to help him. Though she's a swift fighter, her tight black leather clothing makes her more of a distraction. For a Hunter, she has few places to hold weapons and items on the clothing she does wear. She has to rely more on her physical ability, which doesn't always work out. In some instances, she is attacked by a monster, only to be covered by slime that only accentuates her revealing clothing. Team Ninja developed Rachel more for a steamy companion than a character to take seriously.

9 R. Mika (Street Fighter)

via: fightersgeneration.com

Rainbow "R." Mika is Street Fighter's only female wrestler. Many wrestlers wear little clothing, usually briefs and boots, in the ring. Mika is no different. She dons a skintight blue leotard with strategically placed heart-shaped holes in her chest and stomach. Wearing tight clothing may help with agility for physical acts, but Rika's clothing choice leaves little to the imagination.

When fighting against opponents, all of Mika's muscles are exposed. Some gamers find her vibrant personality entertaining, while others found her revealing outfit coupled with the game's jiggle physics offensive. R. Mika originally had a taunt move where she would slap her butt. Some gamers were so offended by the lewd taunt and her bare backside that Capcom removed the taunt from the game.

8 Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

via: Grasshopper Manufacture

Game Developer Suda51 is unapologetic about the crazy entertainment styles of his games. In Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet Starling is a bubbly cheerleader for the San Romero Knights. Even though she's in high school, she just turned 18, which gave permission to Suda51 to be more creative with her outfits. Juliet wears a tight fighting cheerleader's uniform. As she's hacking and slashing through zombie hordes, there's plenty of upskirts and a focus on her breasts where jiggle physics also come into play. Juliet's cheerleader uniform isn't the only outfit that's revealing. She also has alternate outfits that include a striped bikini, pink lycra body suit, and the most revealing of all, the seashell bikini.

7 Jack (Mass Effect)

via: comicvine.gamespot.com

Jack is your powerful bionic comrade in Mass Effect II and III. One of the first things you may notice about her is she is covered from head-to-toe in tattoos. She doesn't hide the artwork on her body from you. When you meet Jack in Mass Effect II, all she's wearing is a brown leather strap on her chest that hides her most private areas. On her lower half, she covers her legs and wears heavy boots. What's covering her legs is a flight suit, but it is rolled down, just so her upper body is showing. Jack is already a confusing character with a tragic past and her fashion designs make her even more baffling. Though Jack is revealing a large amount of skin, most of it is hidden behind the maze of her tattoos covering her entire body.

6 Felicia (Darkstalkers)

via: youtube.com (Darkstalkers)

Felicia is a playful cat woman in the fighting game series Darkstalkers. Though her bright blue hair may first catch your eye, you may notice that she's almost completely naked. She is part-feline, so most of her skin is still showing, with only strips of white fur as decoration. Felicia's white fur carefully covers her most private areas. These strips of fur only cover her in the front, as her butt is still exposed to her opponents. Luckily, most won't be able to stare at the beautiful cat woman before they face her exposed claws. Felicia's outfit style is common in the series. In Darkstalkers, characters are often dressed depending on the region they originate from. Felicia isn't the only one wearing little. Males also get the same treatment, such as the merman Rikuo who is completely exposed.

5 Shahdee (Prince Of Persia)

via: princeofpersia.wikia.comIn video games, it's common for evil female characters to wear little and tease the male protagonist. Often, these females will try to seduce the males to appear more powerful. In Prince of Persia, Shahdee is the servant to the Empress of Time. She is already in a weak position as a servant and wants to kill her Empress. Power is the most important to Shahdee and to prove her strength... she wears little clothing and shows off her female form. She may believe that she does not need armor because she won't be wounded in battle. Shahdee may not even be aware of her clothing choices because she's not even human, ass Shahdee is a sand monster in a humanoid shape. Regardless, when she fights, her womanly assets are still exposed for all to see.

4 Amazon (Dragon's Crown)

via polygon.com

Dragon's Crown received heat for its character designs before it was even released, as some gamers were upset at the unrealistic designs. Dragon's Crown Amazon was on the receiving end of those complaints. However, Amazon is no damsel-in-distress. Amazon is a brute force which relies on her A-rank physical strength to defeat hordes of monsters. She wears almost no clothing, except for a chainmail bikini and boots. When she moves, every exposed body part jiggles, which may be more distracting to both enemies and gamers. The game's developer Vanillaware claimed she wears little clothing to focus on her agility and strength, as she has to wear fewer clothing items to move swiftly in battle. Amazon may wear little clothing, but she makes up for it in her all-out-attack moves.

3 Ivy (Soul Calibur IV)

via: photos.imageevent.com

Ivy's clothing started out as a one-piece leotard in the Soul Calibur series. As the series progressed, Ivy's breast size increased while her clothing decreased. The ads for the fighting series often used Ivy as eye candy and the promotional images only focused on her revealing backside in only a thong. Soul Calibur III gave her a suit with transparent mesh  accents that exposed her stomach. In Soul Calibur IV, she was wearing almost nothing. Her clothing attire became a distracting mess of straps and gold buckles struggling to keep her outfit together. Some gamers claim it's Ivy's style and her personality to dress in skimpy clothing. Soul Calibur has always been a fighting game, yet Ivy's outfit in Soul Calibur IV was impractical for such a serious tournament.

2 Mileena (Mortal Kombat IX)

via: youtube.com

Mileena is part of a long line of female ninja-type playable characters in the Mortal Kombat series. The characters of Mortal Kombat have all evolved over the decades. Unlike her more reserved sister Kitana, Mileena is more villainous with razor sharp teeth. To make her seem more dangerous and threatening, she wears less clothing than her other ninja counterparts. In Mortal Kombat IX, she wears a purple leotard that barely hugs on to her body. Her clothing is so impractical that it looks painted on her body. Her outfit also almost exposes her entire backside. This outfit isn't the worst offender in Mortal Kombat IX. An alternate "Flesh Pit" outfit can be obtained, which puts Mileena in just a few bandages that barely cover her body. It makes one wonder why the developer, NetherRealm Studios, gave her any clothing at all.

1 Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

via: ppe.pl

Quiet is the female sniper stripped of her voice in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Her primary role is as a sniper. Though she is usually hidden in the shadows, she stands out because of her lack of clothing. She only wears a black string bikini, ripped pantyhose, and boots. Quiet exposed most of her body, especially during scenes where she was drenched while dancing in the rain or soaked in blood. The creator of the series, Hideo Kojima, had a reason for Quiet's exposed body, as she can breathe through her skin. As a plant, she can take in nutrients through the process of photosynthesis. Just by exposing her skin to sunlight, she can stalk her next target for years without moving. Many female characters wear next to nothing to thrill players, but Kojima gave a reasonable reason for Quiet's clothing decision.

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