15Model It After "Hawaii Five-O"

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was modeled after the TV show Miami Vice, so it only makes sense that the game's sequel is also modeled after a classic crime drama. There's no better choice than Hawaii Five-O, which not only aired in the 1970s but has a modern reboot currently on

the air. The modern reboot offers familiarity to some players while references to the old version can please another set of players. I'm not sure how many players in 2002 picked up on the Miami Vice references when the game first came out.

Hawaii Five-O as a model would also make it easy for Rockstar to continue many elements of Vice City that made the game the beloved member of the franchise it is. Both are tropical locations, so NPCs in bikinis is a must. Tommy Vercetti's hallmark aloha shirt fits right in. Vercetti could also hunt for chances to get "lei'd." There are many directions Rockstar can take the sequel so it's as heavily themed as Vice City.

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