15Start By Picking a Single Champion

I captured this screenshot myself while playing the game

Like any game that gives a choice of Class, Race or speciality, picking one and mastering it is the way to go. Every match you play with a champion is another 30 minutes or so you are training with them, learning their skills, cooldowns, damage and speed, along with some

good item builds to go along with both their statistics and your playstyle. The best way to start off with this is in practice mode as there won’t be any other players shouting you down for trying out new things.

With over 130 champions on offer it can seem like a huge number, but can be narrowed down for the style of play you have. If you wanting to be an AD Carry that number jumps down to the 20s, Jungle champions around the 40s. It is all well and good choosing a champion that is cool, but plenty of the champions on offer either never got buffed or simple don’t fit the current Meta.

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