17 Lord Of The Rings Cosplays Gandalf Would Tweak His Beard At

In the realm of fantasy, there can be no doubt that Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings series is truly one to rule them all. For more than sixty years the world of Middle Earth has charmed and delighted readers, and it continues to transport fans into a realm like no other. When we read these books or watch the films, we're lost in a world of exquisite characters and places. Men, elves, dwarfs, hobbits, ents, and orcs surround us as we follow the fellowship on their journey to rid their world of evil. It's a world of magical beings, wondrous landscapes, and a deeply seeded mythological history.

Today we're going to visit that world again and meet some of the characters in a freshly made rendition. We're going to be visiting the realm where Middle Earth meets the most gorgeous and creative cosplay. With all the characters and peoples that Tolkien ever created, fans of the series have a multitude of options to bring to life in their own ways. There will be nimble and beautiful elves, strong and sagacious women, and of course some of the small and simple hobbits.

These 17 Lord Of The Rings cosplays of characters and inspirations are some of the most tantalizing, most creative, and most gorgeous creations the internet has to offer. These artists are all brilliant cosplayers and beautiful photo models. Join us in viewing a handful of these wonderful Middle Earthern cosplays.

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17 The Dark Lady Sauron

via deviantart.com (federkiel)

One of Sauron's many powers has been to assume the shape of fair beings in order to gain the trust of men and elves. He used this ability both to destroy the kingdom of Numenor and to trick the elves of Eriador into teaching him the secrets of the greater magical rings. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to assume any other form than the giant red eye we know him as after the one ring was cut from his finger. If he could still take a beautiful form though, something like this probably wouldn't be too outside of his tastes.

The costume is perfectly represented with Sauron's choice colors of black and red.

Even the hair and makeup here are fully emblazoned with the dark lord's standards. The way she's holding the ring in her jet black gloves, just gazing at it lustfully, just really fits the sinister greed a corrupted Maiar spirit might embody with such a powerful object.

Photo by federkiel

16 The Shield Maiden Of Rohan

via deviantart.com (alvi)

Eowyn is the niece of King Theoden of Rohan. As a member of the royal family, she was cherished by everyone around her and lived a privileged life in Rohan society. By the time we meet her in The Two Towers, Eowyn's home is under threat and she is more alone than she's ever been. The men in her life have all either died from fighting or have left her to fight themselves.

She can't stand the people she loves ending while she does nothing, and so by The Return Of The King, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The great thing about this picture is how wistfully the model looks staring into the distance, just as we've seen Eowyn doing in the films. Her costume is gorgeous as well, with the embroidery down the gown of her dress adding a nice touch. Just looking at her this way makes you think it really is the Rohan shield maiden contemplating the dim future of her beloved home.

Photo by Alvi

15 Sting!

via flickr.com

It's the sword that Frodo and Bilbo carried during their adventures in the hands of an unfamiliar but not unwelcome face. All we know about the sword was that it was made by the elves during the goblin wars. Bilbo found it in the cave that his troll captors used as a home base.

How the trolls came across the sword is a mystery though as Gandalf himself said it was probably stolen.

There isn't any real Lord Of The Rings character being portrayed here, but the infamous sword is enough to earn a spot on this list. That, and the model is gorgeous enough herself in this costume to be an admired cosplayer. Any one of Sam's daughters who might have inherited this sword could easily embody this character.

Photo by MDArts.

14 Arwen In Winter

via deviantart.com (veiltale)

She was the daughter of Elrond, the love of Aragorn, and in the end became the Queen of Gondor. Arwen was only one of two elvish women we know of to forsake the traditions of her people to marry a mortal man.

Her life with Aragorn was joyful while it lasted, but due to her immortality, she was destined to live countless ages alone after his end.

What makes this cosplay so exquisite is how unique it is compared to any other Arwen costume we could find. We've all seen her in the autumn colors she's best known for, but never have we seen her embody the winter like this before now. The dress she wears as well as the snow surrounding her really makes this photo a special look at a character like we've never seen her before. This is what makes cosplay such a delight for fans of fantasy.

Photo by veiltale.

13 Galadriel, Lady Of Lorien

via deviantart.com (avi17)

Before the land of Middle Earth was settled, before the sun and moon were even created, Galadriel lived among the firstborn elves of the world. By the time of The Lord Of The Rings, she had become one of the oldest creatures still alive on the earth. She is a wise and powerful being, a keeper of one of the three great rings given to the elves, and a dedicated worker in preserving the beauty of the world from the effects of time.

The long and flowing white dress in this picture is as dazzling as seen in any of the films.

It looks as bright and clear as the stars, which as an elven lady Galadriel has a special relationship with. On her finger, you'll notice a flash of light representing the ring that she carries. A well designed and well-attributed costume for the lady of Lorien.

Photo by avi17

12 In Anticipation Of The Meeting

via deviantart.com (reine-haru)

While being a little heavy on battle scenes and hammy dialogue, The Hobbit trilogy did an incredible job of introducing the world to the wondrous Elvish lineage that preceded Legolas. Played by actor Lee Pace, Elf King Thranduil left an incredible mark on audiences all over the world.

Elf King Thranduil's lovely consort and wife Ellerian is poised for a meeting with her husband in the Silmarillion.

This amazing cosplay by Reine Haru really shows off the detail that goes into Elvish custom and clothing. She doesn't look very cold, but we're sure that fluffy fur coat is doing its job as the wind picks up in the distance.

Cosplay by Reine Haru.

11 One Ring To Rule Them All

via deviantart.com (alizena)

The One Ring to rule them all, found by the most unlikely creature imaginable, Bilbo Baggins of the Shire. No one was more surprised than Bilbo himself to find the ring in Gollums cave, and of all the people to have used it, there was probably no one luckier. The ring extended his life well beyond its natural end, and it also helped him out of more than a few tight spots. It did bring some trouble down on him in the end, but for the most part, he lived his life quite comfortably once he'd made it there and back again.

The costume in this picture is one hundred percent authentic to the films.

The hair is styled quite authentically as well. The look in her eyes while the rings twirls above her is deeply moving. It's like she's literally transfixed by this immensely powerful piece of jewelry.

Cosplay by Alizena.

10 Princess Tauriel Of Mirkwood

via deviantart.com (EstelaVampyra)

This Elvish maiden debuted in the Hobbit film series. As the daughter of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood, she is both an Elvish princess and deadly warrior. She's best known for her unusual love for the dwarf Kili, which made her an outcast among her fellow Mirkwood elves. Her character became an important part of the films later on as she saved Kili from poisoning and fought with the dwarves during the Battle of the Five Armies.

The scene we have here looks like any typical day for an elf maiden of Mirkwood.

As long as the orcs and spiders are at bay, she has time to lay down and simply commune peacefully with nature; hunting. Her weapons are always at her side as she runs happily under the trees of her homeland. All elves have a deep seeded love for the forests, giving us no better place for a shot like this.

Photo by EstelaVampyra.

9 The Haradrim Have Come

via pinterest.com

During Sauron's reign of terror, many other people gathered to serve the lord of Mordor besides orcs. One such group were the Haradrim,  also known as Southerlings or men of the of the south. The men of the desert kingdom Harad had long been enemies of the free men of Gondor and were easily persuaded to fight against them during the war of the ring. They are most feared for their skills with the bow and their use of Oliphaunts during battle.

This costume serves perfectly as a faithful rendition of the Haradrim archers.

You can see these vicious warriors in action if you look closely at the battle of pellinor fields in The Return Of The King. Riding on the backs of the oliphants, they will rain deadly poison-tipped arrows down on any enemy that hasn't already been crushed. They may not be friendly, but they are definitely exquisite warriors worthy of our attention. This cosplay, while amazing, unfortunately turned up no names.

8 Arwen, Autumn Of The Elves

via deviantart.com (ver1sa)

During the time of the Lord Of The Rings, the elves of Middle Earth were living out their last days. The end of the elves time on earth was coming and many of them were fleeing the war for the Grey Havens to sail to the undying lands. The third age was coming to a close and the dominion of men was just beginning. Arwen would not be leaving with her fellow elves though, she would remain as one of the last of them, married to King Aragorn and living long ages past his end.

The colors of autumn seen on Arwen's dress represent the decline of the elves at the end of the third age.

This costume was designed by Weta special effects studios specifically for the films in light of the elves' waning time on earth and is represented here perfectly. Arwen is also said to represent the evening moonlight for the elvish people which perfectly suits the model in this photo.

Photo by ver1sa

7 Gandalf's Wild Side

via instagram.com (Tjitske Van Vark)

The Gray Pilgrim, Mithrandir, Gandalf The Grey, all names of the Maiar sprite we know as the wizard Gandalf. Very, very little do we ever see Gandalph letting go and showing what it is about life that he enjoys. We did see a little bit of his fun side at the beginning of the Fellowship Of The Rings during Bilbo's birthday party, but from then on he's back to the straight-faced and serious wizard we know.

Now, seeing the gray-bearded traveler in fishnets and high heels definitely provokes a reaction of some kind. The fact that the costume is good enough to be recognized as Gandalph just makes the whole seen better. No word yet on whether Tolkien ever envisioned a scene like this, but it's nice to see Gandalph relaxed for once regardless.

Photo by Daily Dot.

6 Lady Galadriel Meets The Sea

via deviantart.com (elenasamko)

Unlike Arwen, Galadriel did make her way to the Gray Havens after the war was over. She left Middle Earth along with Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf and Elrond at the end of The Return Of The King. It was a bittersweet parting for the immortal elf queen. On one hand, she was returning to the land where everything lasts indefinitely. On the other, she was leaving behind everything she had once loved and protected on Middle Earth.

This photo shows Galadriel in a really somber moment of her time on earth. Just seeing her by the sea conveys a meaning fans of the series will understand immediately. The costume is beautiful but just the way she carries herself in this photo speaks a multitude of words on its own.

Photo by elenasamko

5 Sauron The Great And Terrible

via alef-art.tumblr.com

Sauron may have taken on a fair form when it suited him, but that doesn't mean he lost any of his power. As a Maiar spirit, he is literally one of the most powerful beings left in Middle Earth after the end of the first age. The very elements of the earth are under his command whenever he needs them.

As one might expect from the self-proclaimed dark lord of the earth, fire is one of his most favored servants.

This cosplay definitely benefits from the digital fire effects we see here. Everything about the outfit plays perfectly into an image characterizing a fire-wielding sorcerer. Sadly we've never seen Sauron in action like this outside the realm of fan-made content. If such a thing were to ever exist, something like this wouldn't miss the mark.

Photo by alef-art

4 Elvish Power Couples

via deviantart.com (Alvi)

Tolkien's famed Silmarillion and other unfinished stories do not enjoy as much common renown as their trilogy counterparts, which is truly a shame. However, with the release of the new The Hobbit trilogy, much has been pulled from the Annexes and short stories to lend better context to the movies.

Feanor and Nerdanel's love is a large part of the Silmarillion, marrying the power of wisdom with the great passion of a fire spirit.

We see cosplay artist Avil once again, and the detail she has placed in her costumes and settings is truly incredible. The love story is alive once again.

Cosplay by Alvi.

3 Tauriel Battle Ready

via instagram.com (@AngelaBermudez)

As mentioned above, Tauriel is not a princess that lives in luxury, she's a warrior. The realm of Mirkwood is a dangerous place to live. There are all manner of dark and deadly beasts lurking in the shadows under the trees there. Giant spiders dwell there, orcs patrol close by in the mountains, and even Sauron himself dwelt there for a time.

Long story short, it pays to be an Elf who can certainly defend herself.

The twin daggers here really embellish the fighting side of this particular elf maiden. You can see clearly that she may be beautiful but she is not to be trifled with. There's a reason she made it as far as the battle of five armies. If you come between Tauriel and anyone she loves, you should know you're in for a fight.

Cosplay by Angela Bermudez.

2 The Wood Elves Of Eriador

via deviantart.com (vanessaadularia)

Mirkwood isn't the only place in Middle Earth where you'll find beautiful elf maidens. The wood elves of Eriador are a rarely seen group by the Lord Of The Rings times. They live close by the hobbits of the shire and even enjoy watching the little folk secretly just for the pleasure of it. Frodo and his friends were even lucky enough to meet a group of these creatures in the novel just as they left the shire.

What makes this photo stand out is simply the quality of detail gone into presenting us with a true elvish maiden.

The leafy sapling around her forehead adds a nice touch and reminds us of what a true wood elf might adorn herself with. Her pose beside the tree shows how dedicated she is to presenting her character in her natural element.

Cosplay by VanessaAdularia, who loved Tolkien's work so much she created this cosplay in its honor.

1 Arwen, The Evenstar Waning

via deviantart.com (mitsuyomi)

Arwen Undomiel could feel herself fading away as the war of the ring proceeded. She had bound her immortality into her love for Aragorn, and the farther he journeyed the less she could feel her own life force.

Not only do the colors of her dress represent the autumn and the last days of her people, they also represent her own experience of the end.

Looking at her here, you can see all of the emotion welled up inside of her. While nearly everyone she knew and cared about was risking their lives to fight against Sauron, there was nothing she could do but lay and wait. Only when the war was over would she be reunited with Aragorn, and become the immortal elf queen of Gondor.

Photo by mitsuyomi

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