20 Awful Call Of Duty: WW2 Items Everyone Uses...Even Though They Have The Worst Stats

We’ve all done it. Grabbed the flamethrower because, well honestly, who doesn’t want to walk up and down the map making enemies tremble at the mercy of your flames? Basically, we have all chosen different weapons for reasons other than their stats. They looked cool or made us feel like a boss, and to a certain extent that is perfectly fine. Some people even seek out weak guns to show how amazing they are and to make an example out of unsuspecting players. However, there is still something to be said for people who go for substance instead of flash, and we are all guilty of being a little superficial about the weapons we wield.

Bazookas, Tommy Guns, and Machine Pistols all sound like viable options to use in battle, but players have to look beyond the names to discover if these items are the real deal. If you are in the middle of an ambush, what do you want? The gun that looks pretty or the one that will give you a fighting chance? Sometimes, the most underrated gun no one uses will allow you to take over a game. It is time to step away from the comfort zone and discover some new toys within Call of Duty: WWII, but in order to do that you have to be okay with giving up the favorites that everyone hyped up. Let us help you out, here are the 20 items everyone uses, even though their stats are awful.


20 Iconic But Not Useful

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What is more iconic than a bazooka? War movies show hardended soliders and fighters pulling this thing out to cause mayhem. Once this thing shows up, everyone knows the fight is over and the other side will be left begging for mercy. Most people enjoy using the Bazooka in COD: WWII because of its iconic status, and it’s supposed huge hit against enemies. It is a rocket launcher, so that is more than a fair assumption for this weapon. However, there is so much lead time required for players to effectively use this weapon that it defeats its purpose. If players are a few seconds off than the accuracy will suffer. Also, because it is rocket launcher and only packs one rocket, a miss wastes precious ammo.

19 Power Without Kills…Huh?

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Okay, so what is more impressive than mowing down the enemy team with a huge rocket launcher? Taking over the game with a mere pistol. The pistols in COD: WWII have been hyped for their power and seemingly high damage rates, a must-have for a solid secondary weapon. However, the M1911 is not all it is cracked up to be. The M1911 is a semi-automatic pistol that has been praised for its potency. However, its cons keep this pistol from being a driving force in getting kills. It has a slow rate of fire, very high recoil, and a limited magazine. Range is definitely an issue with this one, so unless players can get really up close this weapon is useless for players.

18 Skip This Fan-Favorite…Sigh

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As stated in the introduction, flamethrowers normally rock. There is something sinister about seeing a soldier walking through a map just incinerating the competition. They are a unique type of weapon that does not need ammo, and should reach far to take care of enemies. Flamethrowers are heavily desired in any game, but unfortunately, this one deserves a skip in COD: WWII. There are to main problems with the flamethrower here. It does take awhile to reheat after using it a few times, something that will leave gamers vulnerable in the wrong spot. Also, you have to be in a bit of close range to really make a difference. If an enemy if not directly in the line of fire (pun intended), then you will get taken out way before they do.

17 Give The “Tommy Gun” A Rest

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When you think of 1940’s gangsters and mobsters who ruled the world, what gun comes to mind? That good ol’ Tommy Gun also known as the M1928. It is known for that circular magazine that catches the light as it rotates from left to right mowing the enemy down. It is totally understandable that people are enamored with this gun. It looks and sounds incredibly cool, but again that is not what this is about. Players need weapons that will deal the most about of damage in the least amount of time. As a result, the M1928 might not be the best gun to take into multiplayer. It takes too long to take out enemies with this one because the accuracy is questionable, and as a result, the damage will considerably lack.

16 The Frag is Too Unpredictable

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The Mk2 Frag grenade is a staple in COD, it is probably the most popular grenade used in COD games. In COD: WWII the grenade is meant to kill targets with a burst of flying shrapnel from the detonated grenade. It is supposed to have a large blast radius to create a punishing effect on anyone who is near. Sounds impressive, and capable of full-on destruction, but do these grenades really accomplish all they need to? In order to get the maximum usage out of frag grenades gamers can let it cook for a few seconds after detonating it, but for how long? What is the magic number to get the most bang for the buck? It would seem that a grenade that releases a far-reaching substance would be more impactful.

15 These Troopers Can Stay Home

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So, there has been a lot of discussion about the most expensive scorestreak in the game so far, the Paratroopers. The scorestreak allows a small number of troopers to come in by parachute and provide some extra help for the player and their team. Extra soldiers should mean a lot of extra kills, but this is not necessarily the outcome for this score streak. Quite a few YouTubers have demoed this scorestreak, and it only averages around three to six kills a game. Considering how much it takes to get this streak, it does not seem worth the investment. With punishing streaks like the Fighter Pilot or Carpet Bomb, paratroopers seems like it should be right about the Molotov cocktail as far as cost.

14 The Slowest Plane Of All Time

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If there is one thing that should be a given about elements of COD: WWII or any COD game, slow is not a good thing. While COD: WWII does require players to take their time to be effective, weapons should not decrease in speed. This leaves more room for players to eat dirt. But since these weapons are based in a time with less technological advances, it would make sense that some things would move a little bit slower. The Recon Aircrafts are good, but they have one major flaw, they move incredibly slow. So slow in fact that a launcher or even a smaller assault rifle can easily take them out. They are just too sensitive and are basically a sitting duck. This one could be a waste if easily shot down.


13 Can’t Kill Enemies If You Don’t Have Ammo

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This is a perfect example of an overhyped gun that is not all it is cracked up to be. The SVT-40 is hyped to be a prestige gun, but its performance is very average. It is a rifle that can kill the enemy in two to three bullets, but that is if the aim is just right and you have the time to actually get a shot off. This gun has an incredibly low fire rate and low capacity for bullets. The magazine does not hold a lot of ammo, so every shot has to count. The recoil is terrible which threatens accuracy, and gamers will have to go through a lot of bullets to get a kill. The SVT-40 will not get gamers the kills they seek.

12 Ditch The Machine Pistol

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Hyped and marketed as a hand cannon to end all hand cannons, the Machine Pistol is a straight disappointment. Gamers need dependable secondary weapons to compliment a powerful primary, and this pistol will not get the job done. Its name alone makes players want to use this thing, but it is not effective. Shots are going to go everywhere but the target because of the powerful recoil, and it will take more than a few shots to really take enemies down. Also, the range of this thing is abysmal. Pistols are not supposed to have a huge range, but the other pistols in this class do a better job of reaching a little further. Unfortunately, this thing is not the hand cannon gamers are seeking.

11 Players Can Avoid S-Mines With One Trick

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The weapons of war are multidimensional, requiring players to keep watch of multiple ways they can fall victim to their surroundings. One way to catch someone off guard is by setting up a mind to wreck their world they moment they walk into it. The S Mine-44 is normally a surefire way to take someone out, but there are actually too many tricks for enemies to avoid this. One is that all enemies have to do is simply go prone to avoid the bomb’s acceleration upward. As a result, players have easily wasted a bomb on someone. They can also be detonated from a few meters away by the owner, but if they wait a second to late or early, the bomb is again wasted.

10 A Glitch Makes Smoke Grenades Useless

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How many times have you been making your way through the map, and someone decided to mess up the fun with a smoke grenade. Your path to the next target is ruined, or is it? There is a glitch in COD: WWII that players can exploit to make smoke grenades not as powerful as they were intended to be. Smoke grenades are supposed to obscure the vision of enemies, but many have discovered a glitch that reveals player’s Gamertags through the smoke. All players have to do is stay calm, crouch, and take a look around for any enemy Gamertags. This kind of makes the smoke grenade not as powerful as it once was, so bypass on using this one and take a look at something to really disorient the enemy.

9 Are Care Packages Really That Helpful?

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Care packages are supposedly great right? They drop from the sky to bring help in the form of resources that players really need. What could be wrong with that? The problem with Care Packages is that players have to get to them. They may be in close proximity, but you still have to risk your position to make it to them. Also, there is no telling what is inside them since the content is randomized, therefore the usage and journey to a care package may not even be worth it. Care packages make players stick out like a sore thumb, because the second an enemy sees one dropping they know someone is going towards that way or coming from it. So, this might do more harm than good.

8 These In-Game Menus Are Misleading

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The M1A1 Carbine is supposed to be a high range and accurate semi-automatic rifle that deals damage, but it is actually one of most unpredictable guns. Bullets are going to fly everywhere with this thing because the recoil significantly screws up the accuracy. To make matters worse the damage is just not there for players to feel like this is a gun they should put into their rotation. It is basically the opposite of all of its stats. Also, many gamers are also not too keen on this gun in the beta, and the feeling seems to have also stretched to the finished game. There are other semi-automatic rifles that can get the job done, so do not waste your time on this one.

7 Slide On The Glide Bomb

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Okay, so unlike some of the other Killstreaks on this list, the Glide Bomb is not all bad. It will deliver some kills if gamers know where the most players are located. However, compared to some of the other effective scorestreaks, this one does not seem like one that players should have in a frequent rotation. The Glide Bomb is an average scorestreak that does not pack as much of a punch as it should. Players can normally just get three to four kills with this thing, and if the enemy decides to move out of range it could be even less. The Glide Bomb moves so fast that it is hard to really see where the largest concentration of enemies are located, so give something with a little more certainty a try.

6 Too Much Time And Not Enough Damage

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The Lewis Gun looks absolutely cool. It looks like a steel contraption meant for absolute annihilation. It looks like a cross between an old school rifle and Steampunk dream. However, this is another one with more look than actual substance. The Lewis Gun is a light machine gun that takes too long to take down enemies at normally five to six shots, which is way too much time. This gun will leave players frustrated and wondering if there are other alternatives that are much better. So, do yourself a favor. Do not get caught up in the gun’s mystical and awesome look. Grab something that looks average that will blow everyone away, literally and figuratively. You cannot have your cake and eat it to, right?

5 This Rocket Launcher Is All Over The Place

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We are so sorry to dampen your rocket launcher dreams. You were probably a bit disappointed to see the Bazooka on the list, and had hope that the Panzerschreck could escape criticism. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and we have to go in on this one too. The Panzerschreck is a rocket launcher that can be effective in close to mid-range, but if players are further away the rocket can go everywhere. If you are right in front of any enemy and are on your toes, you can destroy them with this thing. That is not a dispute, but it is not the best for what it should be used for. This weapon requires too much lead on it to be effective. We are sorry for the bad news.

4 This Plane Is Too Fast

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Again, this is a scorestreak that is not bad. It is entirely capable of getting you a few kills that might put you over the top in a close multiplayer situation. However, the Fighter Pilot will probably not accomplish the type of damage that is expected. This scorestreak seems like it would be a gamechanger with the number of ammo players can get off. However, the streak moves too fast, and the visibility is too blurry to be able to pinpoint enemies to go in on. It is basically like aiming a couple of machine guns at enemies on the ground. Someone would have to use this a lot to master it, and there are other scorestreaks you can immediately jump on that would deal more damage.

3 Emergency Airdrop – Triple The Trouble

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Okay, so you just got an Emergency Airdrop, and you are making your way to your new loot. You raid the first and second packages and head over to the last. All in all, this has only taken a few seconds, but as we know, halves of seconds are precious in COD games. You make it to that third airdrop, and an enemy correctly assumed you would be there. Well, that’s game over for you huh? Again, much like the care package, there are three packages dropped, and even though they fall near the player, players still have to get there. Others have seen you have these air drops and will likely come to try and get to you. They might be useful in the short run, but they make you stand out like a sore thumb.

2 Pass On This Cocktail

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Everyone likes a little cocktail every once and awhile. In COD: WWII, the flavor of choice is Molotov, and it is slated to go down with a little bit of a burn. The Molotov Cocktail is used by a lot of players because of its blended explosive and fire-catching ability, but it looks like it is only good for one kill. Much like the flamethrower, enemies have to be right at the site of impact to be killed by it. Many players have thrown this thing like a grenade, but doing that will not get very far as this is something that has to be thrown right on or next to an enemy. There is not much room for error, and getting it just right takes too much time.

1 What’s The Purpose Of COD Again?

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Let’s start this entry out with a fundamental but simple question about COD: WWII, and the COD series as a whole, what is the ultimate object of the game? What is your purpose for each multiplayer stage and even the story mode? We can go through a lot of different answers, but at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to eliminate as many people as possible. That is what COD is all about, and will ever be about. Therefore, scorestreaks that are only yielding three to four kills have to go. The Mortar Strike has a few tradeoffs players need to pay attention to. It is a precision strike on a particular location. In most videos players were only getting two or three kills unless someone they are up close to a group. So not worth it.


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