20 Crazy Console Games Currently In Development (And 10 Possibilities)

A lot of amazing console games are going to make their way to stores soon. Here are 20 to look forward to and 10 that might be more than rumors!

The year started off with a bang thanks to Monster Hunter World, which was continued with Far Cry 5, and ended by and large with God of War. In-between these big releases we had some phenomenal indie games too. For the most part, though, it's been pretty dry all summer. Thankfully that lull is over. Fall is finally here and with it a deluge of AAA titles from hardcore RPGs like Dragon Quest XI to thrilling high octane shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It's going to be an amazing four months jam-packed with some of 2018's biggest titles. This is the case every fall. If only I had a Time Turner like Hermione. Anyway if you need some help with what's to come, I wrote up a handy little list of the fifteen games I'm sure are going to be hits along with early entries next year like Resident Evil 2's remake.

But wait, what about further down the pipeline? Tristan, what can I drool over in the far future? Well, dear reader, I have your back there too because that's what this list is all about. Just to clarify, if that title wasn't descriptive enough for you. I'll run down twenty games we know for sure are in development, but also have very little information on. These are games that may take years to actually come out. Then, as icing on the cake, I dug up some rumors too just for fun. Okay, enjoy!

30 Currently In Development: Square Enix's The Avengers


I know I already have a lot of Square Enix games in here, but they have a lot of announced titles in the pipeline. It's not my fault. Anyway back in January 2017, they announced a partnership with Marvel for a few projects. The first of which was a game based on The Avengers. There was a CG teaser trailer showcasing the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, but that was it. Again, I expected it at this year's E3, but was sadly wrong. We got The Quiet Man instead...

29 Currently In Development: The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls Online

There was an even bigger game that Todd Howard teased at Bethesda's E3 press conference. That would be the project after Starfield aka The Elder Scrolls VI. If my theory is right and Starfield is a 2020 game then we'll be lucky to get this one by 2023. They take their sweet time with development, which is fine by me. As buggy as Bethesda's RPGs are at launch, no one can deny their overall quality. At the very least they are extremely popular.

28 Rumored: Bloodborne 2


On the continued subject of E3, there was a game I was crossing my fingers to see: Bloodborne 2. Instead From Software unveiled Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which also looks amazing. Still, I wanted to see the return of the Hunters.

Of all the “Souls” type games, Bloodborne was my favorite. Seeing as how Sony owns that IP it stands to reason that they could make it themselves without the help of From Software. Look for it at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

27 Currently In Development: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Android Central

Another game I couldn't believe was missing from E3 was the remake of Final Fantasy VII. How awesome would it have been to see it and Resident Evil 2's remake premiere onstage back to back during Sony's conference? It would have been a nostalgia play for sure, but personally, it would have worked on me. So far we've received two trailers, one teaser, and one detailing the action combat. This was in 2015. Since then nothing but vague details and delays have popped up from Square Enix. Will this ever come to fruition?

26 Currently In Development: Shin Megami Tensei V

Device Daily

To those that follow Persona, they may know about its parent series: Shin Megami Tensei. Even though the series has existed since the 80s, technically, there have only been four entries so far. So when one comes out it's a huge deal. The fourth game launched in 2013 for the 3DS and SMT V was teased during Nintendo's big Switch reveal in 2017. Nothing has come up since. If you look back at the series' history prior to this development seems to cycle on ten years more or less. So maybe we'll get in 2023?

25 Rumored: Final Fantasy XVI

PC World

Besides the remake for Final Fantasy VII, there's a bigger question on the minds of diehard fans. When are we going to see news on Final Fantasy XVI? Even though they haven't teased anything I'm one hundred percent confident of its existence.

Everyone is hoping for a return to form ala Final Fantasy IX.

Remember that engine trailer they showed off in 2012 called Agni's Philosophy? What ever happened to that? My guess is some form of its "story" will envelop this new game. They can't keep making DLC for Final Fantasy XV.

24 Currently In Development: Metroid Prime 4


By now you can see a pattern with a lot of these games under development. That is to say, most of these entries have very vague details shared with the public. Take Metroid Prime 4 for instance. We've seen a logo and that's it. Nintendo won't even admit who is developing the game. Rumors say that Bandai Namco Singapore is helping out, which is crazy considering the team is made up of people who worked on the canceled Star Wars 1313 project. Could this be the Uncharted of Metroid games?

23 Currently In Development: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


Speaking of Star Wars and going back yet again to E3, boy, was that teaser for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lackluster. The director, Vince Zampella, said it was going to take place between Episode III and Episode IV and would be out in the fall of 2019. We didn't even get a frickin logo, which is something I shouldn't be upset about, but here we are. If the game is just over a year away, shouldn't there be something to show us? Maybe it's being saved for the Game Awards in December.

22 Rumored: Crash Bandicoot Reboot


Prior to E3 2016, rumors were floating around about a possible revival for Crash Bandicoot under Sony's wing. Finally, something emerged at that show via the remake trilogy. And yet people are still not convinced that that was it.

Crash is going after that "plumber boy" once again.

I mean, come on. It sold way above expectations so it would be silly for Activision and Sony not to make a proper sequel. I'm convinced it's real and it will be a launch PS5 game.

21 Currently In Development: Pokémon Switch

Pokemon GO Hub

When Let's GO Pikachu and Let's GO Eevee were announced, my heart sank a little. This was the big Switch Pokémon game Nintendo teased at E3 2017? Thankfully, this is just filler as they clarified that that game is bigger in scope, which has my head racing. I've been waiting decades for a proper console game in the series that mirrors the portable games, but on a bigger scale. My wish is a world on the scale of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but that may be too bold.

20 Currently In Development: Death Stranding


We've technically seen a lot of Death Stranding since it's debut at E3 2016. That would be three trailers overall and yet I still have no idea what this game is. This past E3 was the first time we saw gameplay, which seems to indicate this is a post-apocalyptic world, or perhaps an alien one, wherein you're a delivery boy? I sure hope it's more than the UPS meets Dark Souls. Knowing Hideo Kojima, I'm sure he has some big reveals coming soon.

19 Rumored: Metal Gear Solid VI

The Verge

On the subject of Hideo Kojima, let's talk about Konami and Metal Gear Solid. No one expected more games in the franchise post-breakup with The Phantom Pain, but Konami has been busy.

They put out Metal Gear Survive, added Snake in Super Bomberman R, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with David Hayter returning to do his voice. They've also reiterated their commitment with the franchise. I guarantee a new game is being worked on be it a remake, port, or Metal Gear Solid VI.

18 Currently In Development: The Quiet Man


The Quiet Man has me intrigued in the same way a new Nicolas Cage movie has me curious. That is to say, I'm in it for the train wreck. We first saw a teaser for this via Square Enix's E3 2018 presentation with a live-action scene then converting into gameplay. It looks like a cheesy FMV game spliced with one of their older titles: The Bouncer. I think we all know it's going to be bad, but again, some people love a good fire.

17 Currently In Development: Left Alive


Another mysterious Square Enix game that's been dormant for about a year now is Left Alive. Do you remember this one? It was teased during Sony's Tokyo Game Show presentation last year. It seems to take place in the same universe as their tactical mech series, Front Mission, and features survival elements. We've seen virtually nothing since so I think it's a good bet we will get some real footage for it at this year's Tokyo Game Show. If not, they messed up.

16 Rumored: BioShock 4


Last year was BioShock’s tenth anniversary, which was a huge milestone. They put out a wonderful collection, which was fun to play around with, but I’m waiting for the next big thing.

BioShock Infinite launched in 2013. According to a leak 2K has hired a San Francisco company to work on a sequel dubbed Parkside. Jason Schreier reported this over at Kotaku. If you follow his stories then you know when he reports on something, nine times out of ten, the rumors turn out to be true.

15 Currently In Development: Starfield


The fabled space RPG from Bethesda was rumored for at least two E3s. Finally, it was unveiled as Starfield at this last one. Even though it's been confirmed we still know next to nothing about it. The game's director, Todd Howard, spoke onstage that it was going to be next-gen. Does that mean it'll be a PS5 and Xbox Two game? I think that's definitely the case, but I bet it'll also appear on this generation of platforms too. I'm guessing a 2020 release window.

14 Currently In Development: Psychonauts 2


This might be the most obscure pick on this list, but it's one of my most hyped. Psychonauts, when it debuted in 2005, was gravely overlooked. Thanks to the support from cult following over the years the developer, Double Fine, at long last announced plans for a sequel in 2015. Since then they've made a PSVR game called Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, which was meant as mid sequel of sorts. We sadly haven't seen anything of the main game yet, but at least I know it's being worked on.

13 Rumored: Grand Theft Auto VI


Realistically Rockstar doesn't have to make another Grand Theft Auto game for a while. Somehow GTA V still places in the monthly sales charts even though it came out in 2013. That is tremendous, but due to their online support, it's just as relevant and fun today as it was back then.

That said there's not a doubt in my mind that plans have already begun on the next title. We've covered plenty of rumors already right here on TheGamer, but I'll add my two cents in with two words: Tokyo, Japan.

12 Currently In Development: Battletoads


Microsoft had plenty of big moments onstage during this past E3, but the craziest surprise to me was a new Battletoads. It had been rumored and teased for years. First, they entered Killer Instinct, then they made cameos in the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight, and now, at long last, this. The weirdest part is that they showed nothing. Crossing my fingers I had hoped to see it at Gamescom, but it was missing from there as well. Oh well. Guess I'll have to stave my excitement for next year.

11 Currently In Development: Shenmue III


I still miss Gametrailers even though that crew started a new company. That website was my go-to for decades. It was apart of my gaming culture. What does that have to do with Shenmue III? When the Kickstarter was announced at E3 2015, they went wild, weeping with joy. I love seeing passion like that even though I don't have a history with the series. I may not be excited for this long-awaited sequel, but I hope it lives up to the dreams of its fans.

10 Rumored: Splinter Cell

Don't Feed the Gamers

Remember when Walmart leaked a bunch of the big reveals for E3 this year? It all turned out to be true. Well, all except for one game on the list: Splinter Cell. That's all it said too, which led people to speculate it may be a reboot.

Michael Ironside is back and ready for action!

However, the last game, Blacklist, was already kind of a reboot. Whatever it is there's no doubt the game exists. I assume Ubisoft decided to not show it since it got leaked. Maybe we'll see it next year.

9 Currently In Development: Beyond Good and Evil 2

Red Bull

Speaking of crazy Ubisoft games let's talk about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and its legacy of teases. The first game debuted in 2003. In 2008 a teaser trailer was released for a sequel and that was literally it for almost a decade before it resurfaced again at E3 2017 as a completely new project. Needless to say, fans have been waiting a while and my assumption is that they're going to continue waiting. While it looks good now I think its years away from being released. Maybe we'll see it in 2021.

8 Currently In Development: Bayonetta 3

Don't Feed the Gamers

The first Bayonetta was a fun spiritual successor to Devil May Cry and one I never thought to see again. I certainly didn't expect this franchise to continue as a Nintendo exclusive. She's even in Super Smash Bros. and has two amazing Amiibo! Anyway the first and last time we saw Bayonetta 3 was at the 2017 Game Awards with a very brief teaser. Is that where we'll see her pop up again? My gut tells me yes and it's going to be sweet.

7 Rumored: Fable 4

Windows Central

Eurogamer has heard murmurings about a Fable reboot. When this was reported in January I couldn't believe it. For one, Microsoft shut down the last game, Fable Legends, and closed its studio, Lionhead, in 2016.

Get ready for a futuristic Fable with sick cars.

Now here's the strange part. Playground is supposed to be working on it. You know, the team that makes the Forza games. While RPGs are a completely different ballgame, it's not out of the question. They certainly are good at impressive open worlds even if all you do in them is drive.

6 Currently In Development: Halo Infinite


If there was one bet I was sure of prior to E3 it was that a new Halo, or Gears of War game would be launching this year. My gut told me Halo, but alas, nothing this year. I mean we did see both series rear their heads and Halo Infinite was the most baffling of the two. Is this Halo 6, or a new thing? Rumors are calling it a Destiny like, which could be cool and coincides with the name.

5 Currently In Development: Cyberpunk 2077


What is there to say about Cyberpunk 2077 that hasn't been already said? It looks phenomenal! I wasn't really into the first two Witcher games so in turn, CD Projekt Red wasn't on my radar. That is until I played The Witcher 3. Sometimes it takes a few tries to see a studio come into their own and that game is their golden goose. Now I have the confidence that their next projekt, ha, will be just as amazing if not more so.

4 Rumored: Star Fox Grand Prix


It's safe to say that after the turd that was Star Fox Zero came out, no one was expecting a new game anytime soon. I mean it's amazing this series has carried on as long as it has based on lukewarm reviews post Nintendo 64.

I certainly didn't expect a racer for the Switch. According to a Reddit post, Retro Studios is working on one called Star Fox: Grand Prix. You shouldn't take information as fact from Reddit, but then again you never know.

3 Currently In Development: Ghost Of Tsushima

Sucker Punch Productions

Earlier this year, with my post E3 wrap up, I kind of dogged on Ghost of Tsushima. Let me be clear. I think this game is going to be awesome as I have full faith in Sucker Punch. The thing that was a letdown for me was the weird way Sony decided to show it. Also, the initial teaser was much different, which made me believe it was going to a supernatural ninja game. This could still be true so here's hoping.

2 Currently In Development: Nioh 2


On the subject of samurai and ninjas let's talk about Nioh 2 even though there's not much to say. It was actually announced not far after Ghost of Tsushima was. Anyway, it was a quick CG trailer, which didn’t reveal much, but let's dig in any way. For one it seems like you are invading the demon world. Two, you may also be able to become a demon. Three, based on the facial features I think this going to be a new protagonist. That's my three brief theories!

1 Rumored: Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Guerrilla Games

Based on the high praise and sales, I think it's safe to say there's going to a Horizon Zero Dawn 2, although I hope it's called something else. You can't have two Zero Dawns! That doesn't really make any sense.

Horizon: From Dusk till Dawn sounds like a pretty good title. 

I also expect to see it sooner rather than later. After all Guerrilla Games, the developer, already has the engine laid out. Now they just need to build us a sequel. My guess is that it'll be the PS4's last big AAA game.

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