20 Hottest Cosplays Of Mass Effect Characters

In the world of gaming, cosplay reigns supreme as the ultimate showcase of creativity and exploration. It allows for many within the community to express themselves through the eyes of their favorite characters and thrive in a social atmosphere of like-minded individuals. No matter how quirky, bizarre or out there it may seem, it’s an escape. An escape from reality into fiction, even if for a short period. It’s not for everyone, but rather a way of life that you either get or you don’t, with not much wiggle room in-between. However, recently, cosplay has become more popular than ever, with "geeks" from all over not only indulging in the act, but also seeing tangible success in the process. From modeling, make-up artistry and costume design, cosplay has helped bring to the forefront a tremendous amount of untapped talent.

One genre in particular has attracted some “A1” quality work and continues to grow in popularity, displaying some of the hottest space commanders, aliens, and biotic humanoids we have ever seen. Of course, I’m talking about the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect has generated a “cult like” following among gamers since its launch. Naturally this cosmic gathering in fan base has also caused a snowball effect in the cosplay community, drawing some of the hottest and most jaw dropping talents in the business. From the scantily clad seductress to the full armor soldier, these women have left their mark to be remembered. So today we look at 20 of the hottest cosplays of Mass Effect.

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20 Anna "Ormeli" Moleva - Jack

via: cosplay.kotaku.com

A Russian cosplayer by the name of Anna Moleva, better known as “Ormeli,” had this great take on Jack. She has made waves on the net and in gaming-inspired costume design circles for her work as the inquisitive Lady Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. While “the girl with the missing finger” may have given her a name, it’s the unhinged, biotic babe that is causing many to fall head over heels.

With her head shaved, body bandaged and, of course, the “rebel-like” piercings and tattoos, Anna is cooking with fire in her cosplay of Jack from Mass Effect 3. Though her look is more of a wanting, misunderstood lover rather than the brash solider you may remember, she does introduce a different approach that is both enticing and increasingly irresistible.

19 Hannuki - Miranda Lawson

via: pinterest.com

Miranda Lawson is arguably one of the most popular figures in the Mass Effect community. When it comes to cosplay, Miranda is a consistent source of inspiration. With her high intellect and drop dead gorgeous looks, many have attempted to capture her visually stunning perfection. Enter Marie Hanna, better known as Hannuki, a cosplayer from Moscow that created an huge internet following with her cosplay of Silk Spectre from The Watchmen.

Living up to her motto “if you’re going to cosplay, do it with all of your heart,” she shows just how much time, patience and attention to even the tiniest detail can turn a good cosplay into a great one. With her seductive looks and intriguing persona, Hannuki shows us a space officer I’m sure any citadel member would be happy to have around.

18 Angela Bermudez - Commander Shepard

via: omega-level.net

There is just something about Angela Bermudez that screams “bad-ass.” Whether it’s the armor, gun strapped over the should or the intense stare looking deeper into the soul than Ghost Rider, something is just awe inspiring about her.

She has gained a large amount of internet fame through the world of cosplay with her cosplays of Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V, Lady Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and the DC Universe's dastardly Harley Quinn. Angela has even made appearances behind the table as a judge of cosplay competitions. This rendition of a female Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series is on point! Not only is it designed well, but the ferocity in her look is simply hot, showing off her flare as a girl you may not want mess with.

17 Paoletta "CriminalViolet" Pasi - Asari

via: flickr.com

There is just something about seeing Paoletta Pasi in blue skin that just feels right.

Better known on Instagram as CriminalViolet, Paoletta is a gaming developer, brand ambassador and promotional model who uses her talents of artistry to create some of the best gaming inspired looks around. Working for well-known brands such as EA, Ubisoft Italia and Ubisoft Sofia, she definitely has an impressive resume under her belt.

The cute girl next door capable of ripping your heart out in an instant, Paoletta isn’t your “run of the mill” cosplayer. Many of her costumes have a dark and mysterious flare, most notably her past work as Selene from the Underworld series (Can’t blame her, who didn’t want to be a vampire after that movie). However, this time we see her shed the dark veil of the vampire empress, revealing the vivid look of an Asari from Mass Effect.

16 Jessika F - Miranda Lawson

via: bsnscb.com

Jessika F has to be one of the hottest to undertake the spirit of Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect.

A face that reminds you of that ONE girl in high school that had you wrapped so far around her finger, she could convince you of anything. She could say the sky was green, the grass was blue and the Warriors DIDN’T blow a 3-1 lead and you would just agreelike a damn fool (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

Jessika F is a model from Poland who frequently does cosplays of Final Fantasy. Though she hasn’t been as active on the cosplay scene as she use to be, she does post on her Instagram from time to time, teasing future projects. It’s also cool to note that she stood in as a replacement for Yvonne Strahovski, during a Mass Effect convention shoot. For those that aren’t aware, Strahovski is the voice and face behind Miranda Lawson. With credentials like that, you have to be doing something right. And with looks like thse, you could never go wrong.

15 Vette Velocity - EDI

via: loschaos.com

Vette Velocity may be one of the lesser known names on this list, but even that doesn't mean she isn't entirely deserving of her spot on this list. Inspired by EDI from Mass Effect 3, her cosplay outfit displayed at PAX East 2014 was nothing short of amazing. The metallic beauty raised some eyebrows at the event and has since seen small success here and there throughout the net due to word of mouth.

Now, unlike most on this list, Vette Velocity flexes her cosplay skills sparingly and at her leisure, rather than professionally. In the past, she picked up the wings and halo, cosplaying as Mercy from Overwatch, whose bubbly personality almost completely fits her, showing her content exclusively on her Facebook page.

14 Kitty Honey Cosplay - Commander Shepard

via: Kitty-Honey-DeviantArt.com

It's a commonly known fact in the world of cosplay that things can get a little revealing from time to time, requiring a bit more viewer discretion than normal. A few slight modifications to any costume can turn a G rated character to PG-13 one, rather easily. A cosplayer by the name of Kitty Honey is practically good at turning up the heat, introducing a more “liberated” side with her costumes. Surprisingly, this N7 one piece she’s wearing here, which is a "looser" take on Commander Shepard, is one of her more tame sets. Her Ms. Marvel and Bulma costumes were a sight to behold, leaving many comatose behind their monitors.

13 Lilly Flower - Miranda Lawson

via: cosplaymygame.com

Speaking of risqué, a cosplay personality by the name of Lilly Flower, also known as Leesh, pushes those liberal boundaries to their limit, with her unique design of Mass Effect officer Miranda Lawson. Who needs skin tight clothing or latex material when body paint does the job better? From top to bottom, she misses no detail in the design of her costume and shows off more than a few “assets” in the process, giving the look a “fit to form” feeling and giving cosplay fans something to trip and fall over while seeing her pass by at conventions. Word of advice, make sure to watch your step or the results could be disastrous.

12 Miss Cordie - Commander Shepard

via: pinterest.com

Miss Cordie is the cute and innocent cosplay personality we love to see. There's not too much in terms of risqué costume design, but honestly that’s just fine. It’s needed to buffer the large amount of “fan service” that typically fills those convention floors. Regardless, Miss Cordie is indeed a sight to behold!

Inspired by Commander Shepard, Cordie just feels right for the role, with battle wounds on her face and her armor looking rusted and torn as if she just went 12 rounds with a group of Turians.

Miss Cordie has that “it” factor and with convention season on the way, she will be one to keep your eyes on.

11 Ivamikinoko - Ashley Williams

via: masseffect-universe.com

Ivamikinoko is still rather new to the cosplay scene, but her rendition of Ashley Williams from the Mass Effect series is utterly magnificent.

A Florida native costume designer and make up artist, she recently dove head first into the world of cosplay, growing her fan base through her Twitch gaming channel, as well as her daily project vlogs on YouTube, showcasing her new custom designs and outfits. Her past work includes April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Princess Zelda and most recently Ashley Williams from the Mass Effect Series. She carries herself well and is beyond a dream to see gracing the convention floors. Only time will tell if we will see more of creations from this awesome new comer.

10 Jia Jem - Jack

via: jiajem.com

What do you do when you mix the power of a biotic being with the looks of a goddess? We think Jia Jem would be the first to come to mind.

In this picture, she's tatted from the neck down with just enough strapping across the body to cover up the goods and nothing much else. Jia shows us Jack the way we know her best, absolutely bad-ass!

An “escape from reality” is what she calls her work in cosplay, which has led her to a tremendous amount of international success in Japan, Spain, Germany and the U.K. to name a few. Jia continues to show her artistry in workshops which she leads the world over on techniques and costume customization. With so many cosplayers in the world today, it’s easy to stand out, yet hard to make a lasting impression. However, Jia is definitely a femme fatal whose biotic mystic can’t be beat!

9 Sal - Liara T’Soni

via: allthatsepic.com

An Australian cosplayer known as Sal is absolutely to die for. A member of the cosplay group Solvent Blue, Sal is no stranger to the costume designing world, frequently posting amazing new creations, as well as live construction videos to her group Facebook page. Her most notable creation is Darth Talon from the Star Wars series. However, as her love for video games grow, so have her aspirations for wanting to take her design talents to a new level. Enter Dr. Liara T’Soni. Sal really does an amazing job cosmetically capturing our favorite Asari, with her enticing blue eyes and blue skin. It’s really everything you could want out of a true to life representation of Dr. Liara T’Soni. Though we don’t get a chance to see much beyond a headshot, sometimes less is more and lets the imagination wonder.

8 Mijiko88 - Kasumi Gato

via: mijiko88.deviantart.com

For some reason I always felt that if I lifted up the helm of Kasumi Gato, someone like Mijiko88 would be the one staring back at me. It's caused me a chill of fear and an uncontrolled surge of pleasure, only understood by Blankman (if you didn’t get that reference, we can’t be friends).

Mijiko88 thrives within the cosplay community, making a name for herself with anime being her visual weapon of choice. Now don’t let the dark assassin gear of Katsumi fool you, Mijiko88 is actually quite the colorful costume designer, which can be seen in her work of Chun Li from Street Fighter and Rikku of Final Fantasy X. She also makes regular appearances at comic conventions, mixing it up with customizations on the fly, showcasing just how versatile of a performer she is.

7 Freya Willia - Commander Shepard

via: pintrest.com

The red-headed fiery demeanor of Freya Willia is simply jaw dropping. She's a cosplayer widely known for her astounding resemblance to Commander Shepard. She gives lovers of the cosplay genre a taste of what it means to have both strength and beauty.

Starting out as a Legend of Zelda nut, Freya broke onto the cosplay scene with her rendition of the Twilight Princess from the series. Since then, Freya has been quite busy developing a fan base that many often come to comic conventions just to have a meet and greet with her. She has also been interviewed by multiple publications, including Impulse Gamer and Business Insider for her design work, which, as you would guess, she invents on her own. From what we can tell from her work, the girl is on a mission and she's making an impact.

6 Valentina Zannelli - Miranda Lawson

via: quenny2.deviantart.com

The first time I saw Valentina Zannelli as Miranda Lawson, I nearly lost my mind.

Simply mouthwatering is all we can say about the Italian beauty known more commonly as “Le Queeny.” She has built a catalog of cosplay inspirations stemming from anime, comics, tv shows and the lovely lady of the Citadel herself. Draped in the red casino dress worn by Officer Lawson in Mass Effect 3. Le Queeny Valentina, is also an editor for Cosplay Hub. After a hard day’s work of slaying many with her bodacious looks, she manages the operations of the site dedicated to cosplay techniques. From Morticia Addams, to Silk Spectre to Black Canary, she knows how to play the camera and plays it to perfection.

5 Crystal Graziano - Commander Shepard

via: crystalgraziano-deviantart

Crystal Graziano of Precious Cosplay is a southern Californian that has gained a spotlight in the community. With over 19 thousand followers on her Twitter, I think it’s safe to say that this girl is making a killing, both with the numbers and her looks. She's been dazzling her fanbase with plenty of sexy designs from Cammy in Street Fighter, Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi and, of course, the latest as Commander Shepard. Crystal has been tantalizing her fans for a while now, using her social media to advertise events across the country, a few of which she hosts. She's been selling her printed art work in-between sets to further stretch her reach. Crystal is riding a wave right now, taking us along for the ride.

4 Evil-Siren - Samara

via: Evil-Siren-DeviantArt.com

A cosplayer by the name of Evil-Siren personifies what it means to be the Asari Justicar Samara from Mass Effect 2. Gorgeous, tenacious and a don’t f*** with me attitude that any commander would be glad to have in their squad or in their quarters if the dominating type happens to be your cup of tea. I must say I’m guilty, no shame in it. She’s made a name for herself throughout Austria, appearing at numerous anime and comic conventions. Even performing at AniNite17 with an interpretive set that left fans in attendance typing away at their phones, to see more from this up and coming talent. What they will find on either her Tumblr or Facebook, is a plethora of costumes inspired by an extremely colorful cast. From the dragon armor in Final Fantasy XIV to the bone armored Aloy from Horizons: Zero Dawn, a personal favorite of mine if I do say so, there’s a lot here to satisfy!

3 Yond - Commander Shepard

via: pintrest.com

Yond is a cosplayer that gives a whole new meaning to the word renegade and we applaud her for it! The Russian model is a resident Mass Effect costume designer, creating masterpieces inspired by Aria T'Loak, EDI and of course Commander Jane Shepard. In a casual N7 dress, Yond reveals the assets of a sexy, but fierce warrior. Her previous cosplay work with comic characters Black Widow and Wonder Women, have made her somewhat of a treasure in Moscow. Listed among the top 20 cosplayers of 2010 by Aggressive Comiz. Yond has also showed her skill beyond the stage floor as a judge of the WCS cosplay competition in Russia. Unfortunately, she has taken a step back lately in appearances, but remain hopeful for her illustrious return.

2 Rana McAnear - Asari Justicar Samara

via: savegameonline.com

During PAX East 2013, many heads turned and mouths dropped as the vivacious Rana McAnear made her rounds on the event floor. Actress, model and wardrobe extraordinaire, Rana holds quite possibly the most significant presence on this list. Not only has she made a name as one of the best to dawn the blue skin and trade mark crimson jumpsuit, it turns out she is the one that made it all possible (collective gasps incoming)! That’s right, Rana is actually the face model for Mass Effect’s Asari Justicar Samara and her daughter Morinith. I mean it might go unnoticed without a long hard glance, but the mysterious aura and tantalizing eyes are uncanny, carrying a stark resemblance. She has since become a fan attraction at many gaming and comic conventions and goes to show that nobody does it better than the original.

1 Danica Rockwood - Miranda Lawson

via: pintrest.com

It’s safe to say that there are few things that can compare to the raw intensity of cosplayer Danica Rockwood. Seated, legs crossed with a planet set ablaze off in the distance, it’s a scene that has many with their jaws on the floor. She's a Twitch streamer, international model and award-winning cosplayer. Simply, Danica is everything, but plain.

She has made guest appearances throughout the country, recently announcing a new tour schedule for the rest of the calendar year. Danica has also been featured alongside big industry names such as BioWare, Movie Pilot, and The Nerdist Podcast to name a few. She also makes panel appearances, giving voice to her journey as a cosplay model and helping hopefuls with tips on how to succeed.

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