20 Mind-Blowing Cosplays You Won’t Believe Are The Same Person

Everyone, meet Justyna Sasnowska, better known to the Internet as Sosenka.

She's been cosplaying professionally for almost exactly three years, and her following on social media has been growing steadily.

But to be honest with you all? I think it's a load of boohaha. Sosenka deserves to be much more popular than she already is. Even though 300k on Facebook and 128k on Instagram is certainly nothing to sneeze at, Just a quick scroll down through any of her pictures is enough to make you put your phone down, look to the night sky, and say out loud, no matter who's next to you, "WHYYYY?!"

Because it's not fair, folks. Not only is Sosenka a cosplayer, she's also a seamstress, a makeup artist, a body painter, and a special effects artist as well. She blends all of these skills and more deftly and masterfully, creating works of wearable art in all ranges of complexity. And since she only started three years ago, you'd think she could only have been as good as I'm saying for like three months or so. And you would be dead wrong.

Sosenka came out of the gate a dyed-in-the-wool badass. Her makeups were more transformative than just color-matching. Her use of special effects brought people like Tyrion Lannister and Jinx from League of Legends to life with equal and startling accuracy. And her costumes are true-to-life, just like her makeup skills are. There's nothing to dislike about her, so sit back and enjoy twenty of her best looks.

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20 Drop Dead Ringer

Another thing you can notice from scrolling through her Instagram is that Sosenka is a massive Dragon Ball fangirl. And since she looks exactly like Android 18 with just a blonde wig and a pair of green contacts, it's one of her favorite looks to make quick cosplays with. The one above is a pretty accurate representation of how she looked in DBZ, but she's made at least a half a dozen other variations on her look, and each one of them looks great. She can do Android 17 without breaking a sweat as well, of course. It's a spot-on look that nails the character's attitude as well as their appearance. And of course, she keeps herself looking calm, cool, and collected just like the venerable cyborg.

19 This Look Is Killer!

I love the blend here of body paint and fabrication. Most people, if they're looking to do a quick Widowmaker cosplay, snag a pre-printed bodysuit from the web and go to town. Our lady, however, makes sure she paints every single visible portion of her body to look like a bodysuit. Because she's a boss like that.

From there, she builds a spot-on helmet and fits it on top of her color-matched blue wig, even though it's hard to tell the color in the lighting she uses. It doesn't matter - it's all about the accuracy to the character, baby. And no, she doesn't have a rifle right now, but I have no illusions that she couldn't make one up instantly if she tried to.

18 She's Known To Be Quite Vexing...

But in the best way. Again, I think they've been making "Daddy's Lil' Monster" t-shirts non-stop for a year now. The market must be so saturated with them that warehouse suppliers who have no idea what to do with the surplus use them to line the cages of their massive aviaries of stolen rare birds. But does the ever-present availability of one of the most popular shirts on the planet stop her from body painting the damn shirt on herself?

No. And God bless her for it.

As an aside, the rest of the facial makeup is great, spot-on like I'm sure we're all used to by now. The wig is great too, perfectly matched with her makeup. Just don't get her mad, or she'll have a mallet with your name on it.

17 Here Is A Riddle, To Guess If You Can...

You guys remember The Hunchback of Notre Dame? That awesome Disney movie with the magnificent soundtrack that took place in like Belgium or something? I don't remember where Paris, France is. But I mean, it's over there, right?

Anyway, after that song "Hellfire," about some uptight square needing some "personal time" after seeing a belly dance, Clopin was the best part of that film. His role as narrator and leader of the Gypsies was one that sticks in the memory of anyone who sees him. Thankfully, one of those people was Sosenka, and not only did she nail the makeup on this, but the prop construction and the outfit. It's damn near perfect! She could take it to Disney right away, but, of course, she could do just about anyone.

16 The World's Steamiest Grave Robber

Alright, so there wasn't much to the make-up here for Sosenka to do outside of putting in those really cool gold contacts she found. So what did she do to make it awesome? She went above and beyond the scope of her makeup by adding some really great-looking damage effects on her forehead and lips. Sheez, she even went as far as adding sweat stains on her tank top! Talk about attention to detail. It may be a simple cosplay, but Sosenka finds a way to make every part of it her own.

That color of the tank top is kind of specific, don't you think? I mean, I know light blue isn't some really off-the-wall hue, but I just know I'm not really seeing it much when I go out.

15 She Could Just Eat You Up!

Once again, Sosenka gets her bodysuit elsewhere for the Colossal Titan, but ends up blowing everyone away with the detail on that full-scale SFX treatment she gave her face. The detail in the musculature on her face and neck is incredible - you can see every little tendon, every little vein, and then the bone structure unnaturally poking through, making for a truly disturbing touch.

You know a makeup's good when you can't tell where it ends and the person's face begins. It's why makeup jobs like this are so amazing and always keep people's attention - there are so many ways to mess that up, so getting it right is getting struck by lightning. And if that was literal, Sosenka would either be the unluckiest person on the planet, or part super-powerful electric demon.

14 The Supreme Lord Of Destruction (And Beerus Too, I Guess)

Few villains in the Dragon Ball universe have been so universally accepted like Beerus, the god of destruction with a love for universal annihilation that's only matched by his love for sushi. And here we have Sosenka taking all of her skills to the max: constructing his "bib," painting it, getting herself body painted a deep purple, tracking down accessories, and then, of course, creating a custom sculpted mask that sucks the whole look together like a black hole and them shoots them across the universe in the most delightful way possible, like a wormhole.

The crazy thing? As awesome as that cosplay is, it's not the best Dragon Ball cosplay she's ever done. That will be reserved for the end of the list.

13 Who Needs Atlantis When You Have This?

She's got white hair, dark skin, and an affinity for scrawny dudes that sound like Michael J. Fox. She's Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and its sequel, Atlantis: Milo's Return. She's a favorite of cosplayers everywhere thanks to her skimpy-ish outfit, tribal look, and her character's desire for her people's happiness and safety.

Sosenka makes a great cosplay here, incorporating all of the skills she's famous for. There might be some skin darkening at work here, depending on how extremely the image on the left has been Photoshopped. I love the blue filter at use on the right, and the contact lenses to create her "channeling the spirit of Atlantis" thing she does.

12 A Sasnowska Always Pays Her Debts

If there's one thing I love me more of than some Peter Dinklage, it's a petite Polish girl completely changing her facial appearance with makeup, prosthetics, and facial hair. Even the way she framed this photo and her outfit to give her the appearance of longer shoulders and to match the photo - it's all tailored to look like a perfect copy of Tyrion. I mean, Peter. I mean — anyone she damn well pleases, really. If it wasn't for the watermark she has on all of her images, you'd never be able to tell this was her. It's that good. She's that good.

I mean yeah, you could tell this was makeup, but there's no way you're seeing Justyna Sasnowska on the right unless you've seen the cosplay before.

11 It's Super Effective!


Things... took a turn here, didn't they? Let it be said that Sosenka is nothing if not versatile. She takes a moderately intimidating Pokémon and somehow manages to turn it into this grotesque, macabre version of itself. The detail is so intricate here, with Mewtwo's horns becoming gnarled imitations of themselves, and his smooth, almost plate-like gray body being given a mottled, patchy finish. It's like an alternate art thread turned into sculpture, and I just can't look away. I would love to see a full-on outfit of this, but the amount of work she'd need to put into it would be insane. A guy can dream, though. Without question, this is the new standard for Pokémon makeup in the world.

10 Would You Do It for A Scooby Snack?

This is a great example of Sosenka using her natural good looks to nail the appearance of a character that everyone knows and loves. Daphne always seemed like the second-last popular member of Mystery Inc. behind Freddy. I mean, at least Daphne could wear a scarf and it'd look good.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that dudes can't wear ascots. I'm saying they can't wear them with a silly white sweater with a blue collar. At least the green scarf Daph-senka has clashes oh-so-rightly with the purple of her sweater and hair band and the orange of her hair.

Also, super props to Sosenka for busting out some really awesome-looking contacts here. It's a subtle thing, but the purple of those contacts helps hold this look down and adds a slight hint of groovy unnaturalness.

9 I Hate it When They Don't Last...

Hey, you know what every video game set in a fantasy world that has a wide ensemble cast could use? A succubus! Be it some kind of analogue or just calling a spade a spade, nothing gets the people interested like a half-undressed (or completely) demon-lady making bedroom eyes at the camera until she rips your soul to pieces.

For League of Legends, this character trope is fulfilled by Evelynn. She moves silkily across the battlefield, issuing taunts and insults with just the right amount of double-entendre to fulfill the fantasy. Sosenka has given us a spot-on cosplay here, complete with makeup, wig, and a great body paint job. The prosthetic she's made for her hand looks like it was ripped from the game, and the styling of the wig looks awesome.

8 Five Points From Gryffindor!

Here she is again, bringing the full face transformation back. She nails this Alan Rickman/Snape cosplay and makeup perfectly. Her outfit looks just like the notorious Potions teacher, and the wand is always a nice touch, as is the glowing vial of... green stuff.

You can see with this makeup that she widens the frame of her face quite considerably, since with no makeup on she's a delightful blend of cheekbones, razor-sharp jawlines, and piercing green eyes. But her makeup brings deeper-set, weary eyes, thick wrinkles, and bushy eyebrows.

The wig she's got going on is perfect, of course. It's jet black and looks just like Snape's creepy chin-length Dutch Boy look. And if there's something to nail with a Snape cosplay, it's a creepy sense of foreboding. And she's got it in spades.


Dude, I'm not really sure if the orange things Leeloo had in The Fifth Element were made of canvas, I just know that this outfit looks awesome. Also, I didn't remember the orange things acting like some weird Borat bikini, either. Guess it's just been forever since I've seen the movie. Still, Sosenka comes through with another great cosplay, giving a great-looking makeup - essentially an amped up version of what we see in the film. Her wig is messy, but it's spot on.

I mean, we essentially could have seen her as either Corbin Dallas or Ruby Rhod, and we still wouldn't have been disappointed, right? We know that it's totally in her wheelhouse.

6 Perfectly Imperfect

God, look at the construction details on that shiz. Sosenka has taken a silly anime villain and turned him into what's essentially the monster stalking teenagers in the next horror movie I want to see. However, she doesn't gloss over any of the elements that we know Cell for in the first place - the wings, the gem in his head, the face mask/lips/beak and jock cup that looks like it's ribbed for some reason. It's all been rendered with a horrifying realism that is just as beautiful as it is unnerving. It's a spot-on job that represents some of the best of the intersection between special effects makeup and cosplay. Yet it's still not the top of the list. Damn, what else do I have in store?

5 Light Years Better Than the Netflix Movie

I love the double cosplay we're getting here. Death Note is yet another of the wonderful anime/mangas I have never gotten into. I just know that everyone got a collective big sad when the movie for Netflix came out. It's sad too, because any movie that stars Willem Dafoe as a demon must have some kind of intelligence.

If I may be so bold, I actually think that Sosenka’s Ryuk is a sight creepier than the one I'm used to seeing in the anime. And as for L, the creepy antagonist-turned ally of series protagonist Light Yagami, she does a really great job there as well. I think it might have just been a bit harder to get those crazy eyes he's known for without, you know, actually having them.


Anyone who knows me knows I don't Anime as often as I should. There are so many great ones out there I want to get into: Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Ranma 1/2... you get the idea. That was just off the top of my head and I've been up for around 20 hours.

Tokyo Ghoul looks to have an interesting premise: Anime vampires in Tokyo and a protagonist who's somehow part-vampire but not all the way. It sounds like Blade in Tokyo, and honestly? Yeah, I can totally see myself getting into that.

Anyway, this face paint/contact match/bomb-ass wig placement combo Sosenka pulls off here is awesome, and it's great to just admire all the little details in her face paint.

3 Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

"Rick? Jack Sparrow? Really?" I can hear you saying from across the computer screen. And I'll admit, her outfit is awesome. It's been given to her by a friend as you can see by the caption, but the makeup and wig are things she made herself. And if Jack Sparrow has anything, it's a friggin' birds nest of hair festooned with all manner of baubles and silliness. She nailed every detail of that wig, and then moved on to her makeup. Which of course, is flawless. She looks like a carbon copy of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, not just Sosenka as Jack Sparrow, as evidenced by the closeups she has on the makeup.


Here it is, folks - the piece that got me into Sosenka as a cosplayer and in my opinion, the best Dragon Ball Z cosplay in existence: Sosenka's Super BuuThis full-length and very in-depth cosplay is something else. It takes Toriyama's sentient lump of homicidal chewing gum, Majin Buu, and somehow makes it darker than you could imagine.

The full face mask hides any trace of Sosenka's humanity, the only avenue of expression coming to us through those deep black pits that pass for her eyes. For Majin Buu at his most sadistic, it's a perfect expression to have. And from there, the body piece covers up her figure expertly while adding loads of texture to Buu's skin, giving the costume a more realistic and disturbing look.

Every time I see this look from her, I just get excited. Knowing that she's really only just beginning, and is going to get better (if that's even possible) as time goes on. The future is bright for Sosenka, and I can't wait to see what that brings.

1 Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Nun

Again, Whoa. She's got the nose and teeth (!) modifications here to make her look even creepier. I mean, even her gums look black - it's like she gray-scaled herself in real life to pull this look off! It seems like she's got some kind of prosthetic on her nose, as indicated by the picture on the left and the hashtag "sfxmakeup." Again, she also must have the best damn hookup for contact lenses in Poland, because she's got a custom pair for almost everything on this list, including this one.

The detail in her makeup, past the prosthetic, obviously, is stunning. The cracks on her face and her shading of said cracks and other areas of her face, most notably her lips and eyes, are top-notch.

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