2018's Call Of Duty Is Black Ops IIII - Yes, That's How They're Spelling It

And in today’s instalment of Super Shocking Revelations That Will Surprise Nobody At All: The usual annual Call of Duty instalment is indeed coming our way later this year.

Wait, though, because this one’s a little different.

In our increasingly uncertain, ever-more-befuddling world of 2018, there aren’t many things we can rely on any more. Can we really plan for a safe, reliable future for ourselves and our children, considering the knife-edge that the world is on just now? Will we ever get those hover boots that Back to the Future promised us we’d long since have by now? We just cannot know.

One thing we can count on is getting our yearly instalments of FIFA Soccer, Call of Duty and such. Sure enough, Activision confirmed this weekend that the rampant speculation was correct: the next Call of Duty will be the fourth in the Black Ops series, and it’s coming our way later this year.

Granted, this had been all but confirmed last week, when the NBA’s own James Harden journeyed to a match against Oklahoma City Thunder wearing an unmistakably Black Ops IIII-promoting hat. Still, this is a tricksy industry, and you can never really be sure until you get the official word.

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Naturally, with this being a quick and simple teaser, details were very thin on the ground. All Activision have 100% confirmed is that the game is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, and gunning for a release date of October 12.

One other crucial thing to mention is that, yes, that’s IIII. Most gamers learned their roman numerals at an early age from the Final Fantasy series, and some may be feeling triggered by this. Still, it isn’t Call of Duty’s fault that the Romans didn’t think to create a numeral for four. The unorthodox IIII system is one that sees use… sometimes.

Also notable is the fact that Black Ops IIII’s release date is really breaking with series tradition. As fans will know, Call of Duty tends to arrive in early November. There’s no word yet as to why it’s arriving early this time.

In the interim, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 recently received a new update. It features the ever-popular Infected game mode, and the spangly new Redwood Snow map.

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