2019 Doom Movie Pushed Back To Improve Hell CGI

The upcoming movie based on the Doom video games has been delayed to the end of 2019, due to Universal Pictures wanting to improve the VFX.

The upcoming movie based on the Doom video games has been delayed to the end of 2019, due to Universal Pictures wanting to give the VFX team more time to improve the CGI in the sequences set in Hell.

Dread Central has reported that Universal 1440 (the branch of Universal Pictures that is producing the film) has given the OK for the Doom delay, as they are so impressed by the product that they want to spend more time to improve the special effects before it's released.

The Doom movie is intended to be a straight to video/digital-only release, which immediately set of warning signs to fans that the film is going to be a cheap cash-grab, even during this era where companies like Netflix will pump a lot of money into exclusive feature films for their service.

via: destructoid.com

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The fact that the Doom movie has almost no big-name stars attached to it has also made fans wary of its content, with Nina Bergman from the rock band Letters from the Fire being the most recognizable name attached to the project.

The assurances of the studio that the new Doom movie is being delayed in order to improve the visuals isn't likely to change the minds of fans who have already made their decision about how bad the movie is going to be and it's hard to blame them after the terrible Doom movie starring Dwayne Johnson that was released in 2005.

The fact that the Doom series has barely any story to speak of makes it a hard sell for an adaptation unless the entire film is just about a marine who runs around shooting demons. The Doom remake even lampshaded the idea of the game having a story with the protagonist tossing away a monitor in the opening cutscene that tried to establish a plot, as he just wanted to run around and shoot demons, which is all that the player wants to do as well.

The new Doom movie is due to be released sometime in Fall 2019.

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