2019 Dragon Ball Game Will Be A Retelling Of DBZ From Raditz To Frieza, And Possibly Beyond

Bandai has posted the trailer for 2019's Dragon Ball RPG, tentatively titled "Project Z." The game looks to adapt the Saiyans and Frieza, maybe more.

Bandai Namco has premiered the trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball RPG - tentatively titled "Project Z." The trailer reveals that the events retell the Planet Namek/Frieza saga, claiming the game is "the story of Goku."

The trailer showcases a bunch of iconic moments from the Frieza saga, such as Vegeta's defeat at the villain, Krillen's oncoming demise, and Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time. However, it also showcases a pre-Dragon Ball Z fight between Goku and Piccolo. We also see some points from Vegeta and Nappa's arrival on Earth. It appears a large part of the game will chronicle a tiny bit before Z, right until Frieza's defeat. Bandai describes Project Z as "recounting the beloved story of DRAGON BALL Z like never before." It sounds like the game will not just adapt the Frieza saga, but all the way until the end of Majin Buu.

Bandai confirmed that CyberConnect2 is helping to develop the game. CyberConnect2 is perhaps most well known for developing the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, so maybe we'll see a similar gameplay style. Project Z is sounding a lot like a home console version of the Legacy of Goku series. These Game Boy Advance titles were also action RPGs, and recounted the Z story. Also, there was in fact another RPG (this time turn-based) called Attack of the Saiyans, which recounted the Vegeta saga. RPGs set in the Dragon Ball Z world are nothing new.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America[/caption]

It is interesting that Project Z is going to be a Z adaption. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that most Dragon Ball games serve as an adaption of the story. It would not be unreasonable to question why Bandai feels the need to put out another game adaption of the anime. The previous two Dragon Ball games, Xenoverse 2 and FighterZ, had new storylines. So, it's curious that Project Z is going back to adapt events most anime fans are familiar with.

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Dragon Ball is experiencing a global resurgence. The recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in theaters has impacted the pop culture world. Perhaps Bandai is seeking to grab new fans from that movie, and show them the overall story of Goku in video game format. Many longtime fans would probably be averse to experiencing the story again, but if Project Z's gameplay is exciting, perhaps it will even out. Time will tell if sales are strong despite telling the same story again.

Dragon Ball: Project Z will be released sometime this year.

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