Here Are The 2019 Twitchcon Ambassadors

With a little over a week away, TwitchCon 2019 is looking to be another great celebration of the platform and the culture of video game and other content streaming. The event offers individual streamers an opportunity to grow their brand and gives fans a unique opportunity to meet their favorite streamers, play some of the newest games, and engage with the community, as well as attend a broad range of panels.

Notable during the event is going to be the fourteen Twitch Ambassadors that embody the spirit of the streaming platform. They will be on hand to chat about their unique stories and to hang out in San Diego. Here is a brief bit of information on each, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Here's a streamer whose channel is a relaxing mix of chatting and listening to music in a piano bar style setting. Angels_Piano knows over 300 songs, and she invites viewers to sing along, play, joke around in English and a bit of Spanish. Her overall message for people who join the channel is for everyone to know that it’s worth being alive.

“Many of us have painful days, but music connects us. Connects me to you, to your feelings, and your circumstances. My viewers frequently DM me thanking me inspiring them to go on with their battles.” Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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Does the world need more psychic mediums? Absolutely, and Antphrodite described himself as a psychic who mixes tarot reading with modern internet culture. Above all, Antphrodite hopes that his viewers leave stream with hope for their future and are empowered by realizing they have more choice in the matters of life than they initially realized.

This this psychic for real? Well, he states that: “I recently went viral for predicting a pop-culture scandal a month before it happened and was showcased on media outlets around the internet.” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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This Pinball loving streamer has some of the most entertaining streams as he shows off some unique games. He specializes in “physical” games that ranges from some rare antiques to contemporary machines. Sometimes the stream focuses on improving one’s pinball skills, and other times on repairing an old game machine. In any case, it is a great look into the hobby of Pinball!

When asked about what he enjoys most about being a streamer, DeadFlip states, “When viewers contact me privately and tell me how I've improved their game, got them back into a hobby they shared with their parents back in the day, or just give them a show that allows them to laugh and shut out the world for a while, I can’t help but beam!” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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Just in time for Halloween, Deere is here to stream the spookiest of horror video games in drag excellent. As the first Drag Queen partnered with Twitch, Deere’s goal is to give players chill vibes juxtaposed with suspenseful video games. And interesting tidbit about Deere is that even through she may look fabulous, she is not a diva, but a super silly and complete video game nerd! Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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For all you speed running fans out there, FireDragon specializes in zipping through Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart 64, and more. Viewers can come in and watch expert plays of some difficult games at peak levels of efficiency while also having a good time in a community that focuses on inclusion.

When asked about his favorite thing about being a streamer, FireDragon states:

“My absolute favorite thing about being a streamer is not only being able to play video games but having the ability to make people smile and have a place where people can come to truly relax means a lot to me. It’s the best combination in the world.” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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Viewers will primarily see Magic: The Gathering Arena with some fun and useful commentary as games progress. It is always great seeing Trading Card Game (TCG) streamers who are both composed and informative about the action happening on the board, which is particularly useful since Magic can be far more involved than more simplistic games like Hearthstone.

Gaby strives to create a welcoming environment for people to come and relax. When asked what she hopes that players take away from her channel, she says, “I want viewers to feel that our community on Twitch is a place for love and acceptance. It makes my day when people pop in just to say a quick hello, and I want them to leave with the same feeling.” Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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First Person Shooter (FPS) games are Lil_Lexi’s specialty, with a majority of her time spent in Rainbow Six Siege or PUBG. Every so often she takes a break with a broad range of games like World of Warcraft, Auto Chess, The Last of Us, and more.

Like many of the Twitch Ambasadors, Lil_Lexi hopes that viewers come take away from her a channel a sense that it’s always best to be yourself, confidence in who you are, and not worry about the opinions of others weighing you down. Perhaps best of all, everyone in the chat loves Dad jokes. What’s not to love? Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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Continuing along the lines of shooters, MissDoitBig focuses on the Battle Royale genre of games since it began gaining mainstream popularity. To describe herself, she says she has the “Joy joy joy joy, down in my heart!”

When not streaming, MissDoitBig has worked with newer members to Twitch in mentoring them in the ups and downs of running a channel. When asked about her favorite part of being a streamer, she says, “My mom always said I was a social butterfly and I love interactions with people, different cultures and walks of life that comes together, and when viewers teach me something new or explain a new trend to me.” Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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IRL content and narrative games form the bulk of what viewers can expect on Negaoryx’s channel. While playing a game, she loves to discuss character, theme, and the emotional impact of games with her viewers. Her community, known as the Negaverse, places a strong emphasis on kindness, emotional support, charitable work, and dad jokes! When asked about her favorite part of streaming, the answer was simple, “I don’t have to wear pants at work.” Click here to visit her Twitch page!

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Shamanom considers himself a variety streamer with a specialization in MMORPGs, particularly in Final Fantasy XIV. The goal of his stream is to be wholesome, and often driven by acts of charity. The majority of his community loves JRPGs and anime and can spend the entire day chatting about this in the chat.

When asked about an interesting tidbit about himself, he says, “I never give up. Helping someone clear content for their first time brings me so much excitement!” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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Community-involved narrative based games and storylines with a continuing arc are the main focus of Takahata101’s channel. Total creative freedom is most certainly the best way to describe what goes on here, and the community is clearly on board with a free imagination to develop worlds filled with adventure and laughter. At the end of the day, this streamer wants the community to know one thing: They matter. Click here to visit their Twitch page!

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teawrex describes himself as the last living dinosaur streamer who loves to play new titles and RPGs with an emphasis on lots of loot. Raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital is always a highlight of his streaming success, and he hopes that viewers walk away with a smile on their face or armed with the knowledge to reach their own gaming goals. Right now, teawrex is playing a lot of Borderlands 3, which is a mix of both worlds, both new games and so much loot at every turn.

When asked to describe his community, he states, “I really love my nice and welcoming community, but they also enjoy poking fun at me regardless of whether I'm playing well or poorly. Little do they know that ONLY MAKES ME STRONGER.” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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Here is another streamer bound only by his imagination thanks to the power of greenscreens. He describes his setup as having 16 screens and 12 webcams, all to bring imagination to life on his stream. His community is a bit different than those that focus on video games, instead focusing on fantasy and reality together, enjoying the highs in life and losing ourselves through dance and music.

In describing himself through an interesting tidbit, TheSushiDragon says that, “I used to think of myself as a failed Youtuber, but now I see it as a training arc leading up to finding my final form and my true strengths through Twitch and live performances.” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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Sports game reign supreme here with ZackTTG, with a heavy focus on the NBA 2K. He loves that his community embraces his victories and laughs at his losses. An interesting bit about ZackTTG was that when he first began to stream, he was working as an electrical engineer and would travel the country and stream from the various hotels that he would be staying in.

He describes his favorite part of being a streamer as, “I love the fact that no matter how bad of a day someone has had, I get a chance to make them laugh and forget about their problems for a little bit.” Click here to visit his Twitch page!

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That wraps up your TwitchCon Ambassadors for this year. They are a varied bunch that stream all kinds of content, and all of them love to embrace their communities and the things that bring everyone together.

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