22 Curvaceous Video Game Women Every Man Has Dreamed About

The place of women in the gaming world is a topic of discussion and controversy today. Certainly most female characters in video games are attractive; they have to be larger-than-life and ostentatious in some way to inspire feelings from the audience. Just like film and television, video games have their low points of objectification, but there are also plenty of strong, independent female characters that broaden the concept of being sexy to a realm just beyond the physical. The whole thing raises questions about the place of women in video games and how they should be portrayed. For every well-developed sexy woman whose attractiveness is an integral part of their personality, there's a blatant fanservice character that exists purely as eye candy for viewer to ogle.

Let's face it: the video game world has its fair share of attractive female characters. While we appreciate video game heroines for their toughness, style, and personality as well, there's just no denying that gamers enjoy watching a hot, computer-generated bombshell kick in her enemy's teeth more than they like watching jacked guys do it. It helps that the ladies usually do it wearing less clothing. In a primarily male-dominated industry, how should beautiful female characters be represented? Luckily, most women in video games these days are just as developed as their male counterparts, so with this list we will celebrate the most aesthetically pleasing heroines the gaming world has to offer.

Here are 22 of the sexiest and most curvaceous women characters in video games that we can guarantee you've daydreamed about at one time or another. Enjoy.

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22 Rayne (Bloodrayne)

via bestgamewallpapers.com

Ever since Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series of novels became huge, not to mention the movie version of Interview with a Vampire, vampires have been primarily portrayed as highly sexual and seductive beings, usually with eternal youth, physical beauty, bloodlust, and rather tight and/or revealing outfits to squeeze into. The heroine of the long-forgotten and underrated hack-and-slash series for the PlayStation is no different.

Rayne is a half-human, half-vampire creature called a dhampir who has as much of an affinity for showing off cleavage and wearing tight leather pants as she does slicing Nazis to bits. Portrayed as smart, powerful, and seductive, Rayne charmed herself into the hearts of gamers everywhere in the original Bloodrayne and its excellent sequel. Fittingly, she made history by becoming the first video game character to appear in Playboy magazine in 2004. Though Rayne's home company Terminal Reality shut their doors in 2013, perhaps one day we'll see more of her badass vampire-y goodness.

21 Cortana (Halo)

via theverge.com

Though she's not exactly a flesh-and-blood character in the Halo series (really though, are any of these characters flesh and blood?), Cortana is one hologram that can make the boys (and girls) go nuts. Cortana has been Master Chief's loyal companion since 2001 and has appeared in five Halo games, but Halo 4 especially made players take notice of her; though her appearance changes between each game, in 4 her figure had become noticeably more curvaceous and her skin-tight suit leaves her practically nude. There's an in-universe explanation for this among some fans: she becomes more attractive as she becomes more self-aware and human.

Of course, we're not entirely sure why her chosen avatar resembles a well-endowed supermodel wearing nothing but body paint when she's an AI who displays herself via hologram and could take on any form she wants, but hey, who are we to judge?

20 Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)

You know you've got an appealing character where her backside is actually a running joke in the series. Chloe is tough, rugged, blatantly greedy, and overtly sexual. She was the object of jealousy for Elena Fisher when she turned up with Nathan Drake and much of Nate's butt-related humor is focused on her. Chloe's confident, cocky personality is the perfect rival to Drake's and she usually has a witty retort ready for his jokes, unlike Elena, who sighs when Nate makes joke about the "view" when they're climbing.

Chloe usually wears snug khaki hot pants to display her figure and overall is presented as a much more sensual character than Elena, leaving many fans to worship the two treasure hunters. Perhaps fittingly, the creators once described her as one of their favorite characters to design. For the icing on the cake, her most famous quote is, "But admit it...you're going to miss this ass."

19 Juri Han (Street Fighter)

via pressakey.com

Juri originated from a suggestion to include a female Korean character in the Street Fighter franchise after the game became popular in Korea. Developers reportedly went through 400-500 ideas before settling on Juri. First appearing in Super Street Fighter IV, her appearance in Street Fighter V as a strong, sensual figure won her a lot of fans. Juri has been described as "sultry," "provocative" and "sex-crazed." Vega described Juri as the "personification of evil beauty itself" and given her skin-tight purple catsuit over her curvy muscular physique, that's a pretty apt description. She frequently makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward male opponents, making her a perfect example of a femme fatale character.

Juri is easily one of the sexiest women in Street Fighter. Originally, she had fully exposed cleavage and no undersuit, which was changed before release. Mods have since restored the much more revealing outfit. Juri has become a sensation overnight, gaining quite the fanbase and being consistently ranked on lists of top female video game villains.

18 Samus Aran (Metroid Prime)

In fact, complaints that she has become "too hot" in recent games have surfaced, with one side claiming that it objectifies Samus as a character and undermines her role as an independent bounty hunter, while the other side claim that she was always a sexy character and the new suits are a valid interpretation of that. But Samus is definitely a hottie no matter what she's wearing.

17 Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)

via youtube.com

One of the fan favorites when it comes to women of the Resident Evil series, Claire Redfield has a special place in the minds and hearts of many, though we're willing to bet the scene that players probably remember most is from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles where she bends over to gaze at a computer screen. It's not really your fault for looking too long at her shapely butt though, because the game almost literally throws it in your face.

If you recall, Steve was rather mesmerized himself in fruitlessly trying to keep his wandering eyes away from her assets, and when nearly caught pretended to spin his gun. Game designers really put care modeling Claire and her famous bottom, proving that characters don't need to wear revealing outfits to be sexy. It also doesn't hurt she was a very well-developed character with good traits and a great voice actress.

16 Chun Li (Street Fighter)

via gamefaqs.com

There's no doubt the Street Fighter series has many memorable characters. Powerful fighters like Ryu and M. Bison are instantly recognizable, but it also has its share of women fighters. Of those, none are as beloved and iconic as Chun Li. The first female fighter in the series, she made her debut all the way back in the early 90s and has since become synonymous with the series itself. Her look has captured the hearts of many fans, from her Chinese qipao to her famous brown leggings covering her even-more-famous muscular thighs (she's known for powerful kick, so it makes sense).

In Street Fighter V in particular, Chun Li kept her kick-ass attitude and showed off her thick, athletic build to the delight of fans. Fitness model Natascha Encinosa, who also possess the long dark hair and powerful thighs, had the internet comparing her to the famous SF fighter, calling her "the real Chun Li."

15 Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter)

via fightersgeneration.com

What's not to love about the hyperactive Brazilian from Street Fighter V? The Jiu-Jitsu super lady got a lot of attention when she was first unveiled in Capcom's announcement trailer and it's easy to see why. Not only is she free-spirited and invokes the electric powers of SF veteran fighter Blanka, but Laura is also dead sexy. Between her long black hair, brown cat eyes, generous cleavage that she clearly has no problems showing off, and her pants which basically amount to a glorified green thong, for many it was love at first sight. Laura also brings a lively and seductive attitude missing from many of the game's heroines.

In her default outfit, her coloration matches that of the Brazilian flag. She also has an even more revealing alternate costume with a mini-shirt that sports the word "Bonita" (Portuguese for "beautiful [woman]"). Surprisingly, Laura's fighting style is not capoeira based, but rather Jiu-Jitsu, which is a popular sport in Brazil and the world.

14 Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)

via darkstalkers.wikia.com

Even if you're not familiar with the series itself, everyone knows this sexy succubi from the Darkstalkers games. There's no denying that Morrigan is a looker; her sea-green hair, voluptuous body, conspicuous batlike wings, purple bat nylons, and very exposed cleavage are all iconic, and make her a subject of cosplay, as well as easily one of the most popular female characters in the world of video games. Morrigan also has an appealing personality, being described as confident, playful, arrogant, and fascinated with the human world. She frequently goes there to pursue hedonistic tendencies. Even her "win quotes" from the original game are all innuendos.

In fact, Morrigan was so sexy and popular that she basically took over as the protagonist of the Darkstalkers series from her male vampiric counterpart, Demitri. She's also made many appearances outside of her own game series, including other fighting games and anime series.

13 Catwoman (Batman: Arkham City)

via gaming.wikia.com

No matter what actress has played her, voiced her, or modeled her, every adaptation of the character of Catwoman has always had one common trait: they are very hot. Catwoman was originally added into the comics to give the Batman universe more sex appeal, but the thief and part-time anti-heroine has since become as iconic to all things Batman asTthe Caped Crusader himself. But perhaps none of the animated versions of Catwoman capture the raw sexiness of Selina Kyle as the particularly bootylicious one from Batman: Arkham City.

The Arkhamverse Catwoman is just smoldering. With her shamelessly unzipped leather catsuit and husky voice work by Grey DeLisle, she makes all of Gotham take notice when she bends, prowls, and pounces. Gamers have lost themselves watching the scantily-clad, high-heeled thief as she hunts. It seems that Batman's only superpower might be the ability to resist the charms of Selina Kyle.

12 Cammy White (Street Fighter)

via gametribute.com

When it comes to the ripped gals of the Street Fighter series, one of the most popular is Cammy. She first appeared in Super Street Fighter II as the second female fighter in the series after Chun Li, and brought a new and sexier feel to the fighting game series. In addition to being a very popular subject of cosplay, Delta Red's infamous commando ranks high on popularity polls among Street Fighter fans and media outlets. The butt-blessed Brit is so popular that if you go to any convention, you're almost sure to see cosplayers sporting her signature leg-revealing thong leotard.

Cammy has received critical acclaim, with people often noting her sex appeal. She was given the "Hottest Game Babe of 1993" award and regularly ranks alongside Chun Li on "top babes in games" lists. She certainly deserves it – it takes real talent to make early 90s pixelated games sexy.

11 Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

via naids.deviantart.com

When you think of the Resident Evil series, you probably think of things like zombies, viruses, blood, gore, and the occasional jump scare. Maybe you also still cringe in fear at the memory of the Crimson Heads. Though we might associate the survival horror franchise with the morbid and terrifying, another, more positive association with the series is the smoking hot Jill Valentine. She's given Resident Evil fans some serious eye candy over the years, with many stopping to ogle her shapely bum in not one, but multiple installments, including her skintight Revelations outfit. Aside from being a total badass, Jill has a "girl next door" charm that gamers find endearing.

Even while the zombie fad is shambling its way out of pop culture, Jill remains an appealing character through and through, and fans will never tire of seeing the smart and tough-as-nails beauty over and over again.

10 Widowmaker (Overwatch)

via gta5-mods.com

Overwatch took the gaming world by storm, becoming the big hit of the summer of 2016 and one of the most acclaimed first-person shooters on the market. Its colorful cast of characters, each with their own individual backstories and fighting styles, drew players in, and soon everyone had their own favorite character. Of course, the girls of Overwatch stood out as particularly appealing and, even though Tracer was the one who garnered controversy for her "butt pose," one character stands out as the game's most attractive: Widowmaker.

The blue femme fatale has already been associated with the big butt craze, and her cool demeanor and impressive gameplay would make anyone sit up and take notice. The cold-blooded blue sniper stands out even among such cute characters like Tracer, Pharah, D.Va and Mei. Whether you love or hate her gameplay style, there's no denying the mature-looking Widowmaker is a knockout.

9 Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

via deviantart.com

It's time for another zombie heroine to take a spot on our list. Lollipop Chainsaw takes on the zombie horror genre with a stylized and absurd sense of parody and at the helm is Juliet Starling, herself a parody of sexualized women in video games. With that said, it may feel like cheating to put her on a list like this, but hey, it's not our fault developer Suda51 made the nubile babe so appealing. Equipped with a chainsaw and her boyfriend's decapitated head, the strawberry lollipop-loving Juliet carves up zombies all the while wearing a rather skimpy cheerleader's outfit and skirt.

It also doesn't help the blatant fanservice that you can maneuver the game's camera to take a peek up her skirt. There's even an unlockable achievement called "I swear! I did it by mistake!" for looking and the bubbly heroine will cover herself in response, recognizing your shame.

8 Harley Quinn (Arkham)

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One thing you have to give the Arkham universe: between Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Talia al Ghul, and of course, the sexy and psychopathic Harley Quinn, Gotham City has no shortage of hotties. Harley has long been a fan favorite after achieving unprecedented popularity in her debut in Batman: The Animated Series and anyone who says they didn't take an extended look at her front or back side is just plain lying. Beyond even her curvaceous appearance in the Arkham games, Harley embodies all that is wild, crazy, and untamed, and shows a lot of enthusiasm for what she does, which only adds to her lasting appeal.

The former psychologist turned psycho clown babe walks around the Arkham games with poise and tight leather pants and/or fishnet stockings. While Harley has always been hot, she was radically re-imagined in Arkham Asylum game as much more sexualized and this has influenced the incarnation of the character ever since, including her scantily-clad depiction by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad.

7 Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

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The Soul Calibur series is one amazing set of fighting games that have been popular all over the world for years now. But none of the characters do more grace to the screen than Ivy Valentine. Since her first appearance, Ivy has become one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the series, known for her distinctive snake sword, impractically revealing outfit, large breasts, and silver hair. The bombshell with rather kinky accessories has managed to somehow wear less and less clothing with her every incarnation, with her battle armor being little more than a chainmail thong and string bikini. Her revealing costumes have received their fair share of criticism, but she still has one of the largest fan bases of all time.

Miss Valentine makes frequent appearances on "hottest character" and "video game vixen" lists, including ones for Team Xbox, Machinima, Spike TV, and ranks as one of the top heroines of gaming. In 2009, she even graced the cover of the French magazine Ig. Frequently portrayed as an antagonist or neutral character, it can be difficult to appreciate Ivy's villainy due to her attractiveness.

6 Shahdee (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within)

via giantbomb.com

While we're on the subject of evil women who you can't truly appreciate as villains because they're...well, they're so freakin' hot, let's recall the memory of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within's Shahdee. She is portrayed as a creation of The Empress of Time, essentially a humanoid sand monster charged with keeping the Prince from reaching the island of time. In the game, she's an excellent fighter, with the battle against her being a very difficult one early in-game (and you being destined to lose no matter what). But what most players remember about her is her proudly impractical steel thong and wearing almost nothing at all; in fact, the first thing we see of her is her bountiful bottom slowly walking up the steps of her ship.

Perhaps her battle strategy was to distract the enemy with her near-nudity with armor that, if you melted it down, might make a small handful of coins.

5 Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

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The Mass Effect series offers players a lot: alien invasions, genetic plagues, endless dialogue trees, a complex universe, and the chance to woo all kinds of people (and aliens). Out of all the potential partners for your Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson stands out as the most seductive. Initially appearing in Mass Effect as rather antagonistic and patronizing, this femme fatale eventually wormed her way into the hearts of gamers. She was genetically engineered to be her father's vision of the perfect woman. Miranda is both brilliant and lethal, with looks and assets to boot.

By now it's become common consensus that Miranda sports one of the best backsides in video gaming history and her combat suit does very little to hide that fact. Luckily for players of the series, the romance option is available for her and is pretty much a no-brainer for many.

4 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

via gamefaqs.com

You knew Ms. Croft was going to show up on this list eventually. Though she's usually the de-facto choice for the number one spot, it's become a cliché to do so, so we decided to be a little different. For years now, Lara Croft has been revered as one of the most attractive women in gaming. While her appearance has changed over the years, her looks have never taken a loss. She's fought everything from ancient warriors to dinosaurs while constantly looking good in the process.

Lara is beautiful, intelligent, and adventurous, so it's no wonder that she's who people think of first when it comes to the most beautiful women characters in games; in fact some people think of her as the first video game sex symbol. There's no doubt Lara is both appealing and enticing, and has an aura of power that keeps fans coming back for more.

3 Laughing Octopus (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Octopus proved that Harley Quinn is not the only curvy blonde character that mixes hotness with a dose of crazy. Even though she laughs uncontrollably and talks about how she finds people suffering, hurting, and dying hysterical, we dare any gamer to say they didn't go to the special all-white bonus level that comes from not killing her for several minutes. In the level, you can have Snake take out his camera to get plenty of shots of her very ample booty in her practically painted on suit. This also goes for all the members of the BB Unit, proving Hideo Kojima knows exactly how to give the people what they want.

2 R. Mika (Street Fighter)

via streetfighter.com

We've finally reached the apex of Street Fighter sexiness, or in Rainbow Mika's case, the maxim of gluteus maximus. The fighting game franchise has never been shy with the full-figured and gorgeous ladies, but R. Mika takes it to a whole new level. The plucky wrestler with the blonde pigtails was first introduced in 1998's Street Fighter Alpha 3, but it was her recent appearance in 2016's Street Fighter V that got a lot of attention. An animation of her slapping her prominent buttocks was removed from the North American version of the game, which made headlines. You know you've got an epic apple bottom when it literally makes the news.

Mika has received mixed reception from both critics and fans, some of whom have criticized her character design and revealing clothing, and some calling her gameplay "overpowered" and "broken." Nevertheless, Mika's flamboyant appearance and design make her stand out and, love her or hate her, there's no denying she's an attractive character.

1 Bayonetta (Bayonetta 1 and 2)

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When you think of a witch, you probably conjure up an image of an old and ugly hag with warts and green skin, bent and stirring a bubbling cauldron of noxious unholy potion. Well, meet Bayonetta, truly the image of a witch for the 21st century. You can make all sorts of cases that any of the previous curvaceous women belong in the number one spot on our list, but Bayonetta is pretty much sexy personified when it comes to games these days.

Where do you even start with her: the accent, the posing, the boots, the skintight outfit made of her own hair? Bayonetta is far from shy when it comes to showing off and calling the player's attention to her body, especially when you realize she basically walks through her games naked. Her spells or moves cause her suit to slip off, leaving our heroine naked for a few moments. As well, Bayonetta has cool personality in spades, pulling off the sexy librarian/witch combination flawlessly. Bayonetta is one of the best video game babes of the last decade, and that's why she's number one on our list.

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