25 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins is filled with secrets you haven't found and facts about the game you need to know.

Many people were not sure of the direction of this new addition to Assassin’s Creed. Historically, the game has been set in Rome, and various other European locations, but with the dismal reception of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, the developers decided to take the franchise into a new direction. The game had yet to visit the continent of Africa, and they more than made up for the absence with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. This game covers the beginnings of the Assassin Brotherhood and tells the story of the franchise’s real first assassin, Bayek.

This game was a significant undertaking, with developers acknowledging NASA documentation and Egyptian historians to get the setting just right. Gamers can look forward to seeing an ancient Egypt as close to the way it was years ago. This dedication to the realism of the game has struck a chord with players and critics alike. The game has scored a nine out of ten on ign.com and Steam. Critics praised the opportunity for discovery and mission design as key features that set this game apart.

Some are seeing this new dive into the Assassin’s Creed universe as a reboot of the series, a way for the franchise to start anew and shake the proverbial cobwebs off. Regardless of the reason, this game has tons of things for gamers to sink their teeth into. Here is a list of the 25 awesome things you probably did not know about Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

25 Origins Took A Page From The Skyrim Book

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A game takes on more meaning when it goes from “just a game,” to its own world. If anyone has played Skyrim and seen a dragon barrel through and destroy something, they can appreciate this attention to detail. To create more realism in the world of Origins, the developers decided to have NPCs engage in real-world duties they would normally carry out in a 24-hour cycle. They socialize, eat, sleep, shop, and conduct business that is relevant to who they are in the game. Bandits will steal from people, and other things will happen outside of the main character’s scope. This determines how Bayek will approach side missions and other matters involving NPC characters. So, players need to keep in mind that NPCs are not at their beck and call.

24 Ride A Mystical Creature

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What’s better than riding a horse? Traveling through Egypt on a mystical, rainbow aura carrying, white unicorn. This is obviously a joke by the developers, but the scene of one of the best assassins of all time running over pedestrians on a unicorn is definitely a piece of comedy gold. Players can get the unicorn upon finishing 15 minutes of the game and paying for helix credits. With the Curse of The Pharaohs DLC coming in early 2018, it will be interesting to see if more mythological creatures start to make their way onto the marketplace for helix credit purchases. Either way, in a game that takes their history seriously, it is cool to see that they are not above having a little fun with gamers.

23 Better Hit Jump To Avoid Damage

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise has always been successful in integrating parkour into gameplay. However, a failure to correctly land the jump can result in some damage to the health bar. In Origins during freefalls, players have to remember this one little trick to avoid high fall damage. If a player is doing a parkour-like freefall, they need to remember to hold the jump button to do a tuck and roll. This helps him absorb damage and gain momentum in battle situations. As long as the jump button is pressed by the time Bayek reaches the ground, then all should be good. The Leap of Faith in Assassins Creed is as iconic as the characters, so its helpful developers made it easier to pull this off without incurring damage.

22 Are You Ready For Realistic Combat?

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Realistic combat is like that idea you had to join the circus (or any other ragtag group) as a kid. It seems like a good idea in theory, but the realness of it might not look as cool as once thought. Developers have tried to come to a reasonable resolution to make some sense of the whole “realistic combat,” idea and have allowed Bayak to have a customized combat experience where heavier weapons will deal more damage but will make him move and swing slower the more he uses them in a short time span. This opens up numerous counterattack opportunities for enemies and will make one-on-one battles even more challenging. Players will have to think long and hard about which method will be the better option to take down enemies.

21 Bayek Will Have The Chance To Participate In Some Egyptian Mythology

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Just like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate had its offshoot missions that allowed players to rub shoulders with literary legends, Origins is set to do the same. However, it might be a little more intense and involve a lot more combat. The second expansion pack for Origins will put Bayek in a “living nightmare.” While this is bad news for Bayek, who will have had his fair share of drama in the main Origins title, this is awesome news for gamers. He will have to fight mythological Egyptian monsters and dead pharaohs in Thebes in “The Cure of The Pharaohs.” It sounds like it will be a mash-up of God of War and a little Alan Wake, and all of this seems absolutely incredible. While the realities of Egypt are intriguing, it is nice to allow some nightmarish fiction into the equation.

20 You Have Multiple Choices For Taking Out Enemies

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People like options. We crave the flexibility to do things the way we like them. Wisely enough, Ubisoft developers understood this concept and decided to let gamers have more freedom in how they approach enemy combat situations. Some people like exploding through enemies Rambo-style, while others like to be more tactical and include stealth wherever possible. Well, gamers have their pick of the litter in facing and taking out enemies. There are over 150 weapons at the player’s disposal within the game with their own pros and cons. The onus will be on the player to decide what makes sense in various combat situations they may come across. Honestly, who doesn’t want to use a sickle sword, scepter, or bow and arrow for any situation?

19 A Hallucination Of Biblical Proportions

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Have you ever experienced such intense heat you knew you saw something that was out of this world? Well, Bayek is no different than us. With average temperatures that are over 100 degrees during the day in the deserts, no wonder this guy can see some wild things in his travels. The developers of Origins take their connection to ancient texts seriously. If Bayek stands in the desert for too long, he will experience a hallucination of a Burning Bush, making direct reference to the story of Exodus. Bayek plays it off like a champ, still keeping his assassin bravado as he casually walks by the odd scene. Most people would probably have not been as cool, calm, and collected after seeing shrubbery in flames.

18 GTA Ancient Egyptian Style

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In the world of Ancient Egypt, it is every man for himself. Even through the maturity and regal nature developers bring to the world of ancient Egypt, some things never change. Bayek has multiple ways of gathering supplies he may need in sometimes unconventional ways. Bayek can pick up crafting supplies if Senu, the eagle, spots a merchant moving supplies. Bayek can then go and steal them if he is not able to hunt. However, like Grand Theft Auto, players can steal at their own risk. You never know when you are going to steal a car from someone who is ready to fight for it, and the same applies here. Some merchants will be escorted by guards, so this will not be an easy pickup.

17 What’s Better Than An Arrow? One On Fire!

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Honestly, what weaponry doesn’t look cooler with some flames added to it? Come on! You know you have gone the extra mile to pick up a flamethrower or another weapon that can spit fire. There is just something inherently awesome about wielding flames at your will. Origins goes for a simpler, but no less excellent, way of infusing fire with weaponry. Bayek can make his own fire arrows by dipping them into torches. This is pretty cool enough, but the fun does not stop there. The flaming arrows can be combined with free oil in the area to create explosions. You can take out, even more, enemies with this little trick. So, when going into an enemy camp take stock of all of the torches in the area, you might need them to make a light show out of enemies.

16 Who Let The Lions Out?

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Not sure if this counts as the 150 weapons, but this is another avenue players can use to take out enemies. Bayek can get some help in the combat department by unleashing caged animals in enemy camps. These usually are lions or hyenas (why anyone would have these animals randomly locked up makes no sense). Again, the developers of Origins got creative about how gamers can take out bandits, guards, or any other enemy that crosses the player’s path. This detail reiterates the importance of scoping out an area and exploring all options available, and using Senu is a considerable part of acing this strategy. If you want to have “Indiana Jones-like” cleverness and wit, you can be “that guy” and teach those enemies a lesson by turning their animals against them.

15 You Might Be Competing With Animals For Resources

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This is a “dog-eat-dog” or better yet “lion-eat-dog” kind of world. Bayek is not only competing with bandits and other humans, but he also has to think about other “beings,” that may want a slice of the pie. The developers took realism to the next level. Ingredients for specific items can be picked up from dead animals, but if players are too slow to the punch or happen to be near an animal that wants it as bad as they do, players may have to fight for it. Just like in real life. So if you see a bird falling from the sky or a gazelle that has met its in, you better make it there quickly because a crocodile could be waiting in the wings to challenge you for it.

14 If You Are A History Buff…Origins Has You Covered.

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Museums are great; they put you right in front of paintings, artifacts, or settings from years ago. What if you could experience the fun of a museum while never leaving your video game? In early 2018, another downloadable feature for fans of Origins will be the Discovery Tour. Players can take a “tour” of ancient Egypt with the help of real historians and Egyptologist to learn the ins and outs of what is real within the Origins universe. Developers took great strides to stay true to the customs and look for the time. So, take a break between fighting hippos and raiding tombs to get a free tour of a virtual Egyptian museum. Hmmm, maybe other museums could take the cue, and install a PS4 or Xbox.

13 You Can Thank NASA For This Immersive Gaming Experience

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You know a game is huge when a governmental entity is getting involved in the makings of a game. When you see those overhead maps in Origins, they look a little familiar huh? To make desert terrain as realistic as possible, Ubisoft developers got some extra help from NASA satellites to get the hues and look just right. Assassin’s Creed always likes to get their historical facts as close to correct as possible, and they spared no expense on Origins. When you take Bayek through the desert and discover those hidden tombs, know that NASA had a hand in making sure the experience was even more immersive. So those nine out of ten ratings are pretty well-deserved for a group that takes ancient Egyptian history and climate this seriously.

12 Senu’s Skill Was Inspired By Real Mongolian Hunters

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There are a lot of skills hunters use to get their prey. This one might be the most impressive way. Senu’s breed of eagle is indigenous to Egypt, but the inspiration for what she can do came from Mongolia. Mongolian hunters use eagles to scout for prey, and this practice was lifted and put into the gaming mechanics for Bayek to use. Senu can help Bayek scout an area for enemies, supplies, or terrain differences. This service is invaluable and will help make a lot of side quests easier. It is also remarkable to see that this teamwork between a human and animal is not just created for the game, but it is a historic partnership real people have been using for hundreds of years.

11 Become A Jack Of All Trades For Easy Upgrades

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What is your combat style? Are you a gaming genius who can nail headshots on the first try? Do you like to use the terrain and area to hide until you go in for the kill? Do you want to use that adrenaline just to make enemies bend to your will? Again, Origins is a game with multiple options, and gamers have their choice of how they want to combat enemies. While there is a choice, it is a good idea to become used to a lot of different styles since variety can help. Players can increase their XP by taking out enemies in different ways. Headshots, assassinations, adrenaline kills, and other methods can increase ability points. So get used to some other combat styles to maximize on XP. This approach will go far in the long run.

10 Giving The Phrase “Put ‘Em To Sleep,” New Meaning

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Assassinating a moving target in Origins or any Assassins Creed game is not easy. They are probably guarded and moving within a restricted area. While part of the fun is figuring out the right tactic to use, you might not always feel like going through all of this to eliminate a target. Here is a little trick that might help speed the process along. Sleep darts are the most potent weapon in the game. They can take out any enemy except bosses and can make assassinations even easier by immobilizing the target. The fact that you can use these darts to slow down any enemy is pretty helpful. Make sure you have some of these in your inventory as you progress through the game.

9 The Power Of Poison

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If you need to take out a large group of enemies, then poison needs to become one of your go-to weapons. Players can use poisoned darts or weapons that have been imbued with the substance. If the player does this right, it can take out many enemies without having to encounter them face-to-face. When an enemy is poisoned, they can emit fumes, and if another enemy walks through the fumes they can either be killed or stunned depending on the severity of the poison. Sometimes a “shoot ‘em up” approach is not always the best option; it can waste valuable ammo you may need later, so using poison darts can conserve energy for Bayek and get a few chain kills without having to lift a finger.

8 Curses May Backfire On You

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A cursed usable weapon seems like a choice no one should have to make. You know that there is something about it that could harm you, but it also sounds like it could be a problem for the person you use it against. Cursed weapons can increase damage by 200 percent which can result in one hit kills with more massive weapons. On most other weapons with a cursed trait, they can cause double damage against enemies, but there are tradeoffs to these weapons. If you use a cursed weapon, your health will be capped at 33 percent of what it usually would be. Therefore, while you can take an enemy out with one hit, they can probably do the same for you. It is up to the player to decide if this is worth it.

7 If You Aren’t Using It…Dismantle It

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Don’t we always get tired of hearing about ways to “save?” Sometimes you just want to splurge. Well, we are going to have the conversation about “in-game fiscal responsibility.” Like many other games, Origins allows you to dismantle items you may discover you do not need. Instead of always buying new things, players can carefully take inventory of the items they are not already using and can break it down to dismantle them into pieces they can craft for precious wood and metal. This can save on time spent looting. These items can also be sold to make some extra revenue for later on. So, be sure to keep an eye on what you have and what you are not using as you may be sitting on some valuable stuff.

6 Developers Took Realism To New Heights With Animal Transportation

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While this may be annoying, it shows the developers are trying to show gamers what living in ancient Egypt was like. Players cannot make camels move faster; the animal moves at a faster or slower rate depending on the landscape or if the area is densely populated, so there is no use smashing the X button. Using animals or chariots makes reaching goals a lot faster even if they have a mind of their own. Think of them like old school driverless cars that are smart enough to regulate their speed. You will be thankful for mounts when you have to transport an NPC to a safe spot and don’t have to sling them over your shoulder to get them to safety.

5 Stay A Little Longer In Faiyum

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Faiyum is one of the locations with the most significant number of most side quests and Quest Chains (the same story over multiple quests) in the game along with various places to pick up loot. These quests can increase overall XP and will allow Bayek to level up a lot faster to face more advanced enemies. It would be advantageous for the player to stay here a little longer and grab as much as possible before moving to a new location. There are tons of forts, camps, and areas for treasure that players can take advantage of. With cursed weapons, challenging enemies, crocodiles, lions, and every other thing that can kill you quickly, it is nice to know there is a place of relative safety to level up.

4 Breaking News: There Is A Hidden Chamber In The Real Khufu’s Pyramid

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins has sparked renewed interest in the land of ancient Egypt, and one of the pyramids featured prominently within the game is potentially holding a never before seen hidden area. Bayek can raid the Khufu Pyramid in the game, and encounters tons of secret spaces and treasures, well the real-life counterpart has been found to have an unexplained gap within the area. Scientist discovered that the area is possibly over 100 feet long through a program called ScanPyramids. This program along with the practice of muography can cut through dense matter to detect any gaps without damaging these spaces. Could this mean an updated Khufu Pyramid DLC with this new development? A blend of science and gaming has never been as sweet.

3 Defeat Enemies By “Horse-Ing” Around

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Again, Grand Theft Auto rears its head. Imagine heading down Vice City or San Andreas with a horse and still taking down enemies. This entry will make anyone who felt a more extensive variety of transportation in those games should be readily available feel validated. Bayek can chain together a sprint, horse mount, and enemy attack in one swoop. If a situation gets a little crazier than first thought and you have to make a move, call for your horse and make a jump for it. The right button formula will allow you to find and target enemies in every direction while the horse takes care of the transportation. Maybe Ubisoft wants to think about a Grand Theft Auto crossover because both games are creatively putting combat and transportation together.

2 Getting Laid Out? Use This As An Opportunity To Regain Composure

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While everyone would love to be perfect in combat, this is not the reality that most of us live in. At some point, we will get wrecked with our health bar drained along with the stinging shame of humiliation. So, it makes sense also to take a look at some defensive tactics to use when this inevitably happens. Well, the developers have again come to the rescue to think of everything. If the player presses square at the right time and then a direction after being hit by an enemy, Bayek can immediately dash to another route to avoid another hit and potentially pull off an attack combo. So, you may be able to pull off an even better taken down by getting knocked down.

1 Time Is In Your Hands

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Haven’t you always wished you could travel back in time to erase some embarrassing thing you did? Bayek has this skill in Origins, and it dramatically impacts how players should approach the game. Since NPCs have a set schedule, players can manually turn back or move time forward to create a more accessible opportunity for Bayek to take out someone or approach side quests. Seriously, how awesome would this be in real life? Unlocking the Dusk and Dawn perk will allow Bayek the ultimate power to get the jump on enemies. Is it even a fair fight for the guards and bandits in Origins? One thing is for sure, Bayek is shaping up to be an assassin with the some of the best tool at his disposal.

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