25 Hottest Pokémon Cosplay Of All Time

The rising status of cosplay as an artistic medium has given us terrific interpretation of characters from every form of fiction. Thanks to the internet, the art of cosplay is available for everyone to appreciate. Cosplay is a medium beyond borders, languages, and status. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Over two decades old, the Pokémon franchise is as strong as it has ever been, with fans of all ages, genders, and nationalities. With the explosion of Pokémon Go, Pokémon-related fiction, and merchandising, it doesn’t seem like the public can get enough of these magical beasts. It is only fair that cosplayers want to interpret this franchise through their favorite art form.

Though accuracy is a key component of cosplay judging, it is not an end-all be-all method of gauging the quality of a cosplay. The wonderful thing about Pokémon cosplay is that personal interpretation is the most important aspect, as accuracy is almost impossible in this regard. This is known as “moe gijinka.” The cosplayer is trying to emulate a Pokémon, after all. Unless the cosplayer is dressing up as a human character from the franchise, each incarnation of Pokémon-related cosplay is going to be unique. That’s what makes it fun.

This allows many heavenly geek goddesses to cosplay their favorite Pokémon as they see fit. Luckily, I have compiled some of their best work right here. In no particular order, here are the 25 hottest Pokémon cosplays in existence.

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25 Flaaffy — Shi0nTheCookie

via flaffy-shion-pantyshotapproved-dva

Shi0nTheCookie is a Swiss cosplayer who can be seen gaming on her Twitch channel or showing off her wonderful outfits at various pop culture conventions around Europe. No stranger to the world of gaming cosplay, some of her more notable outfits include the title character of the game Catherine and Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series. When she dressed up as Hilda from Pokémon Black and White and Misty from the original game and animated series, it was a matter of time before Shi0n dived into the world of gijinka with her adorable Flaafly cosplay. Flaaffy is the evolved, bipedal form of the electric sheep, Mareep, from Generation 2 that looks oddly-bare from the chest down. Shi0n’s amazing mix of curves and cute accents allows her to pull off this adorable sheep Pokémon quite well.

24 Umbreon — Kicka Cosplay

via hobbyearth

Dazzling us from the country of Italy, Kicka is a cosplayer who has been active since 2009 with dozens of outfits to her credits, such as Edward Alric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII, and the Miraculous Ladybug from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The super-petite Kicka measures in at merely 150 cm, but often appears larger-than-life in her cosplays. Her best Pokémon entry is that of the Dark Eevee evolution, Umbreon, which features the Pokémon’s all-black body with yellow accents. Umbreon was introduced in Generation 2 alongside Espeon as the next-generation of Eevee evolutions. Most of Eevee evolved forms are popular among female cosplayers, with Kicka’s Umbreon being one of the more exceptional ones.

23 Greninja — Sarah Fong

via pinterest

Sarah Fong balances her geeky life as a cosplayer and a gaming streamer on Twitch. Even when she is cosplaying, there is a heavy dose of gaming-related characters, such as Chie from Persona, Felicia from Darkstalkers, and Cammy from the Street Fighter series. She is not afraid of showing off her very-curvy body in her well-rounded cosplays. Her Greninja is the best example of this. From the sixth Generation, Greninja is Water/Dark Ninja Pokémon evolved from Frogadier and the final form of Froakie. As Greninja, Sarah Fong is loaded with butt-kicking goodness in the water and on land in her all-blue outfit of destruction. With assets and skills like that, it is no wonder she has such a tremendous following on social media.

22 Meowth — Danielle Beaulieu

via pinterest

As one of the most popular cosplayers in the world, Danielle Beaulieu is adept at creating outfits with intricate armor and weaponry, including a copious amount of League of Legends and World of Warcraft cosplays that has netted her several awards. Also, she has been doing promotional events for the likes of Turtle Beach and Asus. Honestly, guys probably love her because of her cleavage, but you cannot ignore the quality of her armors. Ironically, her foray into Pokémon cosplay is of Meowth, who is totally lacking of any incredible armor. Instead, it is mostly a minimalist outfit exhibiting Danielle’s ingenuity and dynamite body. Team Rocket’s Meowth is one of the main Pokémon in the series that can speak the human language rather than just repeat his own name.

21 Misty — Mari Evans

via deviantart (mari-evans)

Russian cosplayer and fitness trainer, Mari Evans, has a knack for creating extremely-sexy cosplays, such as her multi-tailed Ahri from League of Legends and nosebleed-inducing Poison from the Final Fight series. Her Misty from the original Pokémon is the perfect blend of attractive and cute. Believe me, there are some very unsavory and hypersexualized cosplays of Misty out on the internet where people seem to go too far. Not here. It is just simple and tasteful. Misty is one of the main characters of the original series and the second gym leader the protagonist faced in the first Generation of Pokémon games. If you want to support her, Mari Evans has various social media accounts and runs a Patreon for her future cosplay projects.

20 Vaporeon — Stella Chuu

via gamehall.uol.com.br

The self-proclaimed “Anime Princess of Burlesque” is at the pinnacle of the global cosplay community as an ambassador of the craft, traveling to numerous conventions as a monthly habit and showing off her intricate outfits for public viewing. She is best-known for her Ivy Valentine outfit from Soul Calibur. Beyond just cosplay, Stella Chuu streams on Twitch and performs burlesque across the country, usually in her cosplays. Thus, she is no stranger in baring her body for the sake of art. Chuu has done two extremely seductive Vaporeon cosplays, but the one in hebodysuitdy suit is the contender for one of the sexiest of all-time. Being one of the original 151 Pokémon, Vaporeon is one of the most popular Eevee evolutions among fans.

19 Sylveon — Cosplay Butterfly

via deviantart (lightningbaron)

From Ontario, Canada, Cosplay Butterfly’s cosplay work isn’t for the faint of heart or entirely work-safe. But if you are viewing her stuff from a personal device, it might be the best decision of your day. Whether it be her Zero Suit Samus cosplay or her body paint outfit of Birdy the Mighty, Cosplay Butterfly has no shortage of appeal or cosplaying talent. When she decided to create an outfit of the Fairy-type Eevee evolution, Sylveon, it might have been difficult to keep her vivacious curves in check. The result is a cosplay that is as adorable as it is alluring — guaranteed to get the blood boiling. Want more from Cosplay Butterfly? Be sure to check out her Facebook fan page and her Patreon.

18 Beedrill — Vera Bambi

Yet another beauty from Canada, the alternative model and cosplayer named Vera Bambi isn’t shy shedding her clothes in front of the camera, moonlighting as a camgirl. Be warned, searching for her images on Google is definitely not safe for work. Back when she went by Vera Baby, she created a Beedrill cosplay that was downright legendary. Her double-drills will certainly sting you in the correct places. Though not the most popular creature in Pokémon lore, Beedrill is a well-known member of the original 151 and heavily-featured in fiction, culminating in the creation of Mega Beedrill in the more recent Generations. Though this might be the tamest of Vera Bambi’s cosplays, her interpretation of the wasp Pokémon is by far one of my favorites in the gijinka genre.

17 Glaceon — Jaycee

via thelightningplace.blogspot.com

Residing in New England, Jaycee is a cosplayer that is well-versed in Pokémon gijinka and portraying female superheroes. Looking at her past work, you come to this conclusion rather quickly. She is as geeky as she is busty, which is a perfect combination for us. If her interpretations of Harley Quinn and Captain America aren’t enough, Jaycee’s classy and elegant Glaceon cosplay radiates her special beauty. In a gown fit for an evening formal, her outfit is topped off with a ravishing blue wig and a staff featuring a Glaceon head. Introduced in the fourth Generation along with Leafeon, Glaceon is the Ice-form evolution from Eevee that exudes cuteness. No doubt, Eevee-related cosplays are some of the most popular ones with prominent female cosplayers.

16 Officer Jenny And Nurse Joy — ApocalypticAsh And Aenne Schumann

via kotaku australia

ApocalypticAsh and Aenne Schumann aren’t the most sought after cosplayers on the internet, but that doesn’t mean their interpretation of Pokémon's resident public servants Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy went unnoticed. While ApocalypticAsh hasn’t posted about her cosplays in quite a while, Aenne Schumann is an active gamer and plays on Twitch every so often. However, their cosplays are bona fide awesome and should be remembered as such. The running gag in the Pokémon animated series is that the Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys all look the same regardless of location and are always the object of Brock’s affection, who appears to be the only person who can distinguish between the various Jennys and Joys in different towns and regions. This is a gag also used for the Porter and Don George characters.

15 Girafarig — Mokuyo

via pinterest

Practicing the art of cosplay in Germany, Mokuyo has dressed up as Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Her cosplay specialty is creating plug-suits, including several dedicated designs for Rei. However, her Girafarig cosplay is the one that catches my attention, featuring the Pokémon’s yellow and black color scheme and a staff with the separate head that is located on Girafarig’s tail. Originally from Generation 2, Girafarig is a creature that looks like a giraffe with a Super Mario Chain Chomp for a tail. Though it is not one of my favorite Pokemon, I fell in love with this interpretative cosplay by Mokuyo. Very creative and practical at the same time.

14 Lillie — Maridah

via twitter (maridah)

Cosplaying since 2001, Maridah is a veteran of the convention circuit and has over 300,000 followers on her Facebook fan page. She rose to prominence after revealing her Saber cosplay from the Fate series. Also, her cosplay of Danny Choo’s company mascot Mirai Suenaga has garnered her a lot of new fans online and offline. When she decided to recreate the image of Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon in cosplay form, I was excited to see what she would come up with. Seeing the final result, I was not disappointed. If Lillie ever did come to our world, she would definitely look just like Maridah. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful treat? Without a doubt, Maridah is one of my favorite cosplayers in the world.

13 Articuno — Haley Doll Cosplay

Haley Doll has done many cosplays throughout her brief career. She's been a female version of Kratos and an adorable version of Misty, but nothing seems to even compare to her wonderful interpretation of one of the original Legendary birds, Articuno. With an ample amount of feathers making up the wings and an icy-blue outfit, it almost brings the spirit of Articuno alive and personified. Photography-wise, her cosplay is the best of this entire list. With the presence of the arctic backdrop, it is hard to argue that opinion. Hopefully, she might create outfits for the other two Legendary birds. One can only dream. Follow her Facebook fan page for the latest updates on her upcoming cosplays.

12 Charizard — WhiteSpring

via deviantart (whitespringpro)

The Norwegian cosplayer known as WhiteSpring has a long resume with gems like Harley Quinn, Ahri from League of Legends, and even Misty and Umbreon from Pokémon. By far, her gijinka of the popular Pokémon Charizard stands head and shoulders above the rest. Though similar to Nigri’s version, WhiteSpring’s interpretation is just a little bit more tactical and special, resembling an armor. Charizard is the final form of Charmander and one of the starter Pokémon from the original series. Over two decades later, Charizard remains one of the most popular characters in Pokémon lore and merchandising. Her choice of recreating the fearsome fire lizard is a no-brainer. As of this moment, WhiteSpring is still creating cosplay for your viewing pleasure through her Facebook and Deviant Art.

11 Vaporeon — Firebird Cosplay

via tumblr

Active since 2014, Firebird’s first cosplay was of Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII. Almost three years later, her gijinka of Vaporeon remains one of the very best-ever chronicled on the internet. If the Water-typed Eevee evolution ever turned into a human, it would probably look just like this. Including some of Vaporeon’s major attributes, such as the ears and fins, Firebird added a rather fitting staff to her functional swimsuit. The resulting outfit is something out of Atlantis and is eerily close to the original source material. Out of the many Eevee-based cosplays around the world, this is, without a doubt, the one that looks the most like the creatures itself. If you think so, too, head over to her Facebook and follow her page.

10 Seadra/Gyarados — Hailey S Cosplay

via rebrn.com and facebook

As a lover of video games, Hailey S Cosplay has done her fair share of gaming-related cosplay including her designs of Shiny Seadra and Gyarados. All of her creations have ample amounts of cleavage and hard-work put right in. Hailey appears to have an affinity for water-related cosplays. Choosing from her Seadra and Gyarados might be a difficult task. Seadra is the evolved form of Horsea and evolves into a Kingdra through a Dragon Scale in Generation 2. Gyarados is a popular Pokémon that is known for its destructive nature and evolves from the hapless Magikarp. Hailey S Cosplay does a great job capturing the magic from these two Water-based Pokémon down to the gritty details. Make sure to search for her other amazing work.

9 Shaymin — Cookie Kabuki

Ruth Vega, known by her cosplay pseudonym Cookie Kabuki, has been adapting her cosplays to suit her very voluptuous body. In a medium where body-shaming is a common practice, she continues to release high-quality cosplay worthy of praise. Certainly, it would be a shame if her adorable interpretation of Shaymin was not featured on this list. Shaymin is mythical Glass-type Pokémon from Generation 4 that resembles a hedgehog with plants growing out of it. The flowers from Shaymin’s head is reproduced as accessories on Cookie Kabuki’s aptly-chosen green wig, while the outfit embodies Shaymin’s mythical and surreal disposition, as well. There is a simple elegance about this cosplay that makes it very likeable.

8 Pikachu — Mandee Sim

via pinterest

Sharing a similar bust-line, it is no wonder that Canadian cosplayer Mandee Sim is such a huge fan of Jessica Nigri. Spending her days as a registered nurse, Mandee has found time to created notable cosplay of Ahri from League of Legends and Super Sonico. Of course, she is keen on featuring her cleavage in most of her outfits. Once, she even dressed up as a sexy Charmander at Anime Expo. But Mandee makes this list with her unique cosplay entitled Assassin Pikachu. I am not quite sure where she came with this interesting variation of Pikachu, but that’s something I have never seen before. If Mandee catches your eyes, be sure to keep track of her newest pieces through her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

7 Espeon — Midge Scully

via thelightningplace.blogspot.com

When self-confessed dork and talented cosplayer named Midge Scully is not cosplaying and using the power of makeup and brightly-colored wigs to transform her into fictional characters, she usually has extremely-cool haircuts that are the calling-cards of beautiful alt-gals. In character, though, she is almost unrecognizable, in a good way. Beside her wonderfully-crafted Articuno, Scully’s interpretation of the Psychic-powered Eevee evolution Espeon is a lovely sight to behold. Blessed with a bountiful bust-line and an adorable outfit, her Espeon really takes Pokémon cosplay to the next level. Introduced in Generation 2 with Umbreon, Espeon possesses the ability to protect its trainer from harm by using its psychic abilities and is one of the starter Pokémon of Pokémon Colosseum.

6 Espeon/Cubone — Kinpatsu

via pinterest

From South Africa, Kinpatsu the cosplayer has won a great number of awards for her craftsmanship, which enables her to travel around the world to display her talent to the convention-attending public. Whether the cosplay is from League of Legends or World of Warcraft, they are all top-notch and worthy of internet-worship. In addition to her armor-laden outfits, she produced a couple of Pokémon gijinka of Cubone and Espeon. Both are worthy of inclusion on this list. The Cubone cosplay is simple and effective, but her armored Espeon left me awestruck because of its incredible quality and attractiveness. I’m not quite sure which one should be considered the winner. Maybe you might have an idea? Honestly, by seeing some of Kinpatsu’s awesome cosplays, aren’t we all winners here?

5 Absol — Ashari

via dorkly

Canadian cosplayer Ashari creates outfits and props not only for herself, but for anyone able to afford her wares. She makes some of the best armor and weaponry in the cosplay community. If you have time, make sure to look for her Uriel cosplay from the Darksiders games. It is absolutely incredible isn’t it? Though her Mega Absol cosplay was a mighty departure from her typical projects, the utilization of awesomely-crafted wings, inclusion of a scythe weapon, and a tantalizing corset allows Ashari to capture the essence of this Pokémon. Introduced in Generation 3, the disaster Pokémon known as Absol has an uncanny ability to predict and warn locals about oncoming natural disasters and features one of the cooler designs of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

4 Squirtle/Totodile — Byndo Gehk

via thelightningplace.blogspot.com

Beyond maintaining a Twitch channel, Byndo Gehk is an American cosplayer who pays special attention to gijinka and offers video tutorials on outfit and prop-making. With over 200,000 followers on her Facebook fan page, she can be considered a pseudo-celebrity among those residing in the geek kingdom. Her Totodile caught my attention as one that is both aesthetically-pleasing and fascinatingly-practical, but her interpretation of Squirtle takes the trophy as her best Pokémon-based cosplay. Squirtle and Tototile are Water starter Pokémon from Generation 1 and 2, respectively. As one of the original 151, Squirtle is still immensely popular even among casual fans of the franchise, while Totodile was never able to match the Turtle Pokémon’s level of popularity. It is up to you which of Byndo Gehk’s cosplay is better. They are both great in my book.

3 Rayquaza — Kitsune Kid

via deviantart (kocosplay)

A while ago, Kitsune Kid actually did a photoshoot as Squirtle with Byndo Gehk as Totodile. Small world isn’t it? Formerly known as KO Cosplay, Kitsune Kid hails from New York City and has been cosplaying for over six years. Among her list of cosplays, her X-23 and Digimon’s Angewomon stands out. The one that puts her on this list is her Rayquaza gijinka. Rayquaza is a Flying/Dragon Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation 3 resembling a giant, green serpent. Also, it is the cover mascot of Pokémon Emerald. Kitsune Kid does an excellent job in personifying the grandeur of this Pokémon with a cosplay that can only be described as epic. Hopefully, she decides to create more Pokémon gijinka in the future.

2 Houndoom — Jessica Nigri

via reddit

Jessica Nigri, the Queen of [Sexy] Cosplay. As the official model for games like Lollipop Chainsaw and Assassin’s Creed, she is at the height of the cosplaying world and able to sustain a professional career through this artistic medium. Not many people around the world can boast that. Honestly, I can compile a list only of her works. Nigri has done more Pokémon gijinka than cosplayer on this list, including each Eevee evolution, Pikachu, Charizard, Slowking, Blastoise, and even Ash Ketchum. Yes, all of them are sexy. But the one that surpasses them all is her Houndoom, which appears to be the ultimate temptation from the Devil himself. Houndoom being a Fire Pokémon might just be able to match the heat generated by Jessica Nigri herself.

1 The Pokemon Valkyries

via flickr

What can possibly be better than Jessica Nigri as one of the Eevee evolutions? Assemble eight other awesome cosplayers to represent the nine forms of Eevee reimaged as heavily-armored Valkyries. The result is nothing short of a dream come true for geeks everywhere. Eevee is cosplayed by Becka Noel, Leafeon by Lyz Brickley, Espeon by Danielle Beaulieu, Jolteon by Jessica Nigri, Flareon by Joanna Mari, Vaporeon by Andy Rae, Umbreon by Hooked On Phoenix, Glaceon by Caroline Dawe, and Sylveon by Gladzy Kei. Each lady looks like she stepped straight out of any MMORPG. Being a Pokémon and cosplaying fan, this might be the pinnacle moment that will never be topped in the near-future or ever. That being said, this would be a wonderful entry to go out on.

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