24Mamoswine: WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

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The Offending Entry: "A frozen one was dug up from soil dating back 10,000 years. It woke up to much amazement."

I can only assume the look on its face was like the one above. But seriously, does that make this Pokémon like Robin Williams from Jumanji? And also, what

exactly was it amazed at? Did someone actually take the time to learn the language of the Mamoswine and tell it that it's been 10,000 years?

I mean, kudos to the Pokémon world for being light years ahead in the field of cryogenics, since no one in our world has been able to successfully revive any animal stuck in cryo-sleep.

I do have to say though, on a recent playthrough of SoulSilver, this Pokémon was invaluable. I just didn't have the heart to tell him how long it had been since I carved him out of the ice. Thankfully, he just trampled my enemies and didn't think twice about it because HE'S A DAMN POKÉMON.

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