27 The Simpsons Redesigns Better Than The Show

Born out of the Tracey Ullman ShowThe Simpsons went solo in the form of a half-an-hour Christmas special aired during December 1989, prior to expanding to a weekly schedule in the following month. Over the course of three decades, Matt Groening's cartoon has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. The former rank among the funniest episodes to ever grace the small screen, while the latter is Lisa Goes Gaga. Springfield might be fictional, but many folks have spent more time in this particular town than real cities. Regardless of the weaker seasons, The Simpsons etched its name into pop-culture folklore and will never be forgotten.

We laughed when Homer inexplicability led a union strike against Mr. Burns. After studying hard for a school test but nevertheless failing, we cried along with Bart. The Simpsons boasts too many memorable moments to list in a single article, and this lovable family has inspired countless people to reach a pen and create. The internet permits like-minded individuals to form communities surrounding a shared passion. Unsurprisingly, The Simpsons has amassed an incredible following over the last 30 years, and certain artists have seen fit to pay tribute to Groening's cartoon!

The Simpsons must never be allowed change, but this rule is limited to the actual show. Freed from Fox's reach, the iconic family can substitute their static look for anything deemed worthy by fans. Here are 27 The Simpsons redesigns better than the show!

27 Family Portrait

Via deviantart.com/patrick-hennings

Presented in a distinctive art style, Patrick-Hennings dragged the family together for a sweet photo! Each member could pass for a completely new person; however, buff and ragged Homer is undoubtedly the scene stealer! Springfield Nuclear Power Plant must have installed a gym, as this version of Daddy Simpson could give Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money. Admittedly, we are referring to the older T-800 model; nevertheless, that is an impressive feat! Despite Homer's physical ascension, Marge continues to be way out of his league.

26 Sideshow

Via deviantart.com/miimochi

Drawn into Sideshow Bob's realm of treachery and mayhem, Lisa joined forces with her brother's worst enemy. Now, in all fairness, Miimochi's creation is open to interpretation. While the couple does seem to be on good terms, Bob is playing the role of the tempter. Enchanting the impressionable teenager with a mesmerizing magic show and a devilish grin, Bob masterfully woes Lisa into accepting his universe.

25 Welcome To The Real World!

Via deviantart.com/missvarlou

Assuming the children's heads are not hideously misshapen, we have to assume blonde is rather rare in The Simpsons' universe. Conversely, Springfield is home to a number of brunettes, ones with distinctive hairstyles. Prior to going bald, Homer sported a sweet mop-top, and Marge's blue locks have evidently skipped a generation. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie should not be blonde. Is there anyone else in Springfield with color-coordinated hair and skin? Genetics is quite a mystery. Interpreted as comparatively realistic alternatives to Groening's iconic cast, missVarlou stuck with blonde over brunette.

24 The Dark Bart Rises

Via deviantart.com/vikung-fu

Dishing out revenge while endeavoring to secure a discount for a comic book convention, Bartman was a product of necessity. Introduced during season 2, Bart's alter ego spawned an infectiously catchy song, an extensive comic book series, and a handful of games better left in the shadows. During its heyday, The Simpsons' star shined so brightly, Michael Jackson basked in the cartoon's glow and lent a helping hand during the creation of Do the Bartman. Bart sucked as a superhero, but the kid was a force of nature!

Art by vikung-fu.

23 Manga Simpsons

Via deviantart.com/kibate

At the bare minimum, The Simpsons knows about the existence of anime. Putting aside the occasional reference, the cartoon seldom experiments with aesthetics that are not its own. The Treehouse of Horror segments might teleport Homer into the real world, but these moments are few and far between. Spanning more than 600 episodes, The Simpsons would benefit from aping other styles more regularly. Obviously, the series' success can partially be credited to its unique character designs, but the occasional deviation could help spice things up.

Art by Kibate.

22 Why So Serious?

Via deviantart.com/dyslexic-ferret

A poster uploaded by Dyslexic-Ferret; at long last, Homer refuses to accept any more of Mr. Burns' infuriating demands! Springfield deserves a better class of villain, preferably one whose birth did not coincide with Chester A. Arthur's administration, and Homer knows the idol candidate! Going up against the most incompetent police force in the business and a pint-sized superhero, this iteration of the Joker should fare kinder than the one in Gotham. As for the poster, could this be any cooler? Forget about yellow, purple is Homer's color!

21 Breaking Bart

Via deviantart.com/panchusfenix

Speaking about crossovers, Panchusfenix spattered a touch of Walter White over Springfield. Alongside exploring new visual styles or romantic partnerships, unofficial art pieces presents fans with a precious opportunity to observe their beloved icons from a typically untouched perspective. The Simpsons and Breaking Bad strike opposing tones, but the same characters could feasibly work in any genre. Modifying the mood could convert a comedy into a tragedy, and this picture serves as the perfect illustration of this fact. Homer is the one who knocks.

20 Lisa Plays The Blues

Via deviantart.com/tohad

Tohad's tribute feels almost nostalgic. As a summer breeze cools the air, savoring the day is the only thing that matters. Armed with a saxophone bigger than an eight-year-old girl, Lisa soundtracks the beautiful morning with a melodic tune stripped right-out of a jazz album. Beauty is subjective, but Tohad's painting is objectively exquisite. The Simpsons is synonymous with childhood for most people born within the last three decades. As long as Lisa keeps on playing her tune, those memories of summer shall never fade.

19 Faculty Meeting

Via deviantart.com/drzime

Named after members of the Groening family tree, The Simpsons central cast was partly inspired by reality. As the old saying goes, art imitates life, and many children could pinpoint their own personal Seymour Skinner or Edna Krabappel. Their personalities might be heightened for comedic purposes, but humor requires an element of familiarity. Springfield Elementary School's faculty may consist of cartoon characters, but they emit shades of humanity. Edna suffers from bouts of loneliness, while Otto aspires to be a rock star. The Simpsons is art, therefore, The Simpsons is life.

Art by DrZime.

18 Solid Simpson

Via deviantart.com/leif-j

Following the release of Metal Gear Survive, a crossover starring the Bartman seems like a substantial step forward. Even if the gameplay, graphics, and story fail to rise above the cartoon's bottom of the barrel content; at the very least, Metal Gear Simpson should be a fascinating train-wreck. Konami's spin-off managed to be the worst thing a game could be: Metal Gear Survive is boring. Gaming grants a break from the monotony of everyday life, but Konami failed to get the memo. While a far cry from Solid Snake, Leif-j's Bart towers above Metal Gear Survive's bland Captain.

17 Maggie Has A Gun

Via deviantart.com/nna

The Simpsons can be accurately described as many things. Hilarious? Unquestionably. Quotable? D'oh! Emotionally exhausting? Prepare the tissues. Regardless of the cartoon's various traits, "cute" is seldom mentioned in association with The Simpsons. One could argue the decline in quality coincided with an improvement in the animation, but The Simpsons' characters are designed to be identifiable rather than picturesque. Brandishing a weapon and ready to protect her family from any menaces, nna's Maggie proves looks can be deceiving. Who shot Mr. Burns?

16 Homer May Cry

Via deviantart.com/doghateburger

These artists keep on presenting crossovers that are too enticing to ignore! A Devil May Cry featuring Homer as the charming private investigator, doghateburger picked the one action series were such a mishmash of properties would not seem too out of the norm. So long as Devil May Cry 2 is disregarded, Dante's easy-going nature forbids the franchise from taking itself too seriously. Going by the recent report about Devil May Cry 5's microtransactions, Capcom could have a field day with such a crossover!

15 Lisa & Bart Senpai

Via deviantart.com/kassworkshop

Inspired by manga, Kassworkshop repurposed Bart and Lisa as anime protagonists. Draped in fashionable outfits and redesigned to be softer on the eyes, the siblings should slip seamlessly alongside other slice-of-life teenage leads. Lisa's true calling is to be adored by millions as the standout member of an idol group. When it comes to Bart, the skater's destiny is to be stuck in a harem with around ten girls. Honestly, Bartman would be a pleasant break from the traditionally clueless protagonists.

14 Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Via deviantart.com/raro81

The Simpsons answer to Romeo & Juliet, minus the romance and poisoning, Millhouse and Lisa's relationship subverts the stereotypical "true love" cliché presented across various sitcoms. As Bart's best friend, Millhouse tends to be sucked into the rebel's wild antics, but the boy would abandon this lifestyle in a heartbeat for Lisa. Skipping forward around 30 years, Season 23's Holiday of Future Passed presents a possible timeline starring Lisa and Millhouse as a married couple, but these episodes are generally considered to be glorified fanfiction. An exclusively lopsided infatuation, aRo81's painting is simultaneously sweet and creepy.

13 Simpsons Skate

Via deviantart.com/katiramoon

Who needs Lassie when Santa's Little Helper is in the house? Whether truly representative or not, The Simpsons' eponymous household lampoons a traditional family unit.  The APPA estimates that around 44% of households in the United States own a dog, therefore, Santa's Little Helper is merely a tiny fraction of a massive statistic. While dogs remain the most wide-spread pet, cats have experienced a significant boost in popularity; nonetheless, customarily, sitcoms wishing to introduce an animal opt for a hound rather than a feline. Old Yeller was not about Grumpy Cat and nobody asked Kitty whether Timmy fell down a well.

Art by KatiraMoon.

12 Locked & Loaded Bob

Via deviantart.com/ziznine69

Would Batman exist without the Joker? Every superhero needs a villain worthy of their time, and this extends to the Bartman. Voiced by Frasier Crane, Sideshow Bob's sophisticated tone contrasts brilliantly with the psychopath's deranged quest to eliminate Bart Simpson. Introduced as Krusty the Clown's sidekick and ridiculed on a weekly basis, Bob gradually lost any semblance of control and ventured down a dark path with no hope of return. Dressed like a gentleman thief and smoothened out around the belly, ziznine69's Bob's next con involves a high stakes poker game.

11 Golden Age Homer

Via deviantart.com/paintmarvels

With the exception of Mr. Burns and Sideshow Bob, Homer Simpson is the last person who should be granted access to superpowers or potentially dangerous future technology. Good intentions can only take you so far, and Homer has accumulated an impressive track record of bumbling even the simplest tasks. Reminiscent of older comic books in the vein of Miracle Man, paintmarvels' Homer barely qualifies as the same person. Where is the Duff belly? While there are more suitable candidates for the job, the guy does seem to be taking this whole superhero shtick rather seriously.

10 Mad Max Fury D'oh!

Via deviantart.com/adn-z

Mad Max: Fury Road left quite a massive splash and its ripples managed to reach Springfield's shore. Rather than transporting a couple familiar faces from Groening's sitcom, ADN-z preferred to blend George Miller's modern masterpiece with The Simpsons' unique aesthetic. Displaying a stunning eye for detail, Immortan Joe and Imperator Furiosa adjusted instantly to their striking new designs. While the Road Warrior seldom utters a word, Max is awesome regardless of whether he is portrayed by Mel Gibson, Tom Hardy, or Troy McClure.

9 Lisa At College

Via deviantart.com/koku-chan

Koku-chan's Lisa is hard to decipher. Decked in the girl's trademark one-piece red dress, the teenager fuses elements of Lisa Simpson and The Flintstones' Betty Rubble, with a dash of Super Saiyan added for good measure. Caught between a manga and a classic Western comic book, the artist birthed a peculiar tribute that works on multiple levels. When presented in a wildly differing visual style to the source material, fan art faces the risk of coming across as a cosplay session. Here is a cartoon girl dressed like Lisa Simpson.

8 Cheers

Via deviantart.com/serushins

The proud proprietor of Moe's Tavern, Moammar Morris Szyslak's rough exterior masks a caring and loving individual. Repeatedly falling short in the romance department, Moe does come across as somewhat of a sad sack. Fox has demonstrated to be more than willing to cash-in on The Simpsons hype train, therefore, it is astonishing there has yet to be a spin-off based on the cartoon. Could Moe be the Frasier to Homer's Cheers?

Art by serushins.

7 Our Favorite Family

Via deviantart.com/corrsollarobot

CorrsollaRobot stuffed the canvas with such an overabundance of information, it is near impossible to focus on one specific element. Colorful and venturing on the chaotic, the artist's strongest point has to be the facial expressions. Be it Marge's disapproving gaze or Millhouse's sorrowful tears, we have a portrait filled with emotion and personality. If The Simpsons was created after the turn of the century, the animation might have been similar to CorrsollaRobot's homage. Alas, that is not an option, and we will have to make do with a static image! In all fairness, the dynamism on display is remarkable.

6 Bansky Goes To Springfield

Via deviantart.com/jebdiahbob

Season 22 owes its most exceptional moment to a guest appearance by artist Banksy, who staged the opening couch gag for the episode MoneyBart. Leaving a stamp across the country, the graffiti artist periodically takes a break from challenging societal and political norms to pay homage to Groening's cartoon. Uploaded by JebdiahBob, Banksy's tribute can be found on the streets of New Orleans. Is there a greater honor than being hailed as an inspiration by one of the most recognizable artists in the world?

5 Lisa Embraces Anime

Via deviantart.com/semiaverageartist

Blessed with anime eyes, SemiAverageArtist's Lisa is the antithesis of the source character. Frequently acting as the voice of reason and Springfield's sole citizen who seems to have a couple of brain cells to spare, Lisa Simpson must exist on the border of conventionality and defiance. Despite craving a seat among the popular crowd, Lisa refuses to bend to the will of the masses. As an anime girl, Lisa seems a tad too purified.

4 Treehouse Of Horror

Via deviantart.com/monomauve

Wow, that is uncanny! Mr. Burns has scarcely aged a day over the last 100 years. Homer's boss is arguably the cartoon's only irredeemable personality, but the cranky geezer's blatant villainy serves as a brilliant commentary on greedy big corporations and the like. Transposed into flesh and blood, Mr. Burns is slightly unsettling. Without the animation to filter the evil emanating out of those old pores, Charles Montgomery Burns hits too close to home. Where is Maggie Simpson when you need her?

Art by monomauve.

3 Simpsonzu

Via deviantart.com/spacecoyote

Saving the best for last, spacecoyote's couch gag holds a special place among fans. Considered a minor classic on Deviant Art, the author summoned Springfield's entire population for the ultimate portrait. Subjected to full makeovers, the entire cast has seldom looked better! In less steady hands, such an undertaking could have zapped The Simpsons of its unique personality; however, Nina Matsumoto successfully captured the essence of Groening's cartoon. Simpsonzu was such a hit, the author was asked to pen some official comics based on the series.

2 Tattoo Bart

Via deviantart.com/jakeliven

Where to even begin? Laced with tattoos and stuffed into the ground like a tee pin, Bart's flashy new groove might be subjected to a decent amount of pushback from Principal Skinner and Marge. In the case of the boy's father, Homer will presumably be too distracted by the TV to notice Bart's change. Moving past the compositions, jakeliven's tribute will feature prominently in our dreams for the foreseeable future. Do not misunderstand, the painting is fantastic, but Bart's hollow eyes are haunting!

1 Aurora Borealis

Via deviantart.com/el-rey-chipinque

El-Rey-Chipinque's dreamy tribute is gorgeous! Referencing the legendary exchange between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers in 22 Short Films About Springfield, the author visualized Skinner's dirty white lie. Desperately trying to pretend his kitchen has not spontaneously combusted, Bart's Principal waves away Chalmers' inquiries by blaming the red glow emanating from the doorway on the natural phenomenon. Skinner spun his web of deceit with such confidence, part of us wishes to believe an aurora borealis was truly localized within his kitchen.

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