Three Games to Play if You Like Overwatch

Borderlands 2

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One of the biggest complaints about Overwatch is that it does not have a campaign. There are over 25 incredible characters with deep lore expanding through comics and animated shorts, but there is no way to play through the story of the world. Borderlands 2 does a wonderful job at filling this gap.

In Borderlands 2, up to four players journey through a deep Shooter RPG with each character choosing one of six unique playable characters. Each hero is fully customizable Overthrough cosmetics, skills, and weapons, and the combat is perfectly tuned. Every character is interesting and entertaining, which is exactly what someone would expect with an Overwatch campaign.

The best version of Borderlands 2 to play is through Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which contains every piece of DLC, including the phenomenal story expansion surrounding Tiny Tina. Borderlands 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, and any version of the game is well worth your time.


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While Borderlands 2 is strictly story-based, Destiny does a nice job at giving the players a campaign while also providing fun PvP action as well. Players can play through the game solo or with a few friends in a variety of missions that range from story content to fighting a huge raid boss.


Like Overwatch, there are different hero types to choose from. There are three classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, all of which have their own abilities from passive skills to ultimates. The lore of the game is mainly through Grimoire Cards, which give little bits of world information outside of required missions. Also, fans of Overwatch’s assault mode will enjoy Destiny’s control modes in PvP.

Heroes of the Storm

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This is the only game on the list that has almost similar gameplay mechanics to Overwatch. Heroes of the Storm is another game developed by Blizzard, but instead of a competitive shooter, it is a MOBA. Overwatch fans will like Heroes of the Storm’s competitive nature, objective based gameplay, and most of all, a roster that includes several Overwatch characters.

Currently, there are five heroes from Overwatch that join battle with others from World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and more. Lucio, Zarya, Genji, Tracer, and D.Va help new players get familiar with the Warrior, Assassin, and Support roles, although there is no Overwatch hero in the Specialist category. The Hanamura map also makes an appearance as a Battleground and is the home of the Shimada Bros, Genji and Hanzo. Heroes of the Storm also has unique skins for each of the characters, and in Zarya’s case, these skins are even cooler than her options in her main game.

These are only a small handful of games that would be good to try out if you like Overwatch, but there are a lot of routes to take. Fans of multiplayer shooters should try Star Wars Battlefront or Titanfall 2, while fans of lovable characters could even go as far out as trying the Mass Effect series.

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