30 All Grown Up Versions Of Kids Characters That Will Make You Blush

Some may say that turning children characters into adults is completely wrong. But I guarantee you that when producers do so, everyone is completely fine with it. So, why can’t fans do their own interpretation of what these kids might look like when they grow up? If you see a child in an inappropriate way, it’s your own fault, not some artist’s. Saying that reimagining kid characters as adults is objectifying them is like saying that adults are meant to be objectified. When in reality, it’s a part of life. We all age, we get older. Having curves doesn’t give you any right to be objectified. You do know that objectification and admiration (or appreciation) is not the same. Ask Ed Sheeran. That aside, some of these characters are imagined as “steamy” adults. But that’s because the artists grew up with these characters. They were kids at the same time. So, they want to age them as they aged. They might have had a crush on them when they were kids and still have that childhood crush. So, why not make them your age?

As for the rest of you (who understand the aging process), it’s pretty fun to see your favorite childhood friends grow up just as you have, isn’t it? Remember how excited you were when you saw that the Rugrats were getting a new show called All Grown Up where they would be “big kids”? It was so exciting! Remember when Naruto did a little time skip and the gang turned into teens? Really fun stuff. So, let’s do it with some more characters that never got the chance to grow up. Not in a fatal way, just in a “producers never made sequels” type of way.


30 What Could Kiki Be Delivering Now?

Via: admirawijaya.deviantart.com

Kiki’s Delivery Service was one of my very favorite movies when I was younger. I was in love with all Studio Ghibli movies, but Kiki’s Delivery Service was my first, so it was hard not to hold it so close to my heart. When I saw this adult version of Kiki my heart warmed to see how she turned out. Very 50s pin-up girl, but also endearing. She may be a little scantily clad, but for a pin-up version, that’s okay. She’s still adorable and I don’t think that they took away from her personality much at all.

What I want to see is Tombo. How did that sweet nerd turn out? Does he have a motorcycle now or just a better bicycle? If you’re wondering who did this amazing thing to Kiki, you have Admirawi Jaya to thank.

29 Man Of The Vault

Via: jmkilpatrick.deviantart.com

Whoever thought to turn Vault Boy into Vault Man is a genius! The genius known as JM Kilpatrick, that's who. He gives us another 40s/50s throwback, and with good reason, because everything in Fallout (except for the monsters and the radiation) is so 40s. This art is stunning and so is Vault Man, being chased by rats, rockets, and everything in between. If you look closely at the details, you’ll be even more impressed. I mean, look at how he’s casually shooting that ghoul.

Vault Boy is the happy-go-lucky, iconic mascot for Fallout and the vaults in the game. He has little to no personality other than being the mute spokesperson who always has a smile on his face and advertises everything from stats to med packs! But doesn’t he look like an adorable hunk as an adult?

28 80s Chicks FTW

via kotaku.com

What happens when She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, and Strawberry Shortcake get together and throw a slumber party? Every man, woman, and inner child that was born in the 70s and 80s flock to their location. Every boy had a crush on She-Ra and every girl wanted to be her. As for Brite and Shortcake, they were the sweetest, cutest girls on television, books, and in toys. But as adults, they are hot! Plus, that party looks like tons of fun, doesn’t it? Which of these three was your favorite? Were you a fan of He-Man and his fam or did you prefer Rainbow Brite? Maybe you had the entire collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls?

No matter what, you gotta remember that these young girls (Brite and Shortcake) aged just like you did. So, in reality, they are in their 30s or 40s!

27 Who’s Your Favorite KND Now?

Via: Isaiah Stephens

Codename: Kid’s Next Door, loved this show! Just look how everyone has grown. Number 5 looks super-hot, Number 2 looks like he has a plan, Number 1 looks more dapper than ever, Number 3 looks like the best agent they’ve got, and Number 4 looks like he can kick some butt (or at least like he thinks he can). Not gonna lie, had a little crush on him when I was younger but now it seems that Number 1 gets the attention from the ladies.

Anyway, I love seeing groups like this where you get to see how the whole gang on a show turned out. Really hits me right in the childhood. Isaiah Stephens, one of my personal favorites, really knows what he’s doing. We’ll see more from him later on.

26 Name That Disney Princess!

Via: Hannahalexander.deviantart.com

Trick question, none of them are princesses! Instead, we have three sweet Disney leading ladies who are not royal. Wendy from Peter Pan on the left. Lilo from Lilo and Stitch in the middle, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland on the right. None of them are overly steamy, but all of them grew up to be beautiful women that you may or may not feel bad for having a crush on. Who is your favorite out of the three? Wendy looks very mature. Lilo looks very fun. Alice looks very sweet. Maybe you should ask yourself if you want to go to Neverland, Wonderland, or Hawaii.

I for one, love all three of them and would like to meet each of them. Hannah-Alexander did an amazing job growing these girls up!

25 Kim Impossible: Call Me

Via: Sakimichan/Kawacy

There are tons of absolutely amazing pieces of Kim Possible art. Even ones of the young teen all grown up. Out of them all, there were two that I could not say no to. So instead, I used them both. The left one is a really impressive piece by Sakimichan. The right is an incredibly interpreted piece by Kawacy. There’s no telling which I like better because they are both so good. The right one looks more like the art of the show but the left one seems to grow her up more. What do we want to see next? Ron and that naked mole rat!

But who should do it? Sakimichan or Kawacy, two overly talented artists who are hogging all of the natural gifts.

24 Astrid Haddock, Is It?

Via: dominquewesson.deviantart.com

This looks more cosplay than digital art, but I think they simply sketched a real model’s face and flew with the rest. Astrid was the coolest character in How to Train Your Dragon, so of course, we want to see what she looks like as an adult. Turns out she looks pretty much the same only hotter. Not surprising. If you look closely, you’ll see Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs walking behind her. This only adds to the amazing factor. Dom Wesson, the man responsible for this, did other characters for How to Train Your Dragon too! His Hiccup is almost as fantastic as his Astrid that took him 15 hours in photoshop to create. Pretty impressive actually. It would take me years to achieve this.


23 PowerPuff Girls In The DC World


There are so many interpretations of Power Puff Girls grown up, that it’s hard to pick just one. But since this one is just insanely good, we’ll stick with it. Created for Justice Magazine, and put into the same world as Wonder Woman, this take on them is mind-blowing. They kept their innocence, but are still hotter than you could have imagined. The professor would totally not be okay with this, but all right. They were his little girls, they're not allowed to grow up. I'm not sure if they even can, they were created with science, but I don't know how the PPG world works.

No matter if you like this version or not, you have to admit that the artist did a really good job.

22 Should We Still Call Her Little Suzy?

Via: petunia43.deviantart.com

Love how they kept the art for Little Suzy, the sweet, intelligent, and annoying little girl who crushed on Johnny Bravo. Johnny Bravo was such a great show, wasn’t it? But it wouldn’t have been the same without the little stalker here. This art was done by Petunia43. Some might say she grew up way too fast, but if you’ll notice, a lot of Cartoon Network women, including many of Johnny’s dates, dressed very similar to this. Maybe that’s why Suzy went this way, to get his attention. It makes perfect sense considering he’s a womanizer. On the flipside, I hope that after all these years, she’s not still caught up on him.

Either way, she turned out to be so beautiful while still keeping her cute and sweet charm.

21 Who’s Ready For A Rockin’ Adventure?


C’mon everyone, grab your friends! Looks like the fun never ended here. Look who’s all grown up and ready for a grand adventure? It’s our friends from Adventure Time! Let’s see how far everyone has come. Finn looks like he’s really grown up and looking more intense than ever. Then we have Princess Bubblegum who seems extra sassy. I love what she did with this piece. It's so realistic and awe-inspiring. By the way, have you actually taken a look at Jake? He's there, just scan the art a bit.

Who would not watch a time-skipped Adventure Time? Incredible! It could get pretty twisted when you realize Finn refuses to grow up and still carries around his old sword. Lelia is the goddess to thank here. However, if you want a more shall we say, adult variation, take a look at this art by the same artist.

20 Oh My Darling, Clementine

Via: ibralui.deviantart.com

Now, this is real and quite disturbing. As you can see, most of the time, when they adult-up some kids, they make them too steamy for most people’s taste. But iBralui did the most accurate version imaginable. She still makes a beautiful adult though, albeit creepy for strangling a zombie there. For those who are lost, Clementine is from The Telltale Walking Dead games. Even though this is true, it doesn’t help the fact that this art is fairly grotesque.

She has blood dripping from her eyes and a zombie rotting in her arms. Yet, she somehow manages to be so cool and hot at the same time. She’s still a scared little girl on the inside though, letting you know the harshness of the post-apocalyptic world.

19 Shego Possible

Via: Pinterest

You’re lying if you say that you didn’t think Shego from Kim Possible was hot after you were old enough to realize that people were attractive. She was the most intelligent character on the show, she had class, and she was completely bad a**. On the show, she even used her looks to seduce men and bend them to her own will. It never said how old she was, but we can assume she was in her late teens to early twenties. However, this version of her is much more grown-up than we’d ever imagined as children.

Everyone liked Shego and now, everyone is in love with her. It doesn’t matter if she’s not just a villain, but a villain sidekick, she’s still pretty boss and incredibly attractive.

18 Why So Blue?


It’s easy to get stereotyped when you are the only female in the vicinity for years upon years. You are seen as the objectified human of the bunch. Especially when the women who came in after you are more cute than pretty. For a Smurf, she was pretty objectified, I give her that. So, I’m not surprised to see “steamy” photos of her like this leaked. You can just imagine her long blonde hair and short white skirt flowing in the wind. It looks like she's human-sized, but actually, it's just her proportions that are human. She’s a tiny, Thumbelina-sized wonder. Fairly similar to our next bombshell blonde. Just wait till you get a load of a certain feisty fairy.

17 Hook’s Caught A Fairy


Even though it was a children’s movie, Tink was often seen as the curvaceous and beautiful female character. Many men had little crushes on her and were genuinely attracted to her. It's probably that short skirt and fairy wings. Why do you think so many adults dress up as her? The attention from men, maybe? She is adorable, I understand. I love how this art doesn't exactly objectify her but brings out her flirty, warrior-like aspects. If you look closely, you'll see that she's just about to stab something in the eye. Now there's the real adult content here. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, I don't care how small she is. She looks like she could kick butt and that is really adorable.

16 The Grass Is Much Greener

Via: Isaiah Stephens

This show, As Told By Ginger, wasn’t really that well know but it was pretty fabulous. The junior high known as Lucky Junior High rules Ginger’s life as she obsesses over popularity and cliques. She desires to be popular but is socially awkward and shy. The show taught us a lot and we all had favorite characters. Maybe it was the awkward Dodie, the intelligent Macie, or the annoying little brother Carl. Or perhaps you preferred the more popular Courtney who wasn’t really all that bad in the end. I’d 100% watch this follow up of them in high school or college.

Though if this happens, you might have a different favorite considering how popular and mature TV crushes are these days. Ginger has always been such a cutie though.

15 Don’t Think She’s A Boy Anymore

Edward Wong is one of the most endearing characters from one of the best Anime of all time: Cowboy Bebop. Throughout her stay on the show, viewers and “co-stars” alike thought she was a boy most of the time. When, in fact, she was just a tomboy doing her job…barefoot. The effort that went into this remarkable. My personal favorite is the bare feet on the keyboard. It’s just so Ed! As is the pure fact that she is easily seen as an attractive girl without taking away from the integrity of who she really is. She doesn’t look like a Barbie, she looks like Ed, all grown up and still steamy. In a steampunk sort of way, right? Now all I’m missing is the rest of the cast!

14 Ico, An Extension Of Our Souls

Via: oscarrromer.deviantart.com

Does anyone else remember this game? Ico was a fantastic game that was far too short. It was released in 2001 and was the only one of its kind. I specifically remember playing Ico and Dark Cloud all day for the longest time. The game was short and sweet, but it launched a new dev called Team Ico. A few years after Ico’s released, a sequel called Shadow of the Colossus came out, but it didn’t really measure up.

That’s because Ico, starring an outcast demon boy named Ico, was so pure, so sweet. But just look at him now. The long awaited "true” sequel version of him. The best part of Ico was Ico, and he didn’t even star in the second game. So, Oscar R Romer gave us this masterpiece.

13 Jake Long? Is That You?

Via: ihuneart.eviantart.com

To be fair, this is just a dragon, I think iHune Art was recreating a piece he had done years ago. But someone commented that it was “Jake Long, All Grown Up and I ran with it. After all, it shows up in search results as an adult Jake Long. For those who don’t remember, Jake Long American Dragon was a really boss show. I saw a few people say this looked more like a beefy Mushu as well, but I’m going to go with Jake as it fits his body style better.

If I were a dragon, I’d be all over this Jake though because he is one handsome dragon if I do say so myself. Those red scales and flowy blue mane (which he must have dyed from green) are to die for!

12 What Happened To Billy?

Via: zenithnadiri.deviantart.com

How messed up can Zenith-Nadiri be to imagine this? Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is Cartoon Network’s very own Wednesday Addams (but at least she had a heart). Mandy’s grim (pun intended), depressed, and quite sadistic. To see her as an adult is quite frightening. What do you expect from a girl who never smiles? Well, not never, whenever she does smile she just throws off the natural order of the universe.

It’s all so eerie and so is this show that they claim is okay for children. She has absolutely no positive personality traits or values and is an awful role model. All of that works for the show. But we all have one gnawing question to ask about this art: where’s Billy?

11 The Key To My Heart

Via: bulletproofturtleman.deviantart.com

Kingdom Hearts is a game series that everyone likes. But with many of the main characters being children, we wonder how they will turn out. Here, we get to see Sora, Kairi, and Riku. The three best friends and main protagonists of most Kingdom Hearts games. Another game where you pick a favorite and stick with it. Likely your favorite is one of these three right here.

Speaking of, here’s a fun fact for you regarding this trio. Originally, Sora is voiced by Haley Joel Osment, Riku is voiced by David Gallagher, and Kairi is voiced by Hayden Panettiere. Another reason to love them if you grew up in the early 2000s. What is not to love about Kingdom Hearts? The kids grew up and they look better than ever thanks to Bulletproof Turtle Man.

10 Strong In The Real Way

Via: Jorn Siberian

Ask any cartoon fanatic and they will tell you that Steven Universe is one of the greatest American cartoons in the last few years. You get so involved in the lives of Steven and the gems, so attached. So to see Steven grow up is heartwarming and sad. Because of the popularity of the show, this has been done many times, but I believe that Jorn Siberian did the best at keeping the integrity of the character. Steven didn’t change in any way, he shouldn’t. He isn’t muscular like fans seem to think they want. He’s got that hot dad bod and that natural aura to him. Still as playful and silly as ever, yet he’s not a carbon copy of his own dad. This guy wins Steven Universe art.

9 Got Milk, Anyone?


How we loved Malon and every other character in Ocarina of Time. But Malon has a special place in our hearts. Again, many young ones had a crush on her, but did they ever think she could turn out like this? A lot of people shipped Malon and Link, and with good reason. With Daddy gone, Malon has taken over Lon Lon Ranch and needs a ranch hand to help her out.

Raiyneofgailin did this to Malon, so whether you like it or not, they are to blame. Putting Link into the role as a father is hard to wrap our minds around. Especially imagining him having twins. Wouldn’t she make a good wife? We saw her as a teen in Ocarina of Time, but I think she’s aged well since then, don’t you?

8 Some Magic Going On Here

Via: Isaiah Stephens

Magic School Bus was both educational and entertaining. We all wanted a teacher like Miss Frizzle at least once in our lives. We all had a favorite kid. And we all wondered what it would be like for a minuscule bus to fly into our nostrils and travel throughout our system. In case you don’t remember, from left to right we have Tim, Dorothy, Arnold, Phoebe, Ralphie, Carlos, Wanda, and Keesha. It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?

The adventures of flying through Ralphie’s body, exploring the bottom of the sea, and surfing the clouds. What a wonderful show, that Isaiah Stephens reminded us of. This guy is a legend that we’re not done with yet. Your favorite show was likely reimagined by him.

7 Grrr…Take A Look At The Pharaoh Now

Via: kawacy.deviantart.com

Whether this is Yu-Gi or Pharaoh Atem is debatable. Because it’s actually both. Anyone who has seen the show knows how this works. Yugi Muto is seen as the vessel and descendent of Pharaoh Atem who lived thousands of years ago. But Atem has little to no control over Yugi until he unleashes the power of Yami Yugi, the older, more intense Yugi. This was when Yugi gave control of his body over to the Pharaoh.

In the show, he was rarely seen as “attractive” any more than any other Anime teen. But this adaption by Kawacy is incredible and yes, very attractive. He’s just so intense and confident. Plus, he’s a pharaoh. A kind one at that! Who couldn’t fall in love with that?

6 Have You Seen My Bear Tibbers?

Via: Pinterest.com

Annie, the evilest little one in League of Legends (next to Teemo). Born to two Noxian wizards, Annie seemed like a normal little girl at first. But it didn’t take long for her parents to realize she was a very special little girl, a witch much like her mother. By the age of two, she had created and befriended a denizen shadow bear that she named Tibbers. The bear, along with Annie’s extreme arcane power can take on any foe.

She is always seen as a six-year-old girl, so it’s very strange to see her all grown up. Strange and rather frightening because we know she could only get stronger with age. Let’s just hope she won’t disintegrate you or sic Tibbers on you if you try to flirt with her.

5 Don’t Look Under Your Bed

Via: imoonart.deviantart.com

We thought the Skull Kid was the creepiest thing in the world growing up. Then, we met Skull Man. The name isn’t as catchy but surely he has some disease to grant you. Majora’s Mask was a messed-up game, and Skull Kid was freaky. The details here are absolutely amazing, but why did they have to make him so hot? It’s kind of ironic since in Ocarina of Time when he makes a cameo, he is afraid of adults. Who knew he would ever grow up?

It’s true that the Skull Kid hates being known for his Majora’s Mask phase where he was practically possessed by a demon, but when something like that happens, people don’t’ forget. How about you stop being so mischievous or you might accidentally pull the moon from its circuit?

4 Ponyo Ain’t Just A Little Fishy No More

Via: veonkun.deviantart.com

When I saw this, I got so excited at the prospect of there actually being a Ponyo 2. The first one was so adorable. Sasuke and Ponyo won my heart, as awkward as she was. Now, as a goddess of the sea, she’s returned to say hello to teen Sasuke. She’s decided to go to high school as a normal human girl. This is a movie that I’m dying to see. Sadly it doesn’t exist yet and is simply a piece of Veon-Kun’s imagination. However, not long after he created it, Studio Ghibli actually used it as an April Fool’s joke on their official Facebook page! How cruel! I admire them for it, but it made a lot of people angry. But maybe seeing this prospect of a love story between the two makes up for it. Use your own imagination, with your knowledge of Japanese Anime movies.

3 Wirt Is This?

Via: emilyena.deviantart.com

How many people watched Over The Garden Wall when it came out a few years back? It wasn’t long and it was strange, but it was so worth it. Wirt was just a young lad at the time, in this twisted short series. But in this piece of art, Emiely Ena did a Hannibal and Over the Garden Wall mashup. It featured an adult Wirt (who is rather handsome) being brainwashed and tormented by The Beast in a Hannibal-like way. The show is creepy, so you can imagine how a Silence of the Lambs version of Over the Garden Wall could turn out. More terrifying than you can imagine.

Just be glad the show is as innocent as it is and go back and watch it. After all, it’s really good.

2 Gamzee, Bard Of Rage

Via: zv33.deviantart.com

Who remembers Gamzee? Zv33 does! He might look familiar and that’s because he’s from a well-known comic called MS Paint Adventures. Not many people read them, however, because they weren’t exactly for kids. The language and use of adult substances turned a few people away. The first one came out on the internet in 2007 and it seems they are still adding new adventures on a regular basis. The comics are known as one of the longest comic collections on the internet. Each adventure follows different characters. Gamzee is from Homestuck, the most recent addition.

He’s a funny guy that spends a lot of his time under the influence. He’s usually pretty chill but spends most of his time annoying people by talking in ALL CAPS or worse, aLtErNaTiNg CaPs.

1 San Through Ashitaka’s Eyes

Via: artgerm.deviantart.com

One of my favorite pieces of Princess Mononoke art is a grown-up version of San and Ashitaka. That is fantastic, and it is done by Sakimichan. However, I soon fell in love with this piece because it showed the soft, feminine side of San. Something you don’t see too often. She was literally raised by wolves, so I don’t blame her for her feral ways. It was Ashitaka’s love that showed her that she was human in the end. Why he wanted a feral girl, who knows? Well, we do know if this is how he saw her. She’s beautiful in a way that the movie never depicted. The elegance and naturalness are mesmerizing. Somehow even the lack of color helps you to focus on the pure aspects of her beauty.


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