30 Awesome Pokémon Fan Pictures Better Than The Real Thing

There are so many popular franchises out there, be they anime, games, films, or comics — fans of these franchises are incredibly dedicated. That dedication pops up in many different ways, but one of the more creative ways we see it channeled is through fan art. There are so many sites online that contain thousands of pieces of fan art created by talented and passionate artists trying to pay homage to their favorite series'. Of course, this is particularly popular within the Pokémon fandom.

Pokémon fan art is everywhere on the internet, and even those who don't actively scout it out are bound to find some via a thumbnail or feature image they scroll past. While not all of it is good - true for any kind of fan art - there's a lot of exceptional stuff out there. We wanted to share that with you as well as celebrate these amazing artists. So with that said let's dive right into it.

Here are 30 awesome Pokémon fan pictures better than the real thing.

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30 Encounter At The Lake Of Rage

via butt-berry.tumblr.com

Wow. What an epic piece of fan art. This encounter is definitely one of the most iconic in the entire Pokémon franchise. Gen II is when Shiny Pokémon were first introduced and this first encounter really made an impact.

The sheer impact of this piece alone is enough to get you excited. The detail in the design and the attention paid to getting the environment right is amazing. This is the work of a true fan dedicated to their craft.

29 Birds Of Prey

via deviantart.com/quirkilicious

A staple of the first generation, the Legendary Birds have some of the most iconic designs of any mythical Pokémon in the series. Though they're typically drawn in a more anime-like tame style, this artwork really brings out their viciousness.

The way the artist draws them here makes them look ferocious. Not to say that there's anything wrong with their initial designs, but this is a very suitable look for such intimidating creatures.

28 Alone In The Forrest Together


Though this list does contain nothing but fan art, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the skill, talent, and dedication of these artists. While they're not professionals, pictures like this one here make you question if any of that matters at all.

This picture is truly beautiful, with vibrant colors, expressive faces and a fantastic use of shading and coloring. It really embodies the spontaneous, adventurous nature Pokémon has come to represent for many.

27 Counterparts

via deviantart.com/logancure

Alolan Pokémon are pretty hit and miss. You can't really expect every design to go over well with fans. But while some are just hard to look at, there are others that have become instant favorites among fans.

There's some really moody coloring going on here that really draws in your attention. Aside from the beautifully designed Pokémon themselves, the coloring and shadowing really steal the show here.

26 Something Shiny In The Sky At Night

via deviantart.com/shadeofshinon

Mythical Pokémon are certainly a popular topic among fan artists and we've already seen some pretty great examples of that. The only thing better than a rare Pokémon is an even rarer version of it.

This is a beautiful piece of fan art that really nails down the presence and awe of Shiny Rayquaza. The mostly dark colors and shades offset by the bit of vibrant red in the bottom right corner really gives this piece an intimidating feeling.

25 Real To The Touch

via deviantart.com/alviaalcedo

This is a really interesting piece. The attention to detail here is absolutely incredible. What makes it even cooler is that it focuses on the ever elusive Mew, a Pokémon that was once very sought after by older fans.

The 3D sketch style really sticks out - especially here, on a list that's mostly filled with more traditional looking art. This mesh of worlds really grabs your attention and makes this piece that much more memorable.

24 A Pokémon Trainer's Walk In The Park

via deviantart.com/sa-dui

There's plenty of variety on this list. Be it a nice tranquil drawing, various styles of art or a nice action shot - there's a ton of variety. This next one definitely falls into the latter category.

This is a great callback to the bug catching contest from Gen II. This still shot captures the action at the perfect time; the resolve of the trainer, his Pokémon's loyalty and the desperation of the Scyther.

23 Mecha-Mon

via pinterest.ie

One of the coolest things about fan art is that it introduces new and interesting ideas that revolve around select popular franchises. There's no shortage of this with Pokémon; with everything from new evolutions, strange new takes on designs and now even mecha crossovers.

The Gen I starters remain some of the most iconic and popular out there. So this next image is all the more epic. This is such a cool concept that really makes some interesting and unique changes to their design.

22 Window Shopping

via deviantart.com/starsoulart

Mimikyu has quickly turned into one of the most adored Pokémon out there and it isn't hard to see why fans easily sympathize with the little Pikachu mimic. It's just a small misunderstood Pokémon that's looking for companionship.

That's what makes this picture so powerful. There's a lot of small things going on in there that makes it so effective; the small tear running down Mimikyu's eye, the "FREE" price tag with various prices that have been reduced and slashed. It perfectly illustrates Mimikyu's melancholic nature.

21 Time Well Spent 


Many of the original 151 Pokémon have remained popular with fans of all ages - even those who were born well after the originals came out. While we can't say just how old the artist who made this is, we can feel their love for Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Snorlax come through here.

As the name My Neighbour Snorlax suggests, this piece is an ode to the iconic style of Studio Ghibli. It really carries on that calm, mellow vibe and puts it all together with a sense of tranquility.

20 Life Imitating Art 

via deviantart.com/joshuadunlop

We're all very well accustomed to some pretty visually pleasing images of Pokémon from both fans and the franchise itself. Though we all love to see these happy-go-lucky images, artist JoshuaDunlop has taken things in a different direction.

His hyper-realistic images of various Poké pals - like the absolutely chilling and lifeless Magnemite in this fantastic piece here - provides you with a whole new outlook on the series that is incredibly fresh and unique.

19 Summer Nights 

via deviantart.com/koriarredondo

The Pokémon games introduce players to new regions with every generation, and with more recent iterations have taken inspiration from various regions across the globe. We've seen a huge increase in the variety of environments to explore, but this picture brings us back to the early days of the franchise.

This Gen II love letter brings out the old Japanese aesthetic of the Johto region, while highlighting some iconic Grass-types from that generation.

18 Everyone's Favourite 

via deviantart.com/mark331

By far the most popular Gen I starter final evolution, Charizard still gets a ton of love by both Game Freak and the fans. Charizard and the other starters got a huge popularity boost with newer fans with their Mega Evolutions, but this time we're concentrating on its classic look.

This piece is in a kind of manga/anime art style that really highlights Charizard's sharp features. It looks like a very detailed, high definition ode to the art of the early series. Charizard has remained one of the most popular companions in the series, and you can tell just how lasting its popularity is with great art like this.

17 The Popular Kids 

via deviantart.com/missypena

It's one of the toughest decisions you'll face with every generation; Fire, Water, or Grass-type starter? Some people stick with a certain type, while others like to go at it strategically and others just choose based on design.

Well, this picture celebrates the Fire-type starters, and really makes them look just as you remember them. It's a very cutesy looking picture but it hits you with nostalgia and some incredible colors and shading.

16 N And His Friends 

via deviantart.com/haychel

N is definitely one of the most intriguing characters in the games. The character has a sort of tragic innocence that really leaves an impression while being virtuous and conflicting.

This picture perfectly captures N's righteous nature and gives both him and his party this infectious swagger that's really hard to ignore. It's a great action shot and the smoke in the foreground really sets the tone and steals the show.

15 Home Sweet Home

via pixiv.net

artist: zheN

This is a beautiful picture. For older fans of the series, it hits them straight in the gut with a bag full of nostalgia. Aside from the larger picture itself, there are a ton of smaller details that really make this all come to life.

Aside from all the nostalgia indulgence, this piece cleverly puts the main characters of the first generation in the familiar position of you the player. It's a very interesting role reversal with some smooth, soothing art and coloring.

14 Everything's Fun Under the Sun 

via deviantart.com/yajuuu

Well, it's summer so why not put in a great beach shot here and there.  This scenic shot gives the viewer a look into how Pokémon spend their free time when they're not battling it out.

It's a very interesting collection of Water-types highlighted by the massive Shiny Gyarados in the center of the shot. The ocean is a mesmerizing and deep blue while the clear sky perfectly captures the peaceful atmosphere laid down by the artist.

13 Foolin' Around 

via pinterest.com

Art by: Tsuaii

Be it due to her popularity in the anime series or her memorable design and early encounter in the games, Misty is one of the most popular Gym leaders out there. Though her anime counterpart gets a ton of attention, here we see Misty from the games getting some love.

This is really a beautiful piece that shows the love and camaraderie between a trainer and their Pokémon. Who better than the playful, energetic tomboyish to show off this harmonious dynamic?

12 Small Town Hijinks

via pixiv.net

If you had to narrow down a theme with a lot of these pieces of fan art you'd probably say something along the lines of "tranquility". That actually describes this next piece very well.

Everything looks very childlike, very innocent. Something that fits a series like Pokémon very well. You'll notice a pretty large amount of Eevee and Vaporeon here. That definitely adds the whimsical look of this piece.

11 First Catch Of The Day 

via pixiv.net

artist: タニシ♂

Here's one of the female trainer who's been a popular avatar for fans of the game since first being introduced in Gen III. This picture perfectly embodies what Pokémon is all about, from the intensity of the battle to the eagerness of snagging up a new companion.

This picture is very vibrant and really jumps off the screen. Particularly the detailed addition of sunlight shining off of Caterpie's back. It's a nice touch that really breathes life into the artists work.

10 True Friendship 

via pixiv.net

artist: Kurocore

At its core, the Pokémon series is all about adventure, exploration, and friendship - and this picture highlights all those themes very well. It's an image that will instantly remind players of their own adventures.

This is such a feel-good piece of fan art. You can really see the joy of both the trainer and his Pokémon shining through. The goofy looks on Meowth and Slowbro's faces make this fun shot all the more enjoyable.

9  The Three Legendary Babysitters

via deviantart.com/finni

Aside from being among the trickiest, and hardest Pokémon to track down, this legendary trio also seems to be the most paternal Pokémon out there. Seeing each of them interact with so many baby Pokémon is adorable and hard to resist.

The art here is spot on. It's really a fantastic effort that closely resembles the original art while setting itself apart with beautiful coloring and lighting. finni really shines with this piece and gives us all some fantastic fan art.

8 Every Fan's New Favourite

via deviantart.com/ishmam

Eeveelutions are a pretty dynamic and popular bunch. With so many different evolution choices, you can see why they're as popular as they are with fans. Well, a new favorite has emerged among the Eevee fandom: Sylveon.

This art is just phenomenal. It's very unlike anything we've seen on this list so far. The colors are vibrant and contain an interesting balance of vibrant lights and moody darks. You can tell that this is a labor of love by the artist.

7 Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

via deviantart.com/koriarredondo

Easily some of the most popular Pokémon out there; it doesn't matter which one you're talking about, people love themselves some Eeveelutions. Eevee too. That love gives way to fantastic fan art like this.

This is such a tranquil and adorable picture. Every Eeveelution looks perfect and the familiarness between each of them and comfort on their faces is too endearing to ignore. Who knows? We might even get an addition to this bedroom soon enough.

6 The Perfect Companion 

via pixiv.net

Well, this picture is definitely going to gain popularity as we get closer and closer to the release of Let's Go Eevee! But that's not why we've included it on our list. Like many things we've seen before, this picture is absolutely adorable.

The female trainer is already pretty popular and pairing her with Eevee is just a destructive combination. The artist who drew this is obviously very talented and has a knack for drawing great looking moe anime-style art that really leaves you feeling good.

5 Young Love 

via deviantart.com/kiwibeagle

The Eevee love won't stop on our list, and this next bit of fan art keeps things rolling in that direction. Eevee has captured the hearts of many fans over the years, and continues to be pretty popular.

This is another cutesy portrayal of the fan favorite Normal-type. Of course, the artist has taken some liberties with the Eevee on the left. But hey, the pink coat and little heart-shaped paws make it that much cuter.

4 Like The Pros, But Better 

via deviantart.com/jordanqv

One thing that's really cool about fan art is that you get a plethora of interesting and unique design ideas among the ever-growing sea of fantastic art. Every once and a while, you find a design that you feel can really make it into the actual canon.

Among one of the most popular Gen II Pokémon out there, Umbreon is one that not many fans would complain were Game Freak to give it a Mega Evolution. Especially this awesome design.

3 Hoot-Hoot

via deviantart.com/versiris

We've seen and will see a bunch of older Gen Pokémon on the list so far, but fear not - fans of the newer games will get to enjoy some of their newer favorites. With this piece, Rowlet lays a prominent role.

This little tapestry is really nice looking. It's a calm shot of happy looking Pokémon that is bound to get fans smiling. This looks like something you' hang up in your home - it's just a great piece of fan art.

2 Myth And Mystery

via deviantart.com/haychel

There are plenty of intriguing and interesting places within the Pokémon world that intrigue fans by offering as little information as possible. Mystic areas are not all that uncommon in the series and many of these places have left everlasting impressions on fans.

This beautiful piece focusing on the Ilex Forrest really brings that mysticism to life with moody coloring, expressive shading, and some stunning moonlit scenery. The tiny Celebi in the corner is just icing on the cake.

1 Picnic In Paradise

via deviantart.com/akmzk

Plenty of childhood-friend and rival type characters have been introduced in the series over the years. But out of all of them, Lillie seems to have picked up steam the fastest.

Lillie and Nebby are a knockout duo that many fans have fun drawing. This is such a peaceful scene that really displays both characters' charm. That's exactly why they've made such an impact on fans.

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