30 Things You Never Noticed In Disney Channel Shows

Nothing's more innocent than Disney, right? Wrong! Check out these 30 Inappropriate Things You Never Noticed In Disney Channel Shows!

Prepare to say goodbye to your childhood folks.

When we weren't obsessing over their movies, we as children were obsessing over Disney Channel shows! Whether you grew up on shows like So Weird and Boy Meets World, or you were more of a Jessie and Wizards of Waverly Place fan, these shows helped shape our views of the world and have stayed with us for most of our lives. The lessons they imparted and the jokes that have become a part of our repertoire, they help make us who we are as people. Yet there are things we clearly missed as kids but may recognize as disturbing or inappropriate now.

While there were relatively clean shows like Lizzie McGuire, shows like Even Stevens and Gravity Falls all hold some very adult situations or references that don't really belong in a kid's show. I'm not talking about serious topics of discussion like death, bullying, or abuse. No, I'm talking about jokes about the male anatomy or innuendos regarding adult acts that make the scenes in these children's shows very creepy. No matter how much love we have for these shows and the characters on them, we have to recognize that the writers had some very inappropriate dialogue in mind for them.

So let's take a journey through the years as we explore 30 inappropriate things in Disney Channel shows we never noticed as children but now recognize for the innuendos that they are. It's going to change everything guys, I promise you.

30 Freaky Vision

via TV Guide

It's the future she can see. Or can she? In the hit show, That's So Raven, the hero Raven has a vision of her two best friends in what looks like a kiss. While it later turns out that the two friends are actually practicing salsa dancing skills, Raven makes a bold assumption that the duo are actually kissing, and when they say that they were going to "do it" on stage, she quips, "My dad runs a clean and respectable business." As kids, this would've flown right over our heads but it's clear now that Raven thought the friends were about to do the deed. In a children's show, why would she automatically jump to that train of thought? In fact, why was she aware of that act at all in the world of Disney? Apparently, the future was filled with betrayal and hookups for Raven.

29 Coach Innuendo

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Sometimes in these shows, a piece of dialogue isn't enough for the writers. Sometimes they need to expand their creativity and put a character's name as the innuendo, making it a long-running joke on the show. Yet it's not often that the actor portraying that character will come forward and admit that the character's name was an innuendo. In the hit show Even Stevens, a young boy, and his family explore daily life and what it's like to grow up in the shadow of a successful sibling, all the while trying to fit in and survive high school. However, one character made life a living nightmare for Louis Stevens, and his name will immediately sound off alarm bells. One character was confirmed by an actor to be an innuendo: Coach Tugnut. Actor Jim Wise admitted that the Disney executives loved that name as it was a double entendre.

28 Naughty Math

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One thing that can be fun to see is how your favorite stars in your favorite adult shows today were also stars of your favorite kids shows back in the day. However, sometimes those actors were given some very inappropriate dialogue, and when you sit back and think about those lines in the context of the creepy characters they've played as adults, it's even more unsettling. In the hit show Phil of the Future, Phil's best friend was played by Evan Peters, star of FX's American Horror Story. Before that, however, when he was Phil's friend, he once made a statement that he had the naughtiest dream the night before about an improper faction. While the fraction part makes it a joke, the naughty dream part implies a hidden adult meaning for sure. I just can't believe the guy who recently played a murderous cult leader was once Phil of the Future's best friend.

27 Peeping Eric

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In Boy Meets World, the last couple of seasons saw our favorite characters grow from children to adults. This was especially evident in Eric Matthews, the hilarious goofball that tapped into the adult comedy trope and made everyone laugh. Everyone remembers the way he was able to improvise some of the show's most hilarious lines and situations, like his obsession with getting Topanga back after they fought over an apartment, and his lucky penny. Who could ever forget the infamous Feeny call?

However, he did reveal a creepy hobby of his during the wedding planning episode of season 7. In it, he is angry that Cory picked Shawn over him as best man, and in typical Eric fashion, decided to get back at him by trying to woo Topanga for himself. However, when doing so, he revealed that he once saw Topanga undressed through a peephole. Yeah, that's a creepy adult joke for sure.

26 The Birds And The Bees

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The "talk" is one of those things most adolescents have to go through at one point or another in their lives. It usually happens between a parent and their child. However, the talk isn't something you'd expect in a Disney show. In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode, "Not So Sweet Sixteen", a joke is made between Zack and Esteban, in which Esteban says, "Don't tell me you want me to talk about the birdies and the bees." Zack replies that his dad already had that talk with him. OK, that's a little suggestive, but nothing too bad. Yet later on in the episode, Cody manages to get Maddie the perfect gift, and when Zack asks how he managed to do that, he says that he listened to her and remembered that talk their dad had with them. What kind of listening was that boy doing?

25 Health Class 101

via Dailymotion.com (Boy Meets World TV)

I'm not going to lie to you guys. Boy Meets World is my all time favorite Disney Channel Show. Whether it was the friendships between Cory and Shawn or Eric and Feeny, or the romance between Cory and Topanga, the show helped show me what to aspire to in many aspects of my life when I was a young lad in the world. Yet even as an adult, it is so strange to realize your beloved show had some adult jokes waiting for you to grow up and understand. In the episode "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do," Shawn makes out with a girl at the restaurant Chubbies, and tells Cory, "Remember in health class, that section on the movement of blood? I understand it now." This signifies that the boy has become a man of sorts and has experienced an all too familiar awakening.

24 How The Sausage Is Made

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When you think of animated shows that feature adult situations, you tend to think of shows like South Park or Family Guy. Yet, would you be surprised to know that Disney Channel has several animated shows with some very suggestive moments? I'm not sure about you guys, but I was blown away by this next innuendo, as it was in one of the more popular shows on the network. In the show Kim Possible, there are several inappropriate jokes that we had no idea existed until we grew up. One was the time Kim and Ron were confronting a villain with a meat-themed twist, Frugal Lucre (aka Francis Lurman). When they fight the villain, Kim says, "Alright, Lucre, cough up the sausages!" Ron promptly replies, "Ew, rephrase please." This kind of sets up the implication of some adult innuendos for the meaty villain.

23 Browser History

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One joke that has really taken off in the wake of the Internet age has been young teens and their Internet browser histories. Parents and shows alike often joke that they are going to find their teens searching the internet for some adult websites to watch and participate in. Yet, for young children, this shouldn't even be a thought in their minds. In this next example, the writers decided that the children in this fiction world would be well aware of the many adult websites waiting on the Internet. In the season 2 episode of Gravity Falls titled, "Into the Bunker," the group of kids stumble upon a creepy room filled with cobwebs and graffiti. When one of them comments that the room is creepy, someone replies, "Not as creepy as Dipper's internet history." This implies that the kid Dipper has been looking at some very adult things on the internet.

22 Wizards Comic Book Madness

via Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki

Well, it appears Selena Gomez is at it again. Or rather, it appears the writers of this show are at it again. In another episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex is trying to describe her favorite comic book and fails miserably. She describes it as, "girl pirates checking out his space rocket" and "a space monster knocking away the taco and eating the rocket instead." This is the very meaning of innuendos. This seems to prove that Disney channel (or the writers on the network) went out of their way to deliberately sensualize their stars, placing them in inappropriate situations that have no place on the children's network. The comic book comes across as a bad adult film with a comic book twist rather than an actual children's comic book. What goes through a writer's mind to make a teenage actress repeat those lines?

21 Inappropriate Wizards

via Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki

While Selena Gomez has earned her place as a serious artist and talent in the world of entertainment today, she was originally a Disney Channel starlet, and her very young age was put to the test by some truly suggestive dialogue in her show. You'd think the censors would see these lines and put a stop to them, but alas, they managed to squeak this through. Young Selena Gomez was the star of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, a show of magic, preteen drama, and humor. Playing the hero Alex, in the episode "I Almost Drowned In The Chocolate Fountain" she is trying to hide a Pocket Elf, telling others it's her retainer case. When Justin remarks, "You don't have a retainer," she replies, "You don't know what goes in my mouth." Yeah, you heard that right. I'll let that speak for itself.

20 Swordfish: Disney Edition

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One show that has become known for its representation of the black community has been The Proud Family. The story of a young girl and the experiences she had with her friends, family, and within the community, has had a huge impact on pop culture. Yet, even this powerful show is not immune to controversy, as one episode, in particular, involved an unnecessary scene. The episode "Penny Potter" shows Sugar Mama and Bobby watching the very adult film, Swordfish. If you haven't seen the film, this may not register for you guys. Yet in the episode, they watch the movie up to the point where star Halle Berry begins to strip out of her clothes, leaving nothing to the imagination. Why would this animated show feel a need to feature this bare scene in a kid's show?

19 Good Luck Charlie

via We Minored In Film

Parents are at it again in this next item. While we as adults recognize the need parents have to be adults themselves, including that in a strictly children's show can be awkward, to say the least. Especially on the Disney Channel network, where children are often very young. Watching a supposedly innocent show highlight the adult activities of the character's parents is very suggestive and makes you wonder how much the censors had to censor in the original scripts. In the show Good Luck Charlie, the parents of the show go out for a date and Teddy replies, you two have fun but not too much fun. We already have 3 kids." This is a clear implication of a knowledge of adult activities that shouldn't be on a kid's show. While this clearly soars over the heads of children, you have to ask yourself what kind of impact this has on us growing up. Does it actually help us mature, or is it just plain creepy?

18 Parental Guidance

via Good Luck Charlie Wiki - Fandom

Wow Charlie, the parents in your show like to skirt the line between appropriate and inappropriate, don't they?

In another episode of Good Luck Charlie, Gabe experiences his first crush and goes to his mother for romance advice. This should be a sweet moment between mother and son, and a good lesson in how to interact with people we'd like to ask out on a date. Yet things take an awkward turn in this heart to heart conversation. When she tells him to listen to her, he asks if that's what dad did, and she replies they didn't have a lot of time for talking. When he tries to find out more, she says they were playing checkers, but her wording and worried look at his question makes it obvious she was talking about some very adult activities.This is also an example of misleading advice that contradicts what they want their children to practice.

17 Shake It

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It's time for the "bare" truth. You see what I did there? Anyway...

With a show titled Shake It Up, it's not surprising to see that overtly adult or inappropriate situations can arise. In the show Shake It Up, clothes are apparently optional. At least in the dialogue. In the episode Start It Up, the use of bare skin is mentioned several times. CeCe tells Rocky to imagine everyone unclothed and grins at him while he shivers. She then pretends to be in the buff while auditioning and then talks to Rocky about the time they were at camp and she tipped the canoe over, causing her top to come off. This was just one episode mind you. Can you even imagine what kind of inappropriate jokes and situations arose throughout the rest of the series? What do you Shake It Up fans think? Either way, even implied bareness is so wrong on a kid's show.

16 Let's Get Physical

via Bunk'd Wiki - Fandom

Summer camp is one setting in the entertainment world that has become well known for strange, disturbing, and adult, situations. Whether it's a teen slasher flick or a coming of age story, summer camp has been used as a way to show the evolution of young adults into full-blown adults for years. However, in a children's show setting, the growing up should be a little more simple, like learning life lessons and making friends. Yet, in this next example, we learn that the children in this show know a lot more about being adults than they should. In the show Bunk'd, the episode "Get Physical" involves a conversation between two kids. The boy says they need to get physical, and the girl replies, "whoa, I don't like you like that." Why would these two little kids be joking around like this? That is a very adult joke to be telling.

15 Sweet 16

via Live & Maddie Wiki - Fandom

A lot of these innuendos have been more of an interpretation than anything else. Yet in this next example, we have a rare case of a character within the show confirming our suspicions with their actions. A young girl's sweet 16 is a big moment in her life. It's supposed to signify the growing up of a child into a young woman, and it's her time to be the center of attention. MTV even did an entire show on the topic. Yet, in this next example, one boy has a whole different idea of what a girl's sweet 16 should have. In the show Liv & Maddie, the episode Sweet 16 features Diggie telling Maddie he's going to make her sweet 16 the best birthday ever, and Pete gives him a telling look that implies they are talking about more than just gifts and birthday cake. He proceeds to tell him to be careful. Be careful with what exactly Pete?

14 Embarrassing Dad

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Rarely do we get a chance to see the child actors we grew up watching turn around and become the parents in a new sitcom. Yet that's what happened when Cory Mathews became a father and realized raising a child was no picnic. In the sequel series to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World features an episode where the now adult Corey, (now a teacher himself) realizes his daughter likes a boy and carries her off to class, determined to give her the talk. This embarrasses her because the class is filled with students, and when he realizes this, her best friend Maya responds, "Yeah, give her the talk. Let's see what you know." This implies Maya herself already knows more than a kid should, and he proceeds to have the talk with the entire class, which in itself is something that maybe should have been reserved for the parents of the other kids.

13 Game Of Wizards

via Powet.tv

Fanfiction. It can be a great source of continuing and imagining what your favorite characters are up to in your favorite shows, books, comics, etc. Yet, fanfiction can often get adult, and the pairings fans imagine for these characters can be quite disturbing. This next one seems to come right out of a George RR Martin novel instead, showing a very disturbing pairing in the process. In Wizards of Waverly Place the movie, a heartwarming scene can turn creepy given the wrong context. For instance, Alex asks her brother what he's sorry for. He replies he shouldn't be on her so much. This is creepy and inappropriate because the two sources over the years have become the subject of disturbing fan fiction and have been shipped as a couple, despite their brother/sister relationship. I think they're the same people who root for Jamie and Cersei on Game of Thrones.

12 Magic Trick

via Disney Wiki - Fandom

When we think of animated shows, we often think of hilarious and weird situations that bring our characters into the plot of the show. One thing we don't stop and think about is what our characters do off-camera, and what kind of personal and private lives they lead. Yet one show decided to explore this idea, and it got really inappropriate. On the show Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, there is a double innuendo at play. At one point, Brandy is talking to a character named Ed, who is surprised when she tells him she and Whiskers have a kid at home, but then reveals it isn't theirs. At this reveal, Whiskers thinks this is magic and that he could pull a rabbit out of a hat, or a hat out of a rabbit, but that wouldn't be appropriate for children. Yes, lot's of baby drama and adult-themed jokes at play here.

11 Barbaric Tastes

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When we think of barbarians and Vikings, we as adults assume they are crude, bloodthirsty warriors, and invaders. Yet when we view a kid's show full of barbarians as kids, we just assume we'll get some fun action and hilarious kid humor. Yet what happens when reality blends too close to our kid's shows? Sometimes our beloved shows are filled with not only innuendos but the crude behavior that mimics world history. In the show Dave the Barbarian, the character Storm the Slayer makes the joke, "Obviously you've never touched a monkey. It's kind of addicting." This joke is supercharged with innuendos as monkey has been used as a name for parts of the male anatomy, and this is a clear innuendo for some...how shall we say? Some "self-love" would be the kindest way of putting it. However you choose to word it, it's a clear use of inappropriate humor.

10 Don't Talk About Jessie

via M Magazine

One show on the Disney Channel has become the constant talk of parental groups and censors online. Its use of innuendos, adult humor, and suggestive material has been the subject of discussion online for the last few years, and there are so many jokes to choose from it's difficult to know where to begin. In the hit show Jessie, so many innuendos can be found. In one instance, an argument between Emma and Luke begins when he takes the moon from her solar system display. When she tells him to give it back to her, he says, "I'll show you the moon," before starting to unbuckle his pants. In another instance, a tentacle grabs Jessie around the waist, and her reply is, "At least buy me dinner first." This is a long-running implied innuendo towards adult acts, which makes its use on a Disney show so strange and creepy.

9 Harmonica Love

via Austin & Ally Wiki - Fandom

While we've so far seen some pretty strange and suggestive dialogue between characters, we have yet to really delve into any physical innuendos on kid's shows. Yet, in this next one, we begin to see that Disney Channel has no problem inferring some very adult behavior among teens and older adults. Although it may not be intended to be taken that way, the actions of the characters and the context of the situation make this a very strange and uncomfortable situation. In the season 1 episode of Austin & Ally titled "Rockers & Writers", a harmonica gets stuck in granny's mouth. When Dez comes over to try and get it unstuck, the movement he makes when trying to get it makes it appear like they are in the middle of an adult act, making it a very adult joke that is really creepy on a Disney show.

8 Too Much Yogurt

via A.N.T. Farm Wiki - Fandom

One thing everyone has gone through during their teen years is adjusting and coming to terms with their bodies. Bodies change drastically throughout teenage years, and the way we handle those changes helps to define us as we grow up. Yet, when we're children, we don't always know or realize when our favorite shows are portraying body image negatively or in an inappropriate way. This is what happens when a Disney Channel show takes the topic of body image and goes way too far. In the show A.N.T. Farm, the episode "transpIANTed", the character Olive wants to look older and more like an adult woman. Her way of doing so is by using yogurt to simulate a larger chest, and says, "My yogurt's on the move." This joke simulates body augmentation, which for adults is an acceptable topic of discussion. However, on a children's show, this is widely misplaced.

7 Oil Drama

via YouTube (Gregg Sharp)

Who knew a comedy on Disney Channel about two kids living in a hotel would have so many creepy and inappropriate moments? We all know in this day and age that older adults are not always good people, and sometimes their true identities can shock us, as they came across as good members of a community. Yet, on a Disney show, learning a seemingly good person is kind of a creep is extra upsetting. In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the character Chef Paolo makes the joke, "Olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil with a questionable past..." This implies that the joke is the last oil is one that has gone through some very adult and mature things in its life that makes its status as a virgin questionable at best. This one flew right over our heads when we were younger but looking back at it, that's strange.

6 Mom Said What?

via The Suite Life Wiki - Fandom

Parents just don't understand. As adults, we recognize that our parents are people too, with the same needs and desires as us. However, as children, the thought of parents being "romantic" with one another is uncomfortable, to say the least. However on a kid's show, those kinds of situations can be a little too uncomfortable and looking back on what we missed, this next item was definitely uncalled for. Continuing on the Zack and Cody train, their mother once made a joke that was really overtly adult now that you look back at it. Their mother Carey says, "I'm not Irish, and you're not getting lucky." Notice she didn't say "you're not lucky", but rather included the getting word into the phrase. This is a common phrase used to describe "doing the deed," which in this context is weird to hear not only from their mother but on the show in general.

5 Goodbye Childhood

via YouTube (Wandie- Wandie)

As I've said before, we all experience that one moment in our lives where we transition from child to adult. Yet, in an animated show, watching an adult explaining adult relations to a child is a bit uncomfortable, especially with such a strange way of explaining those relations to the character. In the show Gravity Falls, one episode finds the main character being caught by an adult "creepily spying on girls" as the adult puts it. He says this is the time for the bird and the bees talk, and proceeds to open up the book, "Why Am I Sweaty?" This title is suggestive in itself, but then the adult goes on to explain the complex body parts at work, and when he points to the Pituitary Gland, he says it has "big plans" for him. It ends with him explaining where children come from, and leaves the child scarred for life, saying, "Goodbye Childhood."

4 Doggy Treats

via Dog with a Blog Wiki - Fandom

Now, this may be me getting older and being particular to the shows I grew up on, but a show about a talking dog with a knowledge about the internet and having his own blog is kind of a strange concept on its own. I think we can all agree we had shows with strange concepts growing up, but I guess the younger generations respond to this concept. Yet, even today, Disney Channel can turn a dog with a blog into a creepy adult situation. In the episode "Stan of the House" on the show Dog With a Blog, Stan the dog says, "And now a treat for my own!" When he says this, the dog then hops onto an internet site for "hot poodles". This is an implication that the dog is viewing what is essentially the equivalent of an adult-themed website for his own pleasure. Way too adult for a kid's show about a dog on the internet.

3 Why Mrs. Finster? Why?

via YouTube (Rylan The Blue Pony)

There are many animated shows that stick with us. They were part of the Disney Afternoon Line-Up, when we would return from a long day of school (and the drama surrounding the day) and would unwind with some animated hilarity. Shows like Goof Troop, Ducktales, Gargoyles and more kept our attention alive and engaged. Yet even these beloved shows are not free of the use of inappropriate lines or situations. One show, in particular, had one of the more strange and unusual jokes that I can't believe made it on television. On the Disney show Recess, the kids all feared the teacher Mrs. Finster. However, the terrifying teacher with a mean streak wasn't innocent herself. In one scene, she hops onto a power cleaner being used by the janitor. No matter what the context of the action, the image associated with that act is disturbing and creepy to imagine.

2 Mysterious Triangle

via Disney Wiki - Fandom

Disney Channel is part of the Disney brand, and the Disney brand's biggest icon has to be Mickey Mouse. While I grew up watching the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, children now have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a great tool for learning life lessons and being very educational. However, this show is not immune to some inappropriate humor. In the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the show featured a very inappropriate line that spawned several memes, conspiracy theories, and was featured on the former E! Show The Soup, as a long-running joke. In the show, Goofy tells Mickey they have to find the "triangle bush". This has been interpreted many ways, including a sign of the Illuminati being an influence on Disney. However, the more inappropriate phrasing of the words indicates this is an adult innuendo in nature, and the fact Goofy is saying it is even creepier.

1 Sticky Situations

via YouTube (fanlalatv)

The moment has come. One of the most disturbing, inappropriate moments comes from one of the more controversial shows in the Disney Channel lineup. A more modern show, Jessie, has already had some of their inappropriate humor featured on this list. Yet, this example might be the most uncomfortable situation on the show, as the joke in question seems to indicate a very adult act between two of the teen characters. In one of the more suggestive moments on Jessie, both Jessie and Chesterfield are seen leaving a bathroom together in the episode "Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation". In the episode, we hear a flush of a toilet, and the pair agrees never to speak of what happened again. While the joke implies a bathroom incident, the implication takes on a whole new meaning as adults, as it implies a more mature situation occurred between the two.

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