Here's What A $30K Official Final Fantasy Wedding Looks Like

If you've found your princess or black mage and are looking to get hitched, you'll soon be able to exchange vows with an officially-licensed $31,500 royal wedding, courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV. The service is only currently available in Japan by the wedding planning company, Bridal Hearts, and features prop weapons from Final Fantasy XIV, a tuxedo and gown replicating the in-game ceremony, and an adorable cake complete with Cactaurs, Moogles, and Chocobos.

Credit to Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV is a massive MMORPG, created in August 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, with ports for the PlayStation 4 and Mac in later years. It's the latest installment in a long-running series that's had over a dozen entries on multiple platforms, including spinoffs and IOS games. While each entry generally has its own self-contained story, there are multiple elements that carry across each title. Some of these elements include Chocobos (giant, big yellow birds that you can race on or breed), Cactaurs (janky sentient cactuses that fire needles to attack), and a variety of weapons and magical creatures.

Bridal Hearts' official wedding follows the "Ceremony of Eternal Bonding," a marriage system introduced in patch 2.48. This allows two players to be married in the game-world by fulfilling objectives within the game and meeting at the same location, the "Sanctum of the Twelve."

The real-life version takes as much as it can from Final Fantasy XIV, bringing music, props, and weapons from the game for your special day. Bridal Hearts will even allow you to be married by a Moogle, something I didn't think I'd be typing today.

via: Square Enix

Whether this would ever work outside of Japan is highly up for debate, but it might make for some humorous family interactions with the more conservative relatives. Until then, if you want to take the plunge and happen to be in the area (and have the equivalent of 3.5 million yen) you'll be able to join with your loved one starting February 14th in Kobe, Japan, when reservations open up. The standard wedding plan includes 70 guests, your own Final Fantasy XIV weapons, and a story you'll be able to tell to your gamer grandchildren.

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