343 Industries Is Thanking Fans With Free “Last Slice” Halo 5 Pizza Skin

In response to all the pizzas sent to its office, Halo developer 343 Industries is thanking fans with a free skin that makes guns look like pizza.

Halo 5 'Last Slice' Skin Header

There’s no greater gift than the gift of pizza. Halo fans know it, 343 Industries know it, and it’s just a magical time all around. If you’ve ever wanted your favorite Halo 5 weapon to look like pepperoni pizza, your time has come at last.

Now, you’re probably going to need just a little slice of context to go along with this story, so let’s start at the beginning. If you’re a PC gamer, your minds were probably blown all the way into year 3000 (not much has changed, but they live underwater) by the news that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is on its way to PC later this year. Xbox-only? Not any more, baby.

As we know, some PC gamers like to think that they’re a cut above console players. In terms of tech specs and such, gaming rigs do have consoles beat, of course, but there are still some things console gamers can do that they can’t. As of this announcement, though, we can cross "play Halo" off that list.

Needless to say, Steam users were super hyped by the announcement. We don’t have any firm release dates yet (we know that the collection is coming game-by-game in chronological order, though), but a vague ‘later this year’ was enough to send a fair amount of the gaming community into meltdown. The enthusiasm showed itself in strange ways, with one fan promising to send pizza to 343’s office as thanks.

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It all started out as a silly joke on Reddit, but so many pizzas started to arrive at the team’s office that they had to ask their enthusiastic fans to stop. Nevertheless, they appreciated the gesture, and wanted to be darn sure that the fans knew it.

Yesterday, the team dropped this little doozy of a Tweet:

That’s right, friends. It’s a skin that would look more at home in a silly FPS like Gotham City Impostors (remember that?) than in Halo, but it’s the thought that counts.

Yes, it’s a throwaway little thing, but in these dark times (in the industry and elsewhere), every little gesture counts. Sport that Last Slice skin with pride, Halo fans.

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