343 Industries 'Heads Down' In Halo 6 Development

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross reassures fans that they are working on Halo 6, even if it was a no-show at E3 this year.

Despite not showing anything at E3 this year, 343 Industries says they're working on Halo 6.

Over in Los Angeles right now, there’s a little show called E3 2017 going on. You may have heard of it. As far as the gaming industry goes, E3 is the biggest date on the calendar. It’s the place where dreams are born, hopes are dashed, new IPs start off on the path to super-stardom and others lose track and derail entirely. In short, E3 is the biggest of big deals.

Every year, thousands of fans tune in to their favorite publishers’ and developers’ shows, hoping to kick the hype train for their most anticipated titles off the right way. Generally, we have an idea about what we’re going to see; pre-E3 leaks and teasers see to that. In addition, though, some of the greatest moments in the show’s history have come from the reveals we weren’t expecting at all.

So, here’s the bad news for Halo fans: any hopes you may have had for a brief glimpse of Halo 6 have been dashed. 343 Industries Founder and Head Bonnie Ross took to Twitter to explain the situation:

Via: Twitter (@PlutonForEver)

So, there it is. A quick placeholder Tweet more than anything, to put all the rumors to rest and try to stem the tide of ‘No Halo?’ messages the team are being bombarded with just now. We’ve seen a lot of other big news from Microsoft, with the pricing and specs of the Xbox One X freshly announced, but Halo 6 is in no state to be shown off yet. In any form. Still, we get to see some Halo Wars 2 tomorrow!


It’s something, at least, to know that the game is underway and 343 are slaving away on it as we speak. Still, many of us may have had the Halo 5: Guardians big reveal in mind going in to this year’s show. In 2015, fans will remember, Guardians was the centrepiece of Microsoft’s show, with footage from The Battle of Sunaion kicking off their presentation.

Even the briefest of glimpses, like the one we saw of Master Chief throwing back his hood in the desert at E3s gone by, will have to wait for another show. At the very least, though, the name of Halo has been brought up, so that’s that officially dealt with.

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