5 Things To Do During The Destiny Server Shutdown

The launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep would have been a great deal of fun for players, but persistent log-in errors and server problems have forced Bungie to take the servers offline for emergency maintenance, and there currently is no concrete timeline for when the game will be accessible. Here are five things players can do right now while the servers are shutdown to be ready to go when they come back up.

5. Watch The Complete Story Of Destiny

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Diehard veteran players may think they know everything about the lore of the Destiny universe, but for everyone else, it can be a lot to read up on with five years of story development. Luckily, one passionate YouTube content creator has you covered from start to finish. “My name is Byf”, also known as Lore Daddy, has released a comprehensive history of the main points that relate to the story so far. Clocking in at just under four hours, this will get you up to date on everything that’s going to be happening in Shadowkeep, if the servers ever come back online, that is.

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4. Get Your Hands Ready With Gamer Exercises

This one might seem like a joke, but we assure you it is completely serious and important to keep in mind. As people spend more and more time at their desks working and during leisure time, a number of issues can arise thanks to the repetitive movements of the hands, arms, back, and overall lack of movement that can come from too much sitting. Watch Dr. Levi Harrison present a number of simple exercises that can keep you at the top your game.

These types of exercises are practiced by professional players often, especially since they may be playing games as a full-time job and need to stay limber for competitive events.

3. Call Your Friends And Family And Tell Them Goodbye

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Be sure to preface the conversation with details about how massive the game will be, just to avoid worrying anyone about any serious issues. In all seriousness, there is so much to do in the new expansion as a returning player or even in New Light as a first-time explorer that some may wonder what has happened their friends following the release of the game.

In addition, all players should know that Bungie loves to reward its players who go above and beyond to clear out the most difficult content shortly after release.

With most new raids released into the game, Bungie sets a deadline often a week after release, and in this case two weeks, in which players must defeat the content and redeem a code. Doing so often provides an in-game reward to mark your dedication and skill in wrapping up the hardest parts of the game so quickly.

There is a secondary benefit in that completing the raid within this time limit provides access to purchase limited-edition jackets from the Bungie store to commemorate the defeat of a raid. With Shadowkeep, players have until the reset on October 15th to defeat the Garden of Salvation and gain access to the jacket in the store. This date may shift slightly given that players are now waiting for the servers to come back online rather than play the game.

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2. Make Your Own Ghost

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What’s a Guardian without their Ghost? If you’re feeling creative, click here for instructions on how to make a paper craft Ghost from the game. Thicker card stock would be the best choice, along with transparent sweet wrapper or cellophane with your choice of color. Are the servers still down? Make another! Still not able to log-in? Consider starting the world’s largest collection of home-made paper Ghosts.

1. Get Your Halloween Costume Ready

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Halloween is right around the corner, and now is the time to get started on making the best-looking Guardian outfit. Check out Etsy for several unique looking items that range from weapon replicas to full outfits. Ghosts, helmets, and other pieces of armor are also available, and one can make a convincing outfit for Halloween, or even their next cosplay outfit.

Use this time wisely, as the servers will be back online soon (we hope), and there is so much we can do in the meanwhile!

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