5 Worst Fortnite Skins Players Should Avoid (And 5 You MUST Have!)

Skins (or outfits in Fortnite) are cosmetic additions to an in-game player which neither hinder or improves their chances of winning.

Unless you have been living under a rock, Fortnite is one of the most recognised games out there to date; along with Warcraft and Counter-Strike: Source. It is an anxiety-inducing battle royale game where your mission is to be the last person standing; whether it is in teams or solo.

As of late, Epic Games has released many features that keep their audiences engaged and begging for more. I’m talking about challenges, different scenarios, and the most lucrative of all: skins.

Skins (or outfits in Fortnite) are cosmetic additions to an in-game player which neither hinder or improves their chances of winning. However, they do look cool. Skins can be attained a few ways: completing challenges, earning them through Battle Stars (in-game reward system), and through V-Bucks (in-game currency bought with real money).

Naturally, the most kick-butt of skins are either hard to obtain or cost a fortune. However, there are also skins that have been released with an expensive price tag but are not worth the price. Join me now as I show you the five worst Fortnite skins you want to avoid (and five you MUST have)!

10. Avoid: Maverick

Looking at the skin itself, players wouldn’t think it was an epic skin. Some people may be drawn to such a simple outfit, of course, but to be honest, the theme kind of emulates Negan from The Walking Dead. That is until players look at the price tag.

At a whopping 1,500 V-Bucks, you kind of expect more. What are players really getting after shelling out that kinda skrilla? On the bright side, a bonus of the skin is that it comes with the epic Back Bling: Bat Attitude.

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9. Avoid: Criterion

You may be screaming at the monitor right now, “Let's riot! This skin looks SICK!”. When I saw this skin for the first time, I would have agreed with you. However, I have seen this skin before: Does the outfit Oblivion ring any bells?

The Criterion outfit a merely a new fresh coat of paint on an already slick and unique-looking skin. Could this outfit be a grab for money? Who knows, but with a price tag of 2,000 V-Bucks, you must like blue and orange to fork out that amount of currency for this already repeated skin.

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8. Avoid: Aerial Assault Trooper

I know I’m treading on dangerous grounds by commenting on Season One skins. I totally understand it was fresh when the game first came out. But there is something that irks the masses with this skin.

Would a trooper really wear that bucket that they call a helmet on their head?

Comparing it to the Renegade Raider, which came out in the same season, you can clearly see that the Raider looked much more the part. At a cool 1,200 V-Bucks, this skin is currently out of the rotation and also dubbed one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. So look out for it if you REALLY want it.

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7. Avoid: Chromium

Colossus, step aside; Chromium is in the house! Actually, no... I'd still choose Colossus.

This rare skin is one of the most barebone outfits in the cash shop, donning a green military-style singlet, pants, and the obvious fact of being completely chrome. They didn’t even bother to chuck a hat on her, adding to the simplicity. Alongside her fellow male-version Diecast, at the price of 1,200 V-Bucks in the shop this skin isn’t something many people are jumping on in a heartbeat.

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6. Avoid: Rex

If you ever wanted to be a dinosaur in Fortnite, be anything but Rex. There are many reasons why, however, here are a few that the masses are in agreeance with: For a legendary skin (and comparing it to other outfits in its class), it falls majorly short in terms of bling and appearance. Even with its scaly Back Bling attached to the outfit, it still falls short on expectation.

At a gobsmacking 2,000 V-Bucks from the cash store, you are better saving those shiny silver bucks for the next five skins that come highly recommended.

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5. Must-Have: Battle Hound

Picture this: You’re camping in your little one-by-one wooden tower when you see this gleam of gold armor with green eyes casting over the hill, charging your defensive position. You can’t help but admire the flowing cape, the chainmail flapping in the wind, and inevitably your demise.

*Okay, I may have dramatized that a bit, but you get what I mean.*

With a leather chainmail-look accompanied with gold trims, the definite showstopper is the helmet with its aggressive hound design and glowing eyes. For a cool 2,000 V-Bucks, this is a skin that you must jump on.

4. Must-Have: Leviathan

Continuing our theme of must-have skins is this gem, the Leviathan needs to be mentioned. A more souped-up version of the Dark Voyager and Mission Specialist skins, this unique outfit features a twist on the player being a fish happily trapped within a glass helmet. With the added accouterments of the space suit in a target inducing colour white, this will set the player back a nice 2,000 V-Bucks. Players can be assured, however, that they won’t be easily forgotten on the battlefield!

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3. Must-Have: Ragnarok

Via: UDHPixel

A special skin to obtain, Ragnarok’s base model is added to the player’s outfit cache when they reach Level 100 on the Season Five Battle Pass. This can be achieved by the usual XP grind or buying all the levels through V-Bucks.

Achieving this is already a difficult feat, so the next bit of information may astound you: To attain the entire six tiers, the player needs to grind 500,000 XP. That's pretty crazy, right?

Luckily for the player, they have the option to grind this outside of Season Five. Eurogamer has a concise guide on how to attain this amazing skin.

2. Must-Have: Raven

Part of the Nevermore set enters one of the most popular skins in Fortnite to date. What can only be described as a veiled embodiment of a raven (duh), this skin is brilliantly designed from its stitched purple-and-black clothing to its jutting and carefully positioned feathers, which draws the entire outfit together.

The centerpiece of this skin is, of course, the mysteriously hooded top with spooky glowing purple eyes that would strike fear and amazement in any combatants vision. For a well-deserved 2,000 V-Bucks, this legendary skin is a must have to your collection.

1. Must-Have: Galaxy

"Out of this world" or "astronomical" are all literal things that can be said about this amazing skin.

At first glance, you will be in awe just looking at its glory in the lobby. An extremely fluid and dynamic skin, the stars and blue-purple hues shift automatically within its body as the avatar stands there. With facial features akin to an omnipotent god, you can see balls of light swirl around the head as the skin looks forward with its glowing blue eyes.

Overall, it is a unique skin to have in your collection. Now, down to brass tacks: how do we get this skin? Well, it doesn’t come cheap; the player must have a Samsung Note9 or Tab 4 and play three complete matches on your device. Within 24 to 48 hours, the skin will appear as a gift!

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