8 Disney Characters That NEED To Be In Kingdom Hearts III (And 7 We Do NOT Want to See)

The Kingdom Hearts III trailer that recently was released got all of us KH fanboys and fangirls majorly hyped for the upcoming release. We are all excited to hook back up with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy on their quest to rid the worlds of Darkness and Heartless! The mashup between Final Fantasy and Disney characters was a smash hit when it was first released, spawning multiple sequels and prequels. Now with Kingdom Hearts III on the foreseeable horizon, everyone is asking themselves who is going to make an appearance. Will Marvel characters enter the fight? Star Wars? All that we can hope for is that Square Enix and Disney take my advice, and see who the fans are hoping to see, and understand who needs to remain on the sidelines.

Did your favorite character not make the list? Comment below and let me know who you wanted to see!

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15 WE NEED: Captain America (Marvel Comics)

via: screenrant.com

The Star Spangled Man with the Plan must be in Kingdom Hearts III! Cap is a must have for Sora's party, and his character would realistically make a great addition to the meta within Kingdom Hearts. Thanks to Disney's acquisition of Marvel, I have a feeling we are going to see at least one or two Marvel comic book heroes in the new Kingdom HeartsCap would be a perfect addition to the team, taking on a bruiser role with his vibranium shield giving Heartless something to bounce their heads off of. Seeing a limit with Sora throwing Cap's shield and an American flag flying in the background would be a must-have if Cap makes it into the character roster! Psst: if you do use Cap, please get Chris Evans to do the voice and mo-cap; he's one handsome MF.

14 DO NOT WANT: Rey (Star Wars)

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Before I get hit with a flood of hate, hear me out. Star Wars has no place in the Kingdom Hearts universe. There's nothing in Star Wars lore that could possibly explain Rey attacking a Heartless with a lightsaber. The whole world would be awkward. Don't get me wrong; I love Star Wars enough that it's tattooed on me, and I love Rey as a character (hit me up, Daisy Ridley), but she would not fit in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Sora is whiny enough on his own, and he doesn't need another whiny hero in training. Instead, he needs a more seasoned companion. Hopefully Disney doesn't jump on the Star Wars hype-train, and de-rail two series at the same time.

13 WE NEED: Rocket And Groot! (Marvel)

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The dynamic duo from Guardians of the Galaxy already managed to nab themselves a ride at Disney's California Adventure, so to think they may make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts is not exactly far-fetched. Having Rocket and Groot on Sora's side would be an amazing combo! To have the nearly indestructible Groot battling enemies while Rocket lands some great ranged attacks would make them one of the best companion and party choices in Kingdom Hearts III. I would love hearing Rocket's sarcastic and snide comments, and I think they would make him into a even better asset, just due to entertainment value. While I do not want to see the whole Marvel Universe in a Kingdom Hearts game, seeing Rocket and Groot alongside Sora would make for one badass team.


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Disney loves to put their recent releases into their Kingdom Hearts games. Case in point: Chicken Little is a summon in Kingdom Hearts 2. Remember Chicken Little? Yeah, no one does. This is my fear with Moana. All I predict is what we see in the picture: an oar wielding wanna-be hero. While the movie is actually pretty good, I don't think it has any place in Sora's story. I can't imagine she would have any useful abilities in-game other than calling Maui to help, or keeping Heihei from committing suicide. I almost guarantee we would end up with some sailing level, as most of the movie is in the middle of the ocean, and no one wants an over-complicated mini-game.

11 WE DEFINITELY NEED: Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

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To infinity and beyond! The fact that Toy Story has never even been mentioned in Kingdom Hearts is amazing at this point. Buzz is the go-to choice for the companion in a Toy Story themed world. Not only would his wings make his gameplay dynamic and allow him to deal some crazy damage with his laser, but his attitude for justice and doing what's right is matched by no other (than maybe Paladin Danse in Fallout 4). Not to mention, if after he's damaged if he turns into Spanish Buzz from Toy Story 3... that would make my day! Either way, this Space Ranger needs to be at Sora's side in Kingdom Hearts III! Seeing this character would be a pretty perfect bit of nostalgia for most of us who grew up in the 90s, and who all dreamed we could fly.

10 NOPE: Elsa (Frozen)

via: thefandom.net

Disney: LET IT GO. Get it? Like from... never mind. Frozen was an instant hit, and has now been drilled into everyone's skulls to the point that it basically counts as a lobotomy. Whether it's a YouTube video of some 6-year-old or Adele or whoever singing Let It Go for the ten millionth time... I literally can not even anymore with this movie. Elsa's timidness, and the fact that she doesn't like to use her powers, and that she frequently loses control of her ice abilities, would make her more of a determent to Sora than an asset in combat. The only thing she would help Sora with is chilling his sea-salt ice cream and smirking at him. 20 bucks says that she ends up in the game regardless.

9 WE WANT: Oswald!

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Now, I realize some of you may not know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is, so I'll cue you in. Mickey and Oswald had teamed up in the Epic Mickey game, as well as on-screen in the 1930s. Oswald is officially Disney's first mascot made by Walt Disney himself. We want him in game because one of the monochrome level was one of the best parts of Kingdom Hearts II! The art style of the 1920s and 30s is classic, and we've already seen a successful throwback to the old art style. It would be cool to see Oswald's interaction with King Mickey as well, because historically he's bitter that Mickey stole the spotlight. Using his signature paintbrush from his cartoons would help him assist Sora in his journey, and make for a great companion.

8 LET'S NOT HAVE: Rapunzel (Tangled)

via: ohmy.disney.com

Honestly, why would a girl who's spent her whole life in a tower know anything about the world to help Sora and his friends. Not to mention, she constantly trips over her own hair, so I'm sure it would end up getting in Sora's way more often than it would stop a Heartless. What would her game plan be? Frying pan against a fire-wielding Heartless? I think not. Disney does love to plug their hits, so there's a decent chance of us running into Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts III. Let's just hope that when that moment comes, we say hi and just move on. Plus, didn't she cut her hair off at the end of Tangled? If so, and if she doesn't have her magic hair anymore, does she really have any benefit to the team now? Also she has no shoes! You need shoes to save the universe, and that's a fact.

7 WE NEED: Jack Skellington Back! (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

via: Giant Bomb

The Pumpkin King must make his return in Kingdom Hearts III! While we have already gone on adventures with Jack in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, it would be an outrage for Sora to not meet up with the King of Halloween Town one more time. Jack and Sora have always had a great relationship, and Halloween Town is one of the coolest and most unique worlds in Kingdom Hearts. Jack has some of the best combos, and a good mix between DPS and support, making him one of the all-time best companions to have in a Kingdom Hearts game. Showstopper still remains my second favorite limit to use in combat (#1 belongs to Auron's Bushido Limit: "Your pain shall be two fold!"). A Kingdom Hearts without Jack isn't a KH game at all!

6 NO THANK YOU: Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) 

via: youtube

The only good thing about Jack Sparrow showing up in the Kingdom Hearts universe is his music. Hans Zimmer, the composer, wrote a masterpiece with "He's a Pirate." Jack is someone no one wants to see in Kingdom Hearts III, especially after the last voice actor's performance. There's a few good reasons we shouldn't see this Captain again. Like I mentioned, the voice actor, who was not Johnny Depp, phoned in a crappy Jack Sparrow impersonation and called it a day. This took me out of the game because it was distracting and just lame. Further, they tried to do realistic models for the pirates, with Sora and the crew staying animated. This caused an even bigger disconnect with the story, which is also why Star Wars shouldn't follow suit.

5 LET'S SEE: Max (A Goofy Movie)

via: Fanpop

Goofy's son must be in Kingdom Hearts III! Now, I realize that this is a little bit of a long shot. But you wanna know what else was? Max getting onstage and dancing to "Stand Out" in front of Roxanne and that one guy who's obsessed with cheese-whiz! If Max can make his dreams come true, then the dream of him being in a Kingdom Hearts game has to come true. Just think how badass a limit with Max and the cheese guy would be! The Heartless would be so confused that Sora could light them up with no issue. All jokes aside, this is not a joke. Max was my 90s, and he needs to be there for a new generation to witness!

4 NOPE: Finding Nemo

via: screenrant.com

Kingdom Hearts loves its underwater levels for some reason. Atlantica was bad enough, and like I mentioned, Disney loves putting its hits into everything. With Finding Dory recently released, I'm sure that this idea must have crossed the table at some point. All I can see is a level where Sora, Donald, and Goofy transform into adorable little fish. This will likely require a whole new movement and combat system that'll end up more annoying than challenging. Plus, if I have to sit through another two minutes of Ellen Degeneres overacting Dory, I will open my own door to Darkness and let the whole ocean fall to the Heartless. Fish are friends not food, but if Nemo ends up in Kingdom Hearts I'll be having Nemo sushi. Don't screw me over, Disney Pixar.

3 COME BACK: Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

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BEAST! Beast is one of my all-time favorite Kingdom Hearts characters. He is ridiculously strong and tanky! His backstory and love for Belle make him an even more likeable character, and Twin Howl is a totally badass Limit. Beast has been in every Kingdom Hearts game so far, so to not see him in Kingdom Hearts III would be nothing less than sacrilegious. While he may not be a new face to Sora and the crew, he is undoubtedly their best asset and strongest friend. Screw Donald, I could play the whole game with Goofy and Beast and be completely happy. Sorry D, but Beast is the coolest, most useful party member, and much better to pet than a duck.

2 NO Sequel / Spin-Off Characters

via: youtube, "Jafar Gets New Glasses" - Family Guy

Disney is notorious for crappy sequels to amazing animated features. Some of the ones that come to mind are The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin, Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. These are the characters I don't want to ever see in a Kingdom Hearts game. While the original characters from these series might be cool, these sequels were not good. These money grabs produced awkward, lame, and weak characters that would ruin the game for me. Going through the Pride Lands should mean Sora is hanging out with Simba, not whats-his-face from that "The Lion Guard" show. The only thing worse than adding a new featured character that people aren't interested in would be to use a d-list character in a AAA game that we've been waiting years for. That would truly be unforgivable.

1 WE OBVIOUSLY WANT: Merida (Brave)

via: youtube

First things first: I did not choose Merida because I'm a ginger myself. She's pretty much the only new Disney character that has a shot at keeping up with Sora and helping him defeat the darkness. She's got badass viking training, and is as good of a shot as Hawkeye and Robin Hood. She even screamed in the face of a roaring bear before the bear backed down! A bear! I can't even get a bee to back off! Her hunting and bow skills would no doubt own the Heartless, as would as her affinity for magic and her extreme bravery. Plus, if we get a world based on the forest from that movie, it's going to look stunning! If I could choose her fate, it would be fighting by Sora!

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