8 Movie Characters Who NEED Video Games And 7 Who Don't

Movies are amazing and I think I can say that with everyone’s approval. There is one huge problem when it comes to movies; they’re not interactive. Now I’m not talking about something you would find at Universal Studios or Disney World, I’m talking about the simple, but efficient video game.

It’s hard to backup that games based off movies should even exist with how most of them turn out. The majority of games based off of movies or feature characters that originate from films are often poorly received and often flop pretty hard. Of course, there are exceptions to this as there are games based off movies that have done pretty well and I’m hopeful someday we can figure out the formula to make these games right.

While there are so many video games and so many films, it’s hard to tell who is truly deserving of one and who isn’t. However, there are a very distinct few who stand out from the pack and feature characters that could helm their own game, and have it be one for the books.

Going along with that is also the other side of the argument where you have the films with characters who could end up in a game, but really shouldn’t. This could be for many reasons, but the most prominent one is that the potential for a fun time just isn’t there. So let's take a look at those that should grace our consoles and those that should stick to the silver screen.

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15 Does: Kung Fury (Kung Fury)

via thesuperslice.com

This is one you probably weren’t expecting. Kung Fury is a short film that features pretty much everything from the 80s including David Hasselhoff singing one of the most badass 80s-inspired tracks to ever grace my ears.

The title character Kung Fury finds himself traveling throughout time to stop Adolf Hitler from ruling the world. Along the way he experiences machine gun barbarians, killer arcade machines, the god of thunder, and a talking dinosaur police officer. The movie is incredibly campy in the best way! The action, energy, and loose-cannon attitude that Kung Fury possesses make him a perfect candidate for some sort of video game filled to the brim with action and campiness, like an arcade style beat ‘em up.

14 Does Not: Alice Redfield (Resident Evil Series)

via aceshowbiz.com

Alice is a product of the film franchise that is based off the games and while she is the main character in every film, she has yet to make her jump to consoles yet and I really don’t think she should.

Now I know there are already so many Resident Evil games, with most of them featuring Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy as the main protagonist, and I think I can speak for most people when I say that this series does NOT need another protagonist.

With the final film in the series having just recently been released, I think it is probably a safe bet that we never be seeing the machete-wielding Alice ever again. She had her run and we got to see her explosive exploits as she fought to take down the Umbrella Corporation, but I think her time is over now and should stay that way.

13 Does: Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

via hollywoodreporter.com

While I am aware of the fact that Ant-Man has been featured in many ensemble Marvel games, such as Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel Heroes 2017, I think that the world’s smallest hero should receive his own game, where the Pym Particle-powered protector takes center stage.

Visually, it could be one of the most stunning games ever made if the game's mechanics could follow the shape-shifting cinematography of the film. The size shifting would have to be on command as well, instead of being scripted into levels. Combine the mechanics of the hero with the personality of Scott and you have a great game on your hands!

Marvel, you guys need to get on this pronto!

12 Does Not: Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

via niusnews.com

First things first, I loved Kingsman: The Secret Service for its command of the spy movie tropes and clichés, along with how it was able to adapt them to a script that perfectly used, yet criticized, the spy film genre.

At the center of this film were strong performances by Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and newcomer Taron Egerton, who plays Eggsy. While this unassuming spy to be was excellent in the film and a total badass, I think the traditional spy genre of gaming was born and died with GoldenEye 007.

Games today that feature spy type gameplay such as stealth and deception often have many other mechanics to back it up and with Eggsy, there is really only basic action. It just wouldn’t do well as a video game because it wouldn’t be able to be as sarcastic on its own genre as it was in the film.

11 Does: Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them)

via thisisinsider.com

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them had some huge shoes to fill following up the conclusion to one of the greatest fantasy coming-of-age stories of all time: the Harry Potter Series. With the odds stacked against it, it rose above and is perhaps one of the best films of 2016 with characters and a story that lend perfectly to video games.

I have seen all over the internet the rumors and hopes for a Pokemon Go style Fantastic Beasts game and while that is definitely an idea that could work, I feel that something of this magnitude should have a true home console game adaptation. It should be something that puts the console's power to work and puts you on the hunt for the many famous beasts seen by the eccentric Newt Scamander.

10 Does Not: Xander Cage (xXx Series)

via movieplayer.it

Vin Diesel is no stranger to badass type roles, but while the popular Dominick Toretto lets his car do the talking, his Xander Cage character is more of a hands-on sort. He is a extreme sports professional and game show host who was trained by a secret government agency to combat foreign threats.

The biggest reason why Cage could never hold down his own video game is because, while he is a badass, he is the most generic of badasses, which is pretty commonplace with Diesel’s characters. They all seem to be pretty much the same kind of person and it is because of Cage’s plainness that a game led by him is destined to fail. Xander lacks the spark of a truly great or engaging protagonist.

9 Does: Crew of Rogue One (Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story)

via starwars.com

Perhaps THE most anticipated film of the year, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story unleashed a whole new slew of characters on the public and many of them were instant favorites of the series. The film was also heavily praised for its highly diverse cast and these characters deserve to be explored more.

From Daisy Ridley’s Jyn Erso to Donnie Yen’s Chirrut Îmwe, the cast exudes rich characters with potential and they would be perfect for the video game world. I think they deserve their own title where they can continue to shine in the Star Wars mythos and have more of the spotlight than being put in as DLC for the not so great Star Wars Battlefront. They deserve so much more and would definitely be able to deliver on it.

8 Does Not: The Blacksmith (The Man With The Iron Fists)

via aceshowbiz.com

RZA’s The Blacksmith is the title character of the film The Man With The Iron Fists. The film features him being captured and tortured by way of double hand amputation. He eventually replaces his hands with iron fists.

This martial arts movie features a large amount of talented actors and martial artists, so it would seem like an obvious choice for some sort of fighting game. This is not the case though, as in a world flooded with fighting games it takes a special trait and mechanics to make a new series stick in today’s age. Most of the franchises still kicking have been around for decades and have persisted through the ebbing and flowing of the industry.

There is just nothing for this character or this film to cement a game series that will stand the test of time the way similar series’ have.

7 Does: Seth & Richie Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)

via fmvmagazine.com

The Gecko brothers are the most infamous criminals in the southwest and with good reason. These murderous and lawless siblings are a force of nature with very little regard for those who get in the way. The only thing that matters to them is money and each other. The latter is put to the test when they find themselves inside a bar on the border of Texas and Mexico, where they run into some vampires.

Seth and Richie are a great example of lawlessness at its best and they are prime candidates for a western/horror game, taking place on the border of Texas and Mexico. This could lead to an excellent blend of modern day Red Dead Redemption and something like Resident Evil.

6 Does Not: Sergeant Leo Barnes (The Purge: Anarchy/ Election Day)

via kontrolmag.com

Perhaps one of the most original and most controversial films of recent years, The Purge opened the world up to what could be if all crime was legal for a short period of time. While this is a great concept for a film, it would not play out well in a game, as it would most likely take a lot of choices away from the player.

If the player is put in control of Barnes, you would most likely be forced to follow his moral positioning and it would take away a huge part of what makes the world so interesting: the choice of whether or not to partake in the purge. This lack of free will drives a big stake through the heart of any hopes of this game being a success.

5 Does: Fin Shepard (Sharknado Series)

via spacebattles.com

Oh, come on! You know you would love to play a Sharknado game. Perhaps the king of B-movies, Sharknado rose to popularity in 2013 with its particular brand of low-budget action/comedy. It features the chainsaw wielding Fin Shepard who slices sharks out of the sky with a chainsaw.

If the future holds a Sharknado game in it, then there are a few things that will have to happen for it to be successful. It obviously has to follow the exploits of Fin Shepard as he protects the world from the destruction of sharknados, and it will definitely need to have a better budget than that of the films. It’s crucial to strike the perfect balance of low-budget campiness and enthralling non-buggy gameplay.

4 Does Not: Django (Django Unchained)

via amazon.de

As with all Quentin Tarantino films, Django Unchained was untethered in its use of blood, gore, and all out violence. It features the titular character Django, the freed slave played by the talented Jamie Foxx.

While the majority of the film is spent watching Django and Dr. Schultz claim bounties together, we also see them work together to free Django’s wife from slavery. This plays out incredibly well on screen, but when it comes to video games, it would really just be another version of Red Dead Redemption with slavery as a key part.

While not every western game would turn out like Red Dead Redemption, it is hard to deny its place as king of westerns and the game with which all westerns should be compared to. With that in mind, we don't see this one working out.

3 Does: Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)

via primagames.com

Ralph burst onto the scene back in 2012 with Wreck-It Ralph, asking an important question; can people really turn their lives around? Now as the movie features a large amount of kart racing, the option is definitely there for that style of game. However, there are tons of options really as it is a game about video games.

Ralph’s journeys through the many games in the arcade could all be composed together in their own game and could be expanded to explore more worlds. Ralph really could be adapted across many different genres of gaming. Even his own arcade style game could be a hit, helping to bring back a part of the golden age of gaming.

2 Does Not: Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

via youtube.com

With the advent of asymmetrical multiplayer games, it seems that the demon of the dream world would be a perfect candidate for a frustratingly competitive multiplayer game, right? However, Krueger may not fit in so well with the gaming world in the way that his nemesis, Jason Voorhees, seems to be with his upcoming Friday the 13th game.

While Voorhees exists in the real world and is always a threat with no way to escape him, Krueger exists only in the dreams of his victims. While this grants him incredible supernatural powers and the ability to control the dream world the way he sees fit, his big weakness is that he is powerless should the victim wake up.

This will strongly limit the availability of play space in the world. It doesn’t allow for any compelling gameplay. The threat wouldn’t feel like it is carrying the weight that it actually does.

1 Does: John Wick (John Wick Series)

via collider.com

Perhaps the ultimate badass of the 2010s, Keanu Reeves delivers nothing short of an enthralling performance in the John Wick movies. What is perhaps the best performance of his career is the perfect fit for a shooter game. It could be in first-person or third-person, but either way we'd be playing a badass shooter that allows us to mow down enemies with skill and finesse, along with intricate and unforgiving gunplay.

John Wick's gunplay is legendary and is the basis for incredibly satisfying and cathartic action. The fact that this man doesn’t already have a game is shocking and almost disappointing. The world needs, and deserves, a John Wick game and it needs to happen now!

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