8 Upcoming Nintendo Games That'll Suck (And 7 That Won't)

Ah, Nintendo, your favorite video game company’s favorite video game company. The household name that brought us such wonderful characters as Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus, Fox, and, I suppose, Tom Nook. Nintendo has been there since the beginning, creating timeless classics left and right, appealing to kids and adults, all while re-inventing the ways video games are played through its ambitious consoles.

That being said, the golden age of Nintendo gaming has long since passed. Every generation Nintendo struggles to keep up, whether its gaming lineup be too casual, its focus too scattered, its hardware too… uh… Nintendo? Every console Nintendo puts out, with the exception of its handheld devices, barely sells. They get obliterated by Microsoft and Sony at every end, as not enough 3rd-party AAA releases each year actually make it to a Nintendo console. To make matters worse, Nintendo’s crop of console exclusives have been underwhelming and hardly stack up to the great games they have made in the past. It’s a tough time to be Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean they plan on slowing down any time soon.

For the first time in recent memory, Nintendo has made a solid attempt to push back into video game supremacy with its release of the Nintendo Switch. Although it hardly had a lineup of games at launch, the Switch sold more units than originally projected. Due to its blend of “traditional” gaming functionality with motion control and its handheld capabilities, it has managed to appeal to a wide variety of gamers that would otherwise not have given it a second glance. Combined with their always successful 3DS handheld system, Nintendo has a lot of opportunity to make excellent games once more.

Now with E3 behind us, we’ve gotten a good glimpse at Nintendo’s upcoming titles. Some look great, while some look... not so great. Here’s 7 Upcoming Nintendo Games That’ll Suck (And 8 That Won’t).

15 Suck: Sonic Forces

via metro.uk.com

Sonic Forces seems like a desperate attempt to, once again, try to bring Sonic into the modern gaming era. Sonic hasn’t been good since the days of GameCube and its multiple attempts at regaining popularity seem to fall flat.

In Sonic Forces, you take control of three different characters: “Modern” Sonic, “Classic” Sonic, and your own custom character that you can create. According to the trailer, all three fight side by side— basically your custom character and two identical Sonic characters.


Then on the opposing side you have, of course, Dr. Eggman, joined by Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic (why?!), and two other characters that look pretty lame. Maybe it's harsh to say, but while this looks like the most ambitious Sonic game in recent memory, it also looks like it’s going to suck the hardest.

14 Not Suck: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC

via theworkprint.com

Not one, but two DLC add-ons are coming to the Breath of the Wild universe. With the first coming at the end of this month and the next coming at the end of this year, Breath of the Wild is poised to be proper Game of the Year material.

Both DLC packs will add numerous features to the game including new areas to explore, new equipment (including Majora’s Mask!), and even a hard mode. Breath of the Wild feels like Nintendo’s first entry into the modern, hardcore gaming market and the first step towards recapturing some of its audience that have been roped into the PlayStation and Xbox world. Additionally, it feels like it stands beside, not below, the greatest Zelda games to ever be created, including Ocarina of Time. Nintendo just might be returning to form.

13 Suck: Kirby For Switch

via Nintendo.com

Nintendo needs to understand that Kirby was never meant to be a modern franchise star. Kirby comes from an era where not much could be expected from a handheld video game, in terms of innovation, yet its concept of “copying” enemy’s abilities made the games a standout. In their time. Then Crystal Shards came out on Nintendo 64 and there has never been a reason to make another Kirby game since.

The new Kirby game for Nintendo Switch looks like a repetitive nightmare. Side-scroll this way, copy this ability, beat the level and then do it all again. It will be hard for Nintendo to convince its player base that they should shell out $60 for another Kirby Adventure when it looks more like a game that should belong on the 3DS. If they’re going to spend the time developing Kirby for the modern console, it deserves the 3rd-person action platformer treatment.

In fact, Super Mario Odyssey basically resembles a what a modern Kirby game might look and play like. Maybe that’s not the best idea…

12 Not Suck: Game Freak’s Pokemon RPG For Switch

via Rocketchainsaw.com

While one might argue that Pokémon's traditional RPGs belong on handheld, no one can say that bringing one to Switch is a bad idea— especially when developer Game Freak is at the wheel.

Nearly every “core” Pokémon title has been received well by the community and sold millions of copies. Although, it has been said, that the formula has become a little tiring. That’s why it’s perfect timing for Nintendo to finally bring a Pokémon entry to home consoles. With the inclusion of the Switch’s motion controls, the next game in the series has potential to reinvent the series as a whole. The online capabilities will also be much greater and, perhaps, the nostalgic feel of playing with friends using a “link cable” will be recaptured by the Switch’s great local features.

Everything is speculation at the moment, as nothing concrete has been said about the title, but we have every reason to get our hopes up for this one.

11 Suck: Metroid: Samus Returns

via Businessinsider.com

The side-scrolling Metroid is past due for its cremation. It can no longer be contained in two dimensions. Just like when Grand Theft Auto abandoned its original formula, Metroid can’t go back after the success of Metroid Prime.

Metroid: Samus Returns, for the 3DS, has been described as a “reimagining” of Metroid II. That alone should convince fans of the series not to bother with this game. It looks like a rehashing of old ideas and doesn’t seem to introduce anything new or exciting into the franchise. Luckily, they’re releasing it for the 3DS so those tempted to try it out won’t have to spend an arm and leg.

If only they knew how successful their first person Metroid games were… maybe then they’d finally announce…

10 Not Suck: Metroid Prime 4

via Gamespot.com

Only to further confirm that no time needs to be wasted on Metroid: Samus Returns, the long awaited announcement of Metroid Prime 4, for the Switch, has finally been made.

Even though its announcement was just a looming title card with some music, that should be enough to get anyone excited for the next entry in the Prime series. The trilogy of Prime games have sold a combined 7.15 million units, or nearly 50% of the total sales of all games across the franchise. That alone should make Nintendo realize that a first-person Metroid is a Metroid we want.

Now that Metroid is finally getting an entry in the modern video gaming era, perhaps we’ll see the feature that everyone has been waiting for: online multiplayer modes. For Nintendo to have a successful online FPS would be everything it needs to convince 3rd party developers to develop their shooters for the Switch as well.

A lot of success for the Switch rides on the reception of Metroid Prime 4.

9 Suck: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

via IGN.com

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is going to be a hard sell on the Switch, next to Breath of the Wild. With the last Xenoblade game coming out in 2011 (and then ported to 3DS in 2015), it’s easy to tell that its formula has already come and gone.

Unfortunately, the game’s combat looks boring and its exploration looks tedious. There won’t be any reason to play it while Breath of the Wild keeps coming out with DLC and, with the inevitable release of a Final Fantasy game for Switch, there will be even less of a reason. I’m sure hardcore JRPG fans will pick it up, but its tough to imagine it becoming a household title for Switch or its appeal being even remotely lasting.

8 Not Suck: Rocket League For Switch

via Theverge.com

Rocket League is quickly growing into the one of the most popular eSports of all time and its release on the Switch, even though a little late, will help Nintendo reclaim a lot of its hardcore gamer fanbase.

Every sports game that gets released on a Nintendo system, in recent memory, has been terrible. They’re almost always ports, have very few online features, and nobody buys them. With Rocket League being insanely popular AND insanely good, maybe Nintendo’s casual gaming community will make its first foray into sports games. Plus, the Switch version isn’t just another port: it will have exclusive Nintendo cosmetic items and battle-cars. It’s also a game made by indie developers, so hopefully Rocket League's success will encourage other indie developers to start making more games available on Switch.

7 Suck: Arms

via Dualshockers.com

Arms might end up being a good game. It might not suck. However, regardless of how it plays, the novelty is going to wear out quickly. Any game that relies that heavily on motion controls never manages to become a game taken seriously and, even though it will be on the Switch, chances are it won’t sell well against the other games on its  roster.

Because not everyone owns a Switch, it’s going to be difficult to play locally with friends— which seems to be the main draw of the game. Even though it has online capabilities, it will probably end up like For Honor: its player base abandoning it after a short while. It doesn’t look like it has many other features besides the versus fighting, so it’s difficult to call this game a good investment.

6 Not Suck: Splatoon 2

(via Nintendowire)

Splatoon 2 has all the makings of a game with a lot of potential. It’s built on the back of the very successful Splatoon 1 that came out in 2015 for the Wii U, it’s a relatively new first party franchise, and very few games in its genre will be available on the Switch.

Because the Wii U didn’t sell as well as expected, the first Splatoon game got buried underneath the rubble of every other release. With the Switch’s newfound popularity, Splatoon 2 promises to be an eSport giant with the inclusion off all new modes and abilities. It might not get as big as Overwatch, but we’ll see what happens when it releases in July.

5 Suck: Fire Emblem Warriors

(via Reddit)

The best Fire Emblem games are already behind us. Knowing that, there’s hardly any reason to keep making them when all the newer ones play almost exactly the same. There, I said it.

Fire Emblem Warriors is the next entry in the franchise and it will be released for both the Switch and the 3DS. That should convince most buyers that it’s not going to be a worthwhile purchase. It’s a slight departure from the typical Fire Emblem game, as this one is more of a “hack and slash” from the makers of Dynasty Warriors. It’s hard to think of anyone who particularly likes Dynasty Warriors so…

And honestly, in my own humble opinion, the best Fire Emblem game was Super Smash Bros: Melee when you played as either Roy or Marth. Sorry, just the truth.

4 Not Suck: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

via N3rdabl3.com

Okay, sure, it’s a remake. And most remakes are just obvious cash grabs, *cough* Skyrim for Switch *cough*, but Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga really, really deserves the remake.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions (okay, the title sucks) is coming to the 3DS this October. It features updated graphics and a brand new game mode. Bowser’s Minions, the new game mode, is described as a strategy game in which you build a group of Mario enemy characters and do battle with them— all to locate your missing leader. It sounds very fun, very fresh, and it’s poised to be a hit.

The game, when it first released on Game Boy Advance, was amazing and it’s hard to imagine that it’s still not as great. Now if they’d only re-release the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

3 Suck: Super Mario Odyssey

via IGN.com

Our favorite mustached plumber’s triumphant return to the 3D platforming genre looks… well, like it’s going to suck.

One look at Super Mario Odyssey’s most recent E3 trailer reveals quite a bit of questionable things about the game. First off, what’s with his hat? It looks like it has the ability to possess anything from a Goomba to a T-Rex and, frankly, it reminds me of some horror movie demon. Beyond that, the trailer has Mario stomping all over the world and through time: he makes his way to the dinosaur era, destroys a couple of ancient Mayan villages, vacations in Mexico, and then heads to, what looks like New York City, only to make traffic worse. Far from a Mario we’re used to.

And that song, that terrible lounge song. Mario, whatsamatta you?

2 Not Suck: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

via Ubisoft.com

At face value, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks like it’s going to suck. It’s being developed by Ubisoft for the Switch and features Mario characters alongside those annoying rabbit things from the Rayman franchise. Ubisoft, for some reason, then decided to give all these characters guns and, from the trailers, it looked like it wasn’t the worst idea.

Kingdom Battle seems to be a third-person turn based shooter. Other than that, it looks like a big stupid mess of a game. But it’s so stupid that it just might work. It’s going to be original, interesting, and hopefully have the capacity to be challenging and require tons of strategy.

Hate me if you want, but I’m looking forward to it.

1 Suck: Yoshi For Switch

via Youtube.com

Doesn’t Yoshi deserve better than this? Isn’t he one of Nintendo’s most treasured characters? Are we already forgetting about Yoshi’s Story?

The new Yoshi game for the Switch looks like it’s going to suck worse than most of the games on the list. The trailer featured Yoshi walking around and collecting eggs. And collecting coins. And that was about it. Sure, it looked like it had some sort of co-op capabilities, but both the characters were just walking around. Collecting eggs. Collecting coins. Oh, and there’s this “cool” feature where you can “flip” the stage and explore the other side of it to solve “puzzles” and stuff. Wasn’t there a Zelda game that did that already?

It looks like a game geared towards tiny children and doesn’t seem to promise anything interesting, innovative, or exciting.

I’m sorry, Yoshi. You’ll still live in our hearts and memories.

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