84% Of Teenage Girls In The UK Play Video Games, And They Outnumber Boys In Esports

A new survey suggests that teenage girls in the UK are more interested in video games and esports than their male peers. Gaming has even conquered stereotypical teen girl hobbies like shopping as more and more young women are being drawn towards both actively gaming and watching others stream games.

This survey comes from The Insights People, a Manchester-based company that specializes in surveying children on how they consume and view certain industries. It was run from July to September of this year and focused on teenage interest in gaming. One of the biggest takeaways, at least according to gamesindustry.biz, is that 84% of teen girls in the UK reported that they game in their free time.

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Girls were already showing a growing interest in gaming. Last year's survey had 75% of teen girls claim gaming as a hobby. But the almost 10% increase shows that their interest is only deepening. Video games even beat out shopping on the list of most popular hobbies for young women. Gaming is now girls' 8th favorite hobby.

It doesn't just end at them playing for fun, either. The survey also found that teen girls are developing more of a passion for esports. Overall, 15% of girls said that they watch esports. While that might seem like a rather low number, The Insights People also claim that more girls in the 13-15 age group participate in and watch live esports events than boys of that age.

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There are some important conclusions to be drawn from this data, ones that could affect the way online gaming is marketed and sold, says The Insights People CEO Nick Richardson.

"There's a clear difference between what boys are into, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, and what girls are doing online, which is much more about collaboration and co-creation," he explained.

As mentioned before, the survey just covered the UK. There's no evidence claiming that teenage girls worldwide are aspiring esports pros. Still, the results do provide some great food for thought. Is there an untapped market for more collaborative games? Is the future of esports decidedly female?

Whatever happens, I just want people to take ARMS more seriously as an esport. Or at least put Spring Man in Smash Bros.

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