The 9.0 Switch Firmware Update Is Here - Here's What's New

Firmware update 9.0.0 has arrived onto the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a host of new features, fixes, and changes. Everyone should now have access to the update, and if not, it is a quick process with a short restart.

Among the more interesting features is the addition of a section to account pages for “Online Play Invites” that will show game invoices for certain supported games. Blizzard’s incoming port of Overwatch first comes to mind for this new feature, but it will be beneficial to any number of online games, as one the Nintendo Switch’s main shortcomings is its unintuitive multiplayer in certain titles.

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Another new feature is the ability to create an instant QR code to identify yourself at through the Switch at check-in events. Multiple events have features these QR codes already as a feature on the My Nintendo website, and this simply makes the process more streamlined at events with many people.

Players facing the terrible glitch in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that was preventing them from booting the game up at all should now have no issues following the update. This issue was predominately faced by players who purchased the Three Houses season pass.

The News Channel has had a search filter added to make finding specific channels easier, which is a welcome change since it was often difficult to locate certain news channels due to the limited options for search. There have also been Alarm Notifications added to the System Settings. These can be used to check or delete pre-set alarms within supported software.

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These Alarm Notifications can be useful for games that have timers for crafting progress, such as with Warframe, or simply to monitor one’s own playtime. Is that hour up already? Better put down the game and get back to work!

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The final major change in this update comes in the form of adjusting the Touch Screen Sensitivity. Mainly this is to optimize the stylus inputs on the screen, but some players who find the default settings for fingers not sensitive enough will also have an easier time now. The various smaller changes made seem to be categorized towards improving overall system stability.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite launching in a little over a week, we may be seeing additional updates in the near future as Nintendo works to iron out any issues that arise with the “new” console.

Source: en-americas-support.nintendo.com

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