A Christmas Carol Is Now A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

A Kickstarter for an adventure based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been successfully funded.

A Christmas Carol Dungeons & Dragons Cover

The Dungeons & Dragons players who want a climactic showdown against the Ghost of Christmas Future will soon get their chance, as a Kickstarter for an adventure based on A Christmas Carol has been successfully funded.

A Christmas Carol is set in Victorian England, which would make it a much better fit for a Call of Cthulhu adventure than something related to Dungeons & Dragons, as the worlds of Faerun, Krynn, and Oerth lack a London for Scrooge to live in. It would be more feasible to have A Christmas Carol adventure set in one of the realms of Ravenloft, as the gothic horror and restless spirits of the latter would work well with the former.

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It will soon be possible for the average party of Dungeons & Dragons murder hobos to encounter Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim, as the Kickstarter project for A Christmas Carol Adventure has been successfully backed. The project is for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure that follows the events of A Christmas Carol, with the setting changed to a town called Grace that can be fit into a standard fantasy setting. A Christmas Carol Adventure is a one-shot adventure intended for a level 5-7 party of characters, as it tells the story of the evil supernatural beings that want to prevent Scrooge's redemption.

A Christmas Carol Skeleton Monster

The project has been funded on Kickstarter, but there are still stretch goals that have yet to be met. The available funding has covered a conversion to the second edition of Pathfinder, as well as the development of 3D printed models, but the project will need to hit $15,000 for the Spirits of Christmas to receive their own models. A Christmas Carol Adventure comes in different forms depending on the pledged amount, which includes a PDF of the adventure, a PDF of the maps, printed versions of the adventure & maps, and physical models intended for the game.

The digital versions of A Christmas Carol Adventure will be sent out as soon as payments have cleared, but the physical aspects of the adventure won't be shipped until 2020, meaning that some players will have to wait until next Christmas before they can ruin the game by fireballing Scrooge straight away and stealing his money.

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